Sony Begins Reactivation Of PlayStation Network

Sony has begun the reactivation of PlayStation Network. The process will take several hours and, in the United States will proceed on a state-by-state basis. A map has been posted on the PlayStation blog and will be updated as areas come online.

“It will take several hours to restore PSN throughout the entire country, so please keep checking back for the latest updates,” Sony said in a statement, encouraging PSN account holders to download the latest firmware (3.61) and change their account passwords, “both of which are required to get online,” once service resumes.

Sony also released this video, featuring Sony Computer Entertainment head Kazuo Hirai, announcing the restoration of PlayStation Network and explaining the process.

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  • Hell yea.. We did it.. We survived psn outage 2011, though it doesn’t seem real considering the amount of time it was down for .. how I pity he noobs who switched to xbox

    • I don’t think they want or need your pity. They hand over a little bit of cash and get a far more stable and secure online service oh and access to a better games library and the knowledge that if anything like this even remotely happened to Xbox Live, that the compensation would make Sony’s compensation appear like a kick in the teeth.


        you get what like 2 exclusves? an you pay to play P2P games online?? D: ?

        you pay for something that should be fre??



      • Not to get into this whole console fanboy arguement, but Live has been taken down in the past, and the only compensation Live users got was having the downtime added to their subscriptions.

        • Actually the 2 day downtime over christmas resulted in a free xbox arcade game for everyone AND the time reinstated…so in comparison it was a better deal than what Sony are offering for this entire fiasco.

          • You obviously weren’t there when LIVE was down for 13 weeks straight.

          • /facepalm.

            XBox Live went down for 13 days due to a massive influx of new users, and no info was stolen.

            PSN was down for 25 days, with personal info and credit card details stolen, hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue for developers, not to mention the billions that Sony may lose in the near future from lawsuits.

            I have both a PS3 and an XBox 360, and in my honest opinion, you get what you pay for.

    • Be careful in what you say. Lets face it – people crossed over from PS3 to 360 for a variety of reasons – including the long downtime, theft of personal information, lack of confidence in Sony etc…

      I don’t think people are “noobs” for swtiching to another brand after all that has happened. If sony were to be hacked again within the next couple of months then you would be the “noob” for not switching over, if i used your logic.

      Personally i am not selling my PS3 but i don’t normally play it very much anyway and even with the PSN coming back online, i am most likely not going to be using it till near the end of the year when some good exclusives come out.

  • Sounds like a man ready for the CEO position at Sony..much better than that douche stringer who couldn’t give two shits about the consumers

  • Hello Kotaku’ers, I need help wen i try download 3.61 it goes bout 40% n says “Error Occoured” Grrr dun it like 5 times, help plz 😉

  • Err.. Right ?!? And exactly how does xbox have a better game library .. Halo gears of war fable .. There all average at best theres no comparison that ps3 exclusives are so much better this is talking from a gamer pov not console pov And I never said the xbox was shit.. So it has a few more (at the end of the day)useless features

      • Name one thing moronic about that statement I’m a gamer not “consoler” I choose my console of choice by quality and usefulness etc .. I have a wii and ps3 had a xbox when is came out but sold it because it just didnt do it for me.. Paying for a service which should be free.. No blu ray the list goes on .. I’ve played all the xbox exclusives and non left a lasting impression on me.. Unlike uncharted mgs4 heavy rain .. they have provided me with the best gaming experiences up to this date even nintendo with Mario and Zelda ect have left me with a lasting impression something xbox just hasn’t been able to do at all

  • I understand that psn being down was frustrating to everyone but I don’t think it warranted selling your ps3 for an xbox having not waited a bit more time .. And it could of happened to xbox too .. But it didn’t it was Sony .. so let’s face it xbox isn’t immune to anyting and you can’t comment on how Microsoft would of handled the situation .. Could of been better or worse

    • As said above – people selling their PS3’s was for a variety of reasons. Yes, the massive downtime was a factor but also the fact that peoples personal information and possibly their CC details were stolen, which for some would mean they will place no more trust into Sony and rather take their business elsewhere. That might not be your case because you feel you didn’t lose much but for others it might mean a lot to them and you should not judge them for switching over to a competitor because of it.

      Also you are right – Microsoft isn’t immune to this and i never said they weren’t. However Sony might have been more susceptible then Microsoft (note i am saying more susceptible, not impenetrable) because of their lack of updated security (again i say might – no one knows for sure). If that is the case then Sony left itself open to attack and they have no one to blame but themselves and IF microsoft does use the most up to date security measures (i think it would be safe to assume they do NOW) then i imagine quite a few people are going to feel more comfortable doing business with Microsoft then Sony.

