Sony Non-PSN Hacks Just Don't Quit

The hacks just don't stop. First there was the PSN hack. Then Sony Online Entertainment. Then in seemingly unrelated hacks, Sony Thailand's site was being used for phishing exploit and Sony's internet provider So-net was hacked. Now? Sony Music Indonesia and Sony Music Greece. Likewise, probably unrelated to the PSN hack, but it could be hackers testing Sony's online security. [CNET]


    Teach them to ease off all of the unnecesary homebrew blocking firmware updates on my psp.

    I always knew they had it coming.

    I love sony products, but hate them as a company.
    I guess consoles and handhelds are the bane of gaming, as the same company makes both the games and the hardware, so they feel they need to lock things down to insane levels.
    Nintendo and MS are almost as bad (but they never advertised linux as runable on their system only to have an "optional" update remove it - the option being keep linux or play new games).

    What I'm saying is whilst it bugs me I have no PSN store, I can't realy find any sympathy for Sony (and when this sorta thing happens to nintendo or Ms i won't feel bad for them either)

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