So... Why Has Brink Jumped In Price By $45?

Earlier today Brink was advertised at $89.95USD. The Prima Guide was advertised at $34.95USD. A package which contained both, however, was advertised at $59.95. Now, just recently, that package has increased by almost $45 to $104.94USD. So, what the hell is going on?

We're still waiting on confirmation from Bethesda, but the answer seems pretty clear. Obviously, Bethesda's offices overseas had forgotten to apply the extra dollars we are supposed to be paying in Australia to the Steam price, but remembered to apply it to both the book and the game itself.

We'll update the story as soon as we hear back from Bethesda.

Just so you can see it for yourself - here's a quick before and after.



You can click here to read our thoughts on the whole price fixing situation.


    If Australia has its own pricing for games why is everything displayed in USD?

      I'm guessing its because it means we pay for currency conversion, not Steam. So we have to shoulder the fee of changing curreny, pretty stingly if you ask me XD

      So they can badtouch your wallet in an even more creepy manner when our dollar falls under the USD again

    Instead of wasting your money you could buy the steam key from this site for $45.31AU and get the key today if you have a pc! Save your money for a better game!

      This is laughably dodgy. I wouldn't let my CC details within 10 miles of this site.

    Congrats to all those that picked it up at the reduced price with a middle finger salute to Bethesda.

      Someone here told me that Ubisoft was publishing it here in Aus, hence the BS price.

        It says that on the GAME website, but I can't find any other proof.

        Either way, Bethesda is a price gouger on Steam, just look at Fallout

        I wouldn't count on it. Every Bethesda game has been price fixed, even when it was locally distributed by them.

        Ubisoft have no mention on the box or in game so I think you're mistaken.

        On the subject of Australian users getting screwed, is anyone on the XBOX 360 version of Blink getting horrible connections today? Yesterday I was fine, today I can't join a match that isn't horribly lagged (and it's the rubber band lag too, which just makes the game completely unplayable).

        I'm really hoping this is just some dumb hickup on my end, because if Brink doesn't have local match making then I've essentially flushed $89 down the toilet.

        That doesn't make sense. Despite their DRM, Ubisoft have maintained reasonable prices on steam for Australia

        Bethesda is publishing it. Ubisoft is distributing it in Australia. It's Bethesda that set the price fix in motion here.

    $45 markup is insane. You could preorder Deus Ex on Steam right now for that (I assume Squenix have forgotten to put our price hike on that at this point)

      Not at all, Square Enix don't seem to be into the whole regional markup (digital) thing. Check out their other games

        Capcom are good on pricing. When Dead Rising 2 launched for $40 I thought there was some sort of error. Purchased that straight away.

      Square Enix haven't price hiked before

      That's why the pricing is fair

      EA 2K Beth and THQ are the thieves forthe most part

        You left out the guys who started it all - activision

          wow your right i forgot those A-Hat's as well.

          but then i tend to view them as a non entity nowadays. If they make/publish something worth buying then ill consider them an issue again.

      The guys at SE and Eidos are yet to join the regional pricing bandwagon. Most, if not all of the games on Steam published by them are the same as the US price. Hopefully they'll be one of the few big guys left who don't decide to play arsehole.

    Don't you know the government goes after them if they don't charge The Australia Tax? They HAVE to do it, honest, that's why it's called a tax!

      Yeah a 80-100% tax rise in most cases

      I read this comment and a thought bubble of Tony Abbott going "Australia's great big new tax" sprung up.

        Maybe if we roll in a 50% tax hike on video games, they'll give us an R18+ rating? :P :)

    This is utterly disgusting. I'm a big Steam user, own 210+ games on the service. If I was at all interested in this game I'd consider pirating it just as protest.

      Except the game uses Steamworks, so you might have ot hard time playing multiplayer.

      You're not The Internet

      If you were The Internet, your 'I' would be upper case..

