So, Where (Or When) Do You Think Assassin's Creed III Will Be?

Turns out that new Assassin's Creed title is another Ezio game. Good news, sure, as the last two have been great, but at the same time...people are getting the itch for somebody new. For that third Assassin's Creed game.

One that will get us out of the Renaissance and into not only the shoes of a new character, but the cities of a new time. And place.

Where, then, would you like to see the series taken? What time, or place, or city, or theme would you like to see developers Ubisoft explore?

The game is based in history with a science fiction twist, so the possibilities are seemingly endless. It could be another historical title, it could do the unexpected and shoot us off into space, or the distant future. At this stage we don't know what or where the game will take us, and as such, guessing is half the fun. Actually, until a third game is unveiled, it's all the fun.

Here's my hope/prediction: revolutionary America. Specifically, Boston and New York.

Why? Well, let's see:

- It's another period of turmoil. Both previous titles have been set against the backdrop of political and/or social upheaval, which not only provides an excuse to put bad guys on the streets, it gives your character a resistance movement or underground with which to operate.

- It's about as late as you can get without having to fundamentally alter the entire gameplay mechanics of the series. Go much further, into the 19th century, and you enter the age of revolvers and rifles, rendering the knife-work and swordplay that are so important to the series' appeal impossible.

- The jump from the first Assassin's Creed game to the second was roughly 300 years. The same leap from the Renaissance lands you in...revolutionary America. Or revolutionary France, for that matter, but it'd be great to play just one of these games without having to choose between dodgy accents or subtitles.

Those are my "logical" explanations. Mostly, though, I just dig that era, and find the idea of stalking Redcoats and riding across wooden bridges in the dead of night to be similar enough to the past games to remain familiar but new enough to feel fresh.

What about you guys?


    Im with you on the Revolution era, Luke- but do you seriously think there wouldnt be dodgy accents in the American Revolution? The neutral Midwestern and fit-inducing Californian didnt exist yet, nor the beloved Joisey drawl. Most period pieces-both Victorian England and early American- have used shonky versions of English English. Or even worse, Cockney. Which didnt exist yet either.

    I think it will be French Revolution.

    If I had my wish, I would set it in Feudal Japan, and have the assassins be Ninjas and the Templars be Samurai. I know it would be a stretch story-wise, but I think it would be bad-ass.

    I'd rather feudal Japan or the French Revolution.

    Um... spoilers.

    Considering the countdown to the satellite launch in 2012 at the end of Brotherhood, and the madness that's already home down... and the two unknown voices in the end indicating Descend is in an animus within an animus... I wouldn't be so sure that after Revelations it doesn't't lead to some badass, post apocalyptic future for AC3... which is, frankly, right up my alley :)

    French revolution would be nice; or perhaps Victorian England... I'm excited for anything new really. Apart from automatic guns. They would annoy me ^_^ . also, I realise a lot of people are against a female assassin, but I would love one. They have all the animations, after all :)

    My memory of the story line in AC is already sketchy (even though I only finished brotherhood a couple of months ago). But weren't there other assassin teams? Like, one from Osaka, japan and another from moscow and such. Would be nice if it jumped to a different team altogether... especially if its japan. I liked the previous AC games but Ezio and Desmond are getting a bit stale for me...

    Victorian with a Jules Verne bent...
    Steam powered Submarines and Spacecraft

    I think AC3 will probably focus more on Desmond, but will have a large portion of Animus - I'm hoping for revolutionary Paris - I think the city would fit more with the parkour gameplay (I may be wrong but 18C America just doesn't make me think of large iconic buildings I can climb and jump from).

    No real interest in Japan, truth be told, but that's just me.

    European colonisation of Australia, the assassin would be an Aboriginal bloke and the templars would be the English soldiers / governers. Unlikely allies in the convicts and all the accents are already there. Plus when was the last AAA game set in Australia?

    I really don't want to see this game go to America. No offense against the yanks but a majority of games are set in America with American accents. It's really refreshing to see games (like AC and Metro 2033) utilise non english speaking accents.

      yes! haha, maybe that idea was a bit silly to me, but I don't understand our history as an interesting one. And setting it around english convicts would be far too boring. haha aboriginals? I think we're far too knew as a country to do anything here.

      But i entirely agree with you 100% about the american part. Abstergo industries was supposedly based in italy, but their accents are far too american for them to have been born anywhere else. In assuming desmond is of american nationality, i reckon they shouldn't put any more "american" things into the game. Like you said, almost every game out there is centred around an american in some way or another, it'd be nice to have something different once in a while.

    desmond: (his) present day

    Victorian England would be great. The machinations around the throne, with the nobility playing their games to gain the favour of the Queen, politicians jostling to improve their standing and power, and the everyday folk eking out their existance amidst the Industrial Revolution would serve as a great setting.
    Added to the fact that there would also be the potential to visit other locales due to the expanse of the British Empire, I think it would be an exciting setting not often visited in videogames.

    Lol actually on that note of "shooting up into space", it'd be a massive mindf*ck twist if you were playing desmond, when suddenly you heard a voice over, only to be woken up into the "actual" present moment, and desmond was actually a memory.

    just a random idea.

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