So Portal 2's Co-Op Mode Only Really Needs One Person

You'd think that Portal 2's co-operate levels were designed specifically so that they could only be completed by two players working together. Turns out that's only half right.

While you do need two players to complete each room properly, YouTube user Gocnak quickly found that you only really need the other person to open the doors. All the other bits could be completed by just one person.

As you can see, in the video above. Those crying foul at all the floaty bits, Gocnak says "yes I did use noclip", but that it "was ONLY used to get through the doors, as, who would've thought, the doors don't open with one person."


    Half of the video is him cheating (despite what he says). The first half was good but he then just started to use a glitch.

    Isn't that kind of the point of quite a few of the puzzles though? Not so much about getting to the door, which is usually pretty straightforward for one of the robots, but how to get both of you to the door.

      Exactly. Getting one person to the door is easier than getting both of them to the door in co-op.

    Impressive stuff, some of the puzzles it does seem that the challenge isn't in getting one person to the exit, it's in getting both, but there are only a few of those. There isn't too much use of glitches either

    No he's 100% wrong. A major part of a lot of the chambers is getting BOTH players to the end door. Sure you might get ONE player there but then you've gotta figure out how to get the other there as well, while not being able to just repeat the same stuff because the player at the door has to stay in that spot.

    Not to mention the acceleration puzzle where you have to both hit in mid-air simultaneously to get anywhere near the end door.

    This video is stupid and this guy has COMPLETELY missed the point of co-op. Saying "Oh I only used no-clip to get through the doors" is the same as saying "it really is impossible to complete the game with a single player."

    So no the name of this article is just plain wrong, and so is this idiot who made the video.

      Had a quick skip through the video, using no-clip to FLY AROUND THE LEVEL is far from "ONLY used to get through the doors." More like "So Portal 2′s Co-Op Mode Only Really Needs One Person IF YOU CHEAT MASSIVELY"

        just saying, he only uses it to get through doors... the other time he flies around uses the Excursion Tunnel Glitch, which is not noclip.

          It looks exactly like noclip and it does the same thing. It's just as pathetic.

    I've done the same thing on PS3 two controllers going through there is only like 5 hard levels

    forever alone

    Okay I don't mind that he exploited a glitch. What does get me is that he thinks he's solving most tests with one person, but there are points where he is not doing that at all, instead just getting to door. In particular, 11:26. Both players can easily get to the door in this level, but you need to actually solve the puzzle to open it.

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