      See it's thanks to uni and Business Information Systems classes that i can now spot a fake.

      besides, everyone know The Internet is a small black box with a red light which can be borrowed by Steven Hawking

        It goes on top of Big Ben. That's where you get the best reception.

        More specifically the Internet applies to the main network that everyone uses. An internet however just applies to any group of joined networks. Internet means connected networks.

      Oh. also, Pirating it in protest?

      How very noble of you!

      Or, perhaps maybe consider not buying it in protest?

      Don't try to give piracy an excuse, it's just bloody lame and you're not fooling anyone. I'd wager you'd have a hard time even fooling yourself with that tripe!

        I pirate so I can have more money for drugs, alcohol, and clothes.

        U Jelly?

          No, I don't need drugs (unless your talking about medication, but I still don't need them), I don't need alcohol, and Mark's already proved that no one needs pants :P

        The hell? Get off your high horse, moron.
        Just giving dodgy publishers something to think about.

          1. You're not giving them something to think about, they don't read your comments, my comments, nor probably anyone elses on here. And if they do, they don't care.

          2. With the menagerie of pap that you've already spewed forth, i doubt you're in any position to be calling anyone a moron.

          Thank you and good day ;)

        Considering I've all ready brought numerous games at the inflated price, in which the producers are effectively stealing my money, I see no reason why I shouldn't just steal it back. Especially since piracy is duplication rather than theft, but their constant rape of Australian consumers is most definitely theft.

    Big surprise, they corrected an error?

      It's part of a deeper issue that is just being in Australia makes the game more expensive. According to Google right now, $1 US is about $.93 AU. So a game that is sold for $55 US should be about $51 AU. But since we are in Australia, they jack up the price for no reason other than 'we can'.

      There is no added cost to distribution, which was the excuse for a long time when they had to handle physical stock. Even that was a pretty lame excuse given most games are shipping from Asian countries to begin with. And when the Australian dollar was a lot weaker ($1 US = $1.25 AU for quite a while), of course things had a higher sticker price. But that isn't true anymore.

      Our dollar is worth more, but buys us less on Steam. Be aware, though, this is NOT a Steam policy, companies price their own games. Bethesda is the one who is opting to do this, and thus, it's they who should be penalised, not the people distributing it who have no say in the price.

    Looks like a clerical error quickly fixed. I hope some people got in there and snatched it up when they had the chance.

    Why not just go to and get it for $38.99.

      Because people like myself are impatient and don't want to wait 2 weeks for the game to arrive from the UK.

      Not that I want Brink, but just a personal gripe I have with that site. It's misleading! We're Ozgameshop, but we ship from the UK where we are actually based! Hopefully one day when they have made enough money they will setup a warehouse over here and we will get games shipped in a timely fashion! Although new releases will still take time to ship from the UK meaning never getting anything day 1 for a reasonable price :(

        Ah k, I didn't know that. Good to know. Thanks :D

        I'll take 2 weeks late over 50% mark-up thanks.

        It's called because it is exclusively for the Australian market.

        With the prices they offer it's a bit of a nit pick to say "well it take a while to get it"

        Further more, i have made 3 orders from ozgameshop, 2 of which have arrived in a week, one which arrived in a little over a week. Some australian distributors struggle to get stuff out in a week, as well.

        Funny how impatient the world is becoming in the digital age, especially when it's to the point that they would rather spend $40-$50 more for some things...

        As well as only having to pay $32, I actually consider the shipping delay forcing me to wait to be a good thing in this case!

        Day-one purchasers had a progress-deleting bug, bots filling a lot of matches, issues with joining games...

        Meanwhile when I get it a week or two later I'm looking at fixes implemented for serious bugs along with better bug reporting, and a more established community that will hopefully already have started weeding out a few of the bad elements who treat this like a deathmatch game.

