Sony: PlayStation Network Will Return This Week

Sony: PlayStation Network Will Return This Week

PlayStation Network, down since April 18, will return “this week,” said Kazuo Hirai, the second-in-command for Sony Corp., at a news conference today in Tokyo.

When PSN comes online, PS3 users will face a mandatory system software update that also requires them to change their account passwords before they can sign into the service. That password can be changed only on the same PS3 that activated the account, or through a validated email confirmation, Sony said.

The restoration of PSN will come in a regional phased rollout. A press statement from Sony said PSN’s initial restoration will include online multiplayer for PS3 and PSP; access to account management and password reset; access to one’s friends list, with chat functionality; access to PlayStation Home, and to the download of unexpired movie rentals and to Qriocity’s Music Unlimited service.

Sony’s statement implied that its PlayStation Store “and other Qriocity operations” would be slower to come back online than PSN, returning later in May, as the company continues “to reinforce and verify security” for both services.

Sony has also created a new chief information officer position to oversee security in the wake of the massive data breach that exposed 77 million account holders’ personal information. A “Welcome Back” program offering free content to all subscribers, and a free 30-day subscription to PlayStation Plus members, will also be implemented.

Hirai outlined details of Sony’s recovery plan today at a news conference in Japan. Regarding the “Welcome Back” program, alluded to in “make-good” promises extended by Sony Computer Entertainment earlier this week, all PlayStation Network subscribers will get a month of PlayStation Plus premium service free; existing PlayStation Plus subscribers will get their terms extended a month, free. “Selected PlayStation entertainment content” will also be offered for free, on a region-by-region basis, as a welcome-back inducement. The content type was not specified, only that “it will be announced in each region soon.”

Sony laid blame for the 10-day PSN outage on “a criminal cyber-attack on the company’s data center located in San Diego.”

“This criminal act against our network had a significant impact not only on our consumers, but our entire industry,” Hirai said in the statement. Hirai said Sony have worked around the clock to restore services, but “only after we had verified increased levels of security across our networks.

“Our global audience of PlayStation Network and Qriocity consumers were disrupted,” Hirai said. “We have learned lessons along the way about the valued relationship with our consumers.”

Sony said that since the April 20 blackout of its network, it hired “multiple expert information security firms” to conduct “an extensive audit of the system.” Working with them, Sony said it has implemented new and greater security measures to secure personal information.


  • TBH i think giving away PS+ is going to benefit Sony more then anyone else. They are giving away a free month to a subscription service of content and once that free month is up for regular users, if they want to keep the content that they will be given under the service which was meant to act as compensation, they will have to continue paying to access it. Doubtless, it does not cost Sony anything to give this away because they are not really giving anything away – they are only lending it to the PS community for a month and then take it away. Surely, some people (not many but some) will take up PS+ just so they can keep accessing content that they were given under this scheme and this is where Sony will recoup some loss.

    If I was the suspicious type i would be saying that Sony is taking advantage of the situation but i am not 😛

      • My understanding is that IT DOES…

        This is one of the largest issues with the service. you get a free game but to continue having access to it, you must contine the service… happy to be proven wrong but as soo as i heard that whe it was announced, I stopped reading immediately.

        • From what I understand, if it’s a 100% free game you are given as a Plus member, then that will only work while you are a plus member. If you purchased something using a plus discount, e.g a 75% off for plus members, then that’s yours, plus or not. I think that’s what happens.

      • I am pretty sure it is unusable after sub runs out – i know there are a couple of exceptions to this rule though – i know the littlebigplanet game you got when the service first launched was a permanent gift and one other game which i forget but yeah – everything else that you get from the service is only there until sub runs out.

    • I agree, I don’t like that the compensation is Plus. When they came up with this there is no way they didn’t think that they could benefit from people subscribing to Plus that may not have before. I just don’t like it.

      • well i was a PS+ subscriber, and everything i got while being a subscriber is still usable, im no longer a subscriber.

        • If that’s the case good. But then they royally screwed their marketing then because no one knows this!!!

      • It’s not ONLY PS Plus. The story says there will also be free yet-to-be-specified content on a region-by-region basis.

  • Hey guys, welcome back to PSN! To make amends we’re giving you a month of PSN+ free!

    *cough*anything you download using PSN+ will be unusable when the subscription ends*cough*

  • I dont see why that would happen Matt. In the past Xbox has given away Free Gold subscription for a month, obviously it showcases the premium content and is a form of advertising, but bottom line it is all free. If somebody chooses to pay for it afta, they can hardly blame anyone but themselves. And the free download, presuming its not something very cheap or something lame, WILL cost them money.

    • Oh yeah look i am not saying that Sony is the only company that would do something like this or something (before people get the impression that i am a Sony basher i do prefer the PS3 over my 360 overall – but i like PC better then consoles as well :P).

      While i am all for free compensation – especially for a “free” service (although i have argued previously that people do pay for it out of the console price because it is a selling point of the ps3 but for arguments sake lets say it is free), the difference is that what is being given as compensation is something that as a user you are not getting much from except for a one month of a free game and some discounts on the PS store. I do seem to remember that when LIVE went down for about two days near or after Christmas one year what was given as compensation was a free arcade game I believe.

      When compared to what M$ was offering for two days of downtime when compared to Sony – where mine and every other users details were taken and so far almost two weeks of downtime while making some games unplayable, is only giving us one free month of a game.

      I know, i know, LIVE is a paid service and as you pay for it, you should get more for unexpected downtime but the fact that the PSN has been down for so long and that my personal details are out there somewhere on the internet makes me feel that one month of PS+ (which i have already so i am getting an additional month put on my sub) is a little cheap.

  • *sh1t* happens, if i wanted to play on xbox i would of done so, i had it i sold it and im sticking with my sony. Its sexy looking, control is just the best, its free. We are just angry we cant play online/

    • There’s also that little matter of the whole 2.2 million stolen accounts and their information including credit cards… No biggie! Keep waving that propaganda flag!!!

  • I reckon theres a catch to that 30 day free subcription. There could be a terms and conditions thing that you have to agree to and it could say that by agreeing sony can’t be held repsonsible for stolen credit card information.

  • Wow! That’s all I can say. After all this, that is the response from Sony?

    I’d like to introduce them to the concept of “too little, too late.”

    Sure you can offer a PS+ service for free for a month but as others have pointed out, the best benefits of that will be lost once that month is up, which will result in quite a few people peforming the “Apple Hivemind move” of oh well I’ll keep paying for it. What you’re offering is actually LESS than what Microsoft offered on a 2 day outage of the XBL service. How, in anyway shape or form, is that a good thing?

    Knowing that, after all this, their attitude is still “f*** the consumer, let’s try and make money on this” is pathetic. The sheer fact that their PR approach screams this is ridiculous.

    Sorry but my PS3 is already on my work’s departmental internal classifieds section (funnily enough, in the last three days, I’ve seen several up for sale on there) say hello to a new 360 with Kinect and a reliable online service.

    • You don’t have to introduce Sony to “to little, too late” ……. They’ve been over promising and under delivering for years now. They’re pros at it.

  • Playstation+ is a joke and should not be considered consolation. I mean come on! The reason they cooked up this plus thing was to sell any unsuccessful or crappy games at wholesale price in order to make a shrewd dollar. BTW… Anyone who doesn’t believe me can do the math> $50.00 for 1 years use. Only like 10 free games, one of them good. 20 Half-priced games, all but five are pure feces. So, excluding what sucks, you get a free five dollar game, $20.00 in discounts, and some wallpaper? Where’s the plus?

