SimCity Is Coming Back (But You May Not Like How)

SimCity is a series beloved by millions, and one that's sadly been neglected of late while the Sims franchise went supernova. Now, according to MCV, it's coming back.

Only, you may not like what comes next.

It seems that EA is bringing SimCity back as a Facebook game, hoping to steal a share of the casual market away from the likes of Zynga's CityVille and FarmVille.

It's most likely in development at EA's social specialists, Playfish.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to pretend this news story instead started with the line "SimCity 5 Coming To PC In 2012".

EA preparing Simpsons Facebook game [MCV]


    After what they did with SimCity Societies... I'm just not that upset.

      +1 about societies. Other than the fact it was constantly crashing on me, the game just wasn't the same. I tried cities XL too but it had its own issues, launched too early imho.

    I guess SimCity 4 will remain the last true game in the series on PC.


    I'll just stick to playing the iPhone release - which isn't bad at all!

    Just not sure that many FB "gamers" have both the patience and attention to detail that SC requires.

      Which is why it will (probably) be a dumbed down, tasteless piece of spam.

    Simcity 2000 still the best for me, i miss Maxis

    we get a money hole type game with some lame ass 'token' you have to purchase with real dollars in order to build roads? No thanks. I will now go puke up my hatred for EA, then look for a new game. I heard the Anno series is good.

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