      I got it from there.
      With $5 off for the royal wedding :)

    They better not charge the extra money after the fact.
    Glad I made the effort, now.
    I figured it wouldn't last long so snatched it up.
    Otherwise, I wouldn't have bought it until it hit the bargain bin.
    There you go EA, Bethesda. All you need to do to sell lots of copies of an average game is to lower the price accordingly.

    and we see clearly that the whole "piracy" argument is a squabble among thieves. These plonkers "can" charge more because you're australian, they have the means. Customers "can" pirate, they have the means.
    Neither is especially moral. Until game publishers speak out firmly against this morally repugnant practice they can really whinge on moral grounds about anything.

      Well said.

    LA Noire? Anybody? :)

    It's funny how most people seem to hope people snapped it up and got a "bargain", between it reviewing so poorly and price gouging Aussie consumers, I hope no one snapped up the deal, I hope the company who by many reviews released an incomplete game get no further Austalian sales and their failing serves as an example to others.

    Of course it won't though, in a few months the new modern warfare will roll out with the exact same price gouging and the mindless drones will snap it up with unprecedented pace.

      Actully this!
      I wonder how many people who were put off by reviews got this just because they thought they were sticking it to the man or figured it was a bargain...
      This price difference was on plenty of other sites.
      Clever marketing to push units of a game that was getting slaughtered critically?
      Well played then...

        Problem is the game is actually great so the negative publicity found in articles like this not only hurts gamers who are missing out on playing the game but also the community that is currently enjoying it.

          Thats an opinion and i believe it's wrong after i finally got my hands on the game.

          It's nothing interesting, the SMART system is neat at first but in the long run doesn't really add anything useful in my opinion

    we should all purchase cd keys from cd keys sites and not buying it off local retail and AU steam.

    Simple answer?

    Because Valve hate you... and don't want you to be happy.

    lol i just find it funny people going on about get it here for $xx when i got an email the other day for a site i regularly use and have had no problems offering brink for $27.62 AUD so if i was a betting man i'd be getting my steam version of the game thru my guys....

    I pre-ordered Brink when it first came out for pre-order on steam. it only cost me $45 then.

    The pop up window still has it priced at $59.98 but when you click for more details... it is 89.95...

    If I really wanted to I am sure I could push for the cheaper price...

    I would not give a damn thing about that pricing roller coaster if it wasn't for the reduced player numbers in AU then >@

    My friend nabbed this while it was 50 a month or so back... Lucky dog

    Also yeh steam allthough better than retail still rips us off at times...

      It's not Valve/Steam who sets the prices. So it's still the the publisher who is ripping us off, not just Steam.

    I bought this game (Steam pre-order) last yearh back when it was coming out in Sept 2010 for the special pre-order price of 39.99. I feel sorry for anyone getting screwed by this, but there are ways around it.

    Oh wow, I just looked at the price of New Vegas...

    Can't believe a game that's been out for around 7 months is still at it's "RRP" price of $89.95, and the Strategy Guide pack is 1 cent more expensive than the Brink one.

    I thought Activision were bad.

    And I personally reckon EA aren't that bad with their pricing, Crysis 2 on release was only $10 more than the US Steam Store.

    Even today games like Crysis 1, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, Mirror's Edge, etc are $5-10 cheaper in the Australian Steam store.

    Granted there are a few games which probably should be reduced by now, such as Dead Space 2, or Medal of Honor.

    But heck, they at least give us decent prices on release compared to retail.

      CoD:MW2 is still $89.99 on Steam.

      1 arm of ActivisionBlizzard is nickel and diming us with $15 map packs and $90 2 year old games, but the other arm is destroying margins for WoW & Starcraft 2 for retailers with the Blizzard store.

    I got it for the $90 pre-order about a week ago, and I have to say it was no where near worth the money.

    Most buggy game I've ever played TO DATE!

    I honestly wouldn't mind paying that amount of money for BF3 or MW3 though...

    It's because They don't realise we can just order from ozgameshop or NZ websites and pay half the price.

      PS - You can then "activate it on steam" too, Mwahahah.

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