  • Yea I know right to compensation would feel like a kick it the teeth right.. Hmm psn never paid a cent to go online .. Get a free month of ps plus 2 free games + more all for not being able to play online for 3 weeks.. Sh♥t I hated spending more time outside with the wife and playing offline games so much I demand more compensation for a service having not even paid for in the first place.. Then there’s xbox where the service is paid for that’s the diff so yea I’m sure you’d get more compo

  • I’m sorry – 25 days of enjoying the sunshine and actually going somewhere instead of being stuck at home playing online senselessly was a great boon.

    I never gave up on the PSN getting restored as promptly as they could get it, but I’m not quite ready to start worshipping the wacky black box in my living room.

    Kudos to Sony for getting it done. Better we have the functionality online than not at all, methinks.

    As for the comment-spewing – thanks for the laughs for the past three weeks.

  • All I hear about is “OMG WE HAVE HALO”.

    You’re just a bunch of lonely fanboys. All consoles are equal.

    • You can change your password once AU is officially online … You can only download the update for now. The US is fully functional at the moment. LOOKS LIKE WE’RE LAST!!!!

      So dude WHERES MY COOKIE? hahahahahahhahah!

  • Nice Bro… now i can go back to playing CODz… its a shame i was getting so much better life….

  • Bah, it’s good news that it’s going back up, but the damage is done either way. Good games and good specs are still way less important than good loyalty and good security. I’m still certain this is going to make a bigger dent in Sony’s rep then harcore ps3 gamers think…

  • @Zac
    We will be left to last, we always are.
    Expect our PSN to be back up long after every single other region is back, and expect for us to receive none of the “welcome back” package, because over here, we’re all just 360 players and casuals. Remember! No one over 18 plays games here according to our government! 😀

    • @Mk



      Noone over 18 is a gamer? PFFFFFFT! Thats obvious age discrimination! There are MANY people out there that own a console, & that are OLDER than 18!

      There are mums & dads out there that own a console! My kickboxing instructor is in his 60s & HE OWNS A PS3!!! HE PLAYS SSFIV!!!

      Gillard is wrong, she just likes to stereotype.

      • @Zac

        Your reply demonstrates that you know nothing about the R18+ debate. Labour has given their official support for R18+ video games.

        Your reply also demonstrates that you do not know what sarcasm is…

        • @Dave
          The topic has nothing to do with R18+ rated games.
          Just the demographics on console ownership. Gee people do get “technical” here hahaha. Keep your politics in the lecture room. Have a nice day Dave : )

    • Oh yea, as soon as they anounced this “Welcome back Package” I’ve been thinking. Yup not gonna get that… or that the free content is gonna be garbage, I mean are there any games for download on PSN that you want but don’t yet have?

  • I see there are ps3 fanboys, xbox fanboys then there are gamers. FFS people just enjoy your damn games and share your positive experiences. Both consoles have good and bad points. Each to their own. If you are lucky enough to have both then you have the best if each. If not that’s fine but why belittle others because of it.

    They’re just games.

    Thankfully the regular comments around here are if a higher quality.

    Glad to hear PSN is coming back. Nothing like a significant event to bring gamers together.

  • The never ending console debate just pick up your controller and shut up, the whole exclusives and hardware debate has got to stop. They both have things you enjoy, don’t hate on others because they don’t share your pov. Just play the game and enjoy it, isn’t that why you got the console?

  • Gotta love the Sony fanyboys spilling mad hatorade all over Xbox this has nothing to do with them its a tale of Sony dropping the ball and taking 25days to pick it up again, they handled it very professionally and in case you internet nerds can’t comprehend it I am being very very sarcastic

  • i feel sorry for those who went to xbox 360 they get crappier games and have to pay every month lol

    anybody who owns a 360 must have lower intellect rofl

  • You gotta realise that apart from not being able to play, you could’ve had your details stolen. If it wasn’t for the Code of Conduct, Sony could really have been f**ked and the fact that they got hacked just shows there’s something wrong, not what’s happening with XBL.

    They’re doing things now to stop this but really you shouldn’t have had this problem in the first place. And now with people being all patriotic exclaiming how awesome it is that the PSN is up and xbox suddenly suck again is just stupid and you guys are retarded.

    I’m an xbox (fanboy but have a brain) so can only say PC FTW. 🙂

  • Through all of this the only thing wanted to use PSN for was a code one damn stinking code to get 2 costumes for Dissdia 12 just 2 and I only want 1 so although it’s for such a trivial thing it’s a hassle to wait for a month for 1 costume that i should have been able to get straight away. oh well thats life I suppose

  • Little kids like to feel important, this is why they become “fanyboys” they think they have some kind of responsibility to protect their console. They’re all just idiots just to over compensate.

  • Does anybody else think that the sony slogan needs a rethinking?

    “make.believe”…. it’s almost ‘make-believe’… =S

  • Use the PS3 for DC Universe, BluRays and a couple of exclusives so yay for getting this thing back up and running. All other gaming is on the the 360 as the online party/chat/friends integration from Dashboard to Game is far superior to PS3. Also updating the software whether for a game or the OS is just painful on the PS3. PSN is free but fragmented, clunky and apparently not that secure.

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