Sit Back And Listen To A Tale Of The Witcher

In a dreary encampment outside the small town of Flotsam the inhabitants gather nightly to listen to legendary tales of heroism. You don't need to visit, but if you're passing through you'd do well to stop and sit awhile.

I must have run through this camp a dozen times before I stumbled upon this storytelling session. The tale is from Andrzej Sapkowski's original short story "The Witcher", the characters of which play a part in both video games to an extent. It's an excellent example of the living, breathing world that CD Projekt has crafted.

The storyteller had other yarns to spin, but I moved on. I'm far from the outskirts of Flotsam now, but I imagine he's still there, passing down his legends to an eager new generation, hungry for tales of the past.


    Really enjoying Witcher 2 but things keep getting in the way of me playing it.

      Same here.
      Stupid job!

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