SOE Breach Aussie Details - 336 Credit Cards Affected

We've just spoken to a Sony representative who has given us specific Australian details on the Sony Online Entertainment Breach. He has confirmed that, of the 12,700 credit cards details leaked, 336 were from Australian accounts.

The representative was also very keen to emphasise that the hacked database was out of date, so it could be that the number of active accounts from that figure will drastically reduce the number of credit cards affected.

An official statement from Sony stated the following:

Of the non-US credit and debit cards from an outdated SOE database that may have been affected, our understanding is that approximately 336 of the 12,700 cards were from Australia. Of these 336 cards, not all are active and so we anticipate the number of Australian card holders affected to be low.

Sony was also keen to reinforce that, so far, there have been no confirmed reports of either the PSN or SOE breach resulting in any criminal usage.

But when it came to specifics, regarding when Australians would have PSN functionality back, Sony were a little light on specifics.

We have no idea at this stage how Sony are going to bring the PSN online, but it will be done in separate stages. No word yet as to precisely how Sony intend to do this, and in what order.

More news as we get it.

UPDATE: Sony has gotten in contact with us regarding the timing of Aussie PSN accounts being reactivated. The statement provided is as follows:

The company is working around the clock on the restoration of the PSN services globally, and has also been working to enhanced system security to provide greater protection of personal information . We expect to have more updates on timing of the service for Australia soon.

So - no concrete details yet.


    Next week? I thought it was going to be this week? Dammit.

    Next week? They said that last week!

      Where did you guys get next week from?

      From an earlier blog post on some services were to be restored TODAY. Surely Sony wouldn't lie about such a thing..

        The person I spoke to said next week, but he called to clarify - they don't have a timeline, they're phasing it in.

    Happy I cancelled my CC just in case one of those were mine.

      Me too.

      Make that three. It took 30 seconds to do on the phone, what an inconvenience. How dare you sony now my expiry date will be changed and the numbers slightly different i demand to be reimbursed! Or i could just get over it.

        You didn't have a lot of services subscribed to that card did you? I've been in the phone all morning today.

          I'm sorry to hear that gremlin but i have a few things attached to that card but i guess i was at the head of the cue. It'll be ok, lets have a beer and i'll give you a cuddle.

        My credit card is used for much more than gaming and buying things online. Cancelling my card creates a lot of work beyond simply waiting a few days for a new one.

        The worst thing about this is needing to memorise a new PIN...

    Any word on how are Sony contacting those 336 people?

      Agreed, I'd like to know if mine was one of the 336 cards... while cancelling it may be easy enough, why should I be inconvenienced for someone else MAJOR problem...

        I'd like to assume that if you're not contacted, you're OK. But all things being equal, I wont.

    What about NZ credit card details???

      +1 i know this is an Aus site but we are you're neighbours and we have no Kotaku NZ. please help

        I'll see if I can find out dudes. Sorry - Sony only gave us the Aussie info.

    I was fairly unconcerned about this kerfuffle as I don't use my PS3 for gaming beyond a few exclusives, but i just discovered the other day when watching the news with my wife and a story came on about Sony's cluster cluck she's been using her Visa debit card to buy Singstar songs on the PS3.

    I was tossing and turning over whether to go through the hassle of cancelling it but I guess i'll have to now. X-( Fuuuuuuuu

    Hey at least I get PSN Plus for a free month now... what is a PSN plus, is it party chat?

      This is SOE, which is different to PSN.

      PSN & Singstar Packs = PS3

      SOE = Mainly PC related online MMO games, DC Universe is the latest to come onto the PS3, but the details from this breach were from a older database from 2007.

      Theoretically, THIS instance the article refers too, doesn't effect you.

    Well to all those cancelling their cards now.. what took you so long?

    I canceled mine the moment I learned that any personal data had been stolen and Sony saying "we are unsure if CC data was taken".

    @Marty.... PSN+ is mainly exclusive and heavily discounted/free products and the ability to cloud save :) For the money it does look like good value (assuming the service is up and running.

    BTW: why had the facebook commenting been disabled? does Kotaku have a(nother) security issue too?

      Nah, we had nothing to do with the Gawker thing. It's just a server issue.

    So what about New Zealand... no mention of us?

    Is there a thread like this for the PSN breach? Detailing Australia's exact exposure?

    Ok. I've purchased stuff on the PSN but did NOT save the Credit Card details on there - I entered the details every time in case something like this ever happened. Has my credit card been compromised?

      Unless you were using that credit card to play any SOE MMO on your PC back in 2007, then no. This doesn't have anything to do with the PSN.

      Unlikely, if you didn't save the CC details to your account, then they wouldn't keep it.

      Like the the 3 digit CSC when asked for, but not stored, the assumption would be the system works the same, the system will check and make the payment but because you are choosing to not save the details, then the data wouldn't be stored.

        Thanks fellow readers! I thought this might have been the case, but I wasn't 100% completely sure and I didn't want to start cancelling credit cards like crazy.

    Wasn't the SOE database that was stolen from 2007 or something? If that's the case, surely most if not all of those cards have long since expired anyway?

      that's what I would have thought. Don't they usually only last about 2 years?

        Do you not keep the same number when you renew it? I'm sure I did on my last card, but I may be mistaken.

    "Sony was also keen to reinforce that, so far, there have been no confirmed reports of either the PSN or SOE breach resulting in any criminal usage."

    And they probably won't, as we've all gone and cancelled our cards

    Expired credit cards can still be used. There's a reason you're advised to destroy them before disposing them.

    good thing im on xbox

    this will not happen for a long time on xbox

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