ShockedFish Lets You Compare Prices At Multiple Online Game Retailers

ShockedFish Lets You Compare Prices At Multiple Online Game Retailers

Digital delivery services for video games have completely changed the way many of us buy video games. There are several to choose from, but ShockedFish is a new web app that lets you price compare the most popular ones to see which has the best price on the game you want to buy.

To find a deal, all you have to do is visit ShockedFish and browse the listings for the games you want to play. You’ll see the price you pay on the far right, complete with the discount off list you’ll get if you buy it.

That can amount to huge savings for someone who’s trying to catch up on games they’ve been meaning to play however: if you haven’t gotten around to Borderlands, according to ShockedFIsh your best bet is to snag it from Games for Windows Live, half-off for $US9.99. If you’re looking for a deal on The Witcher 2 – which only came out last week – you can get 20 per cent off by purchasing and downloading it directly from Amazon.

If your favourite game isn’t listed, you can search for it by keyword, or toggle the price or popularity filters to find it. Many of the games are up to 75 per cent off or more. The only catch is that most of the games listed are indie titles or games that have been out for a long time: which explains why most distribution services have them on sale. Regardless, if you’re shopping for a new game, ShockedFish is worth a look.

ShockedFish [via BrowserScene]


  • At least in the case of Steam, the prices reported are those if you were located in the US. Just searched Darkspore and the reported price on ShockedFish was $49.99 while Steam is reporting the price for us at $69.99

    • I’m afraid your correct Sym. However I will be working on ensuring AUD hits the system asap, till then you can still work out which games are on offer.

      • Glad to hear that. I’ve been looking for a tool like this for a while, glad it’s taken such a good form.

  • I frequently buy from ozgameshop, and previously And also from All of these online stores are cheaper than steam. Especially with inflated AUS prices. Will they be represented within this app?

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