So, Netflix On Consoles Is Hogging Up The Internet

One has to wonder when Netflix decided to offer its streaming movie service on video game consoles whether it would have such a drastic effect on American internet usage.

I mean, look at this report: it states that almost 20% of total internet bandwidth usage in the United States is from people watching movies and TV shows via Netflix on their video game consoles.

That's not people watching Netflix - that figure, including PCs, stands even higher. It's just people watching stuff on a PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii. Accounting for almost 20% of total internet traffic.


If you want a breakdown, the most usage was recorded on the PS3 (with 30% of Netflix's total usage), with the Xbox 360 close behind (at 25%) and the Wii third with just over 10%.

Sandvine Netflix Study [Sandvine, via Gamasutra]


    Tried to get this working on my US Xbox Live account but no dice. Anyone know what I have to do?

      They know if you're not actually in the US (IP lookup), even if you have a US account.

      You do realise you also need an American monthly Netflix account for mailed DVDs right?

    Think of the strain on the Netflix servers...

    Things must be tanking thro it day after day, just humming away...

    The ability to better provide services like this are one of my reasons for the NBN. The possibility that Australian jobs will be cut and money moved overseas if a foreign owned netflix type streaming media service expands here, is one of my worries about it.

      Except they won't because our infrastructure wouldn't be able to handle it.

      Theres a local option? I haven't found one that even remotely compares for streaming

      Torrents are always handy though especially in a country where data usage is monitored and having the same thingviewed by each family member at different times can get out of hand

        There is no local option like Netflix. This isn't simply due to our infrastructure (though there's that too), it's mostly legal red-tape. Netflix streaming can't come over here, because the goons at Telstra have a monopoly on legal streaming services (inc pay per view) here. That and iTunes.

        This forces Aussie viewers who want to keep up to date with stuff like HBO, Showtime etc to resort to torrents.

        And no, there's no way for you to use Netflix/Hulu/Pandora here, because of IP tracking.

    Oh no, the internet tubes are blocked.

    Just in time for the 3DS one.

    Well, they've got the speeds to do it, so wouldnt you?! Makes me cringe when thinking that even getting a low quality youtube video on my mobile phone to play all the way through! You know the drill; "he check this video. loading, play, loading, play, loading, aaahhhhhh...." my mobile streams perfect on my home network...

    Kotaku, you REALLY need to filter news for regions. This means NADA to Aussie gamers.

    We get Foxtel, Zune, or NOTHING.

      We do some filtering - but I think this is interesting - because something you wouldn't expect is sucking up massive amounts of bandwidth. It's just an interesting story in a, 'didn't really expect it to be that way'.

        I got it. I don't want these stories cut just because we dont have Netflix. Sure it pisses me off our Internet wont even allow this but it is interesting to hear.

        Keep doing it Mark.

        Well I found it interesting... although, I *am* a filthy American who reads Kotaku AU because it's the only version that actually works with my browser here at work... so maybe I'm a minority case... :-P

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