Sonic The Hedgehog And Lady Gaga Caught In A Bad Romance

Look I'll admit it, because I'm a brave soldier, but I'm actually a pretty big fan of Lady Gaga - I have the Rock Band DLC, I always check out her legitimately insane music videos. But this Sonic mash-up, which mixes the Flying Battery Zone with Bad Romance has pushed me over the edge. Next time Lady Gaga comes to Sydney I'm totally buying tickets. [What have I become!]


    This is cool - I'm not into Gaga at all but some of the mashups of her stuff with Sonic are excellent. Check out "Lava Face"! (Lava Reef Zone with Poker Face)

    i think this version is actually better than the original xD

    How cool I love it :) I wish I was as talented haha

    What have you become? A mindless slave to the puppet known as Lada Gaga

    I love Flying Battery zone's music! I hope it's being included in Sonic Generations as a level. The mix is not bad :P

    Ohhhh no... whats happening to you guys?! What is this?!?! Ok I'm, I'm just... going to look the other way now... not happening...


        *covers ears* NOOO! You can't make me listen!! I thought you liked Panda Bear?! PANDA BEAAAAAAR. Now they are Sad Panda (Bear)

          Can I vomit with you quietly in this corner?? Stupid and sad thing is, Gaga before she went completely pop sex mentalist, had some talent as a pianist/singer. But nooooo, I'll slap meat on my teets and a small family of guinea-pigs in my hair and sing about penetration or something, she says. Grrrr

    it would be better if there was sonic gameplay vid - like those vids of 'ikaruga perfect play' but instead - sonic!

    Hmm, interesting. The verses and bridges fit remarkably well, but there's something funny in the Flying Battery choruses, some dissonance where the melodies and rhythms don't quite match-up.

    I've always contended that Lady Gaga deserves some serious commendation, her outward conceptual artist persona, the truly imaginative outfits and music videos, her elevation of the usually banal modern pop music to something which has an almost modernistic quality, support of social issues, outspoken-ness regarding her social life and her rejection of her own status as a children's role model, it's all great...

    Except for the music... I can't bloody stand the music... From the moment I heard it I was devising ways to do irreversible physical damage to my own ear canal using nothing more than my shoelaces, credit card and an empty box of tissues in an effort to end the intense sonic distaste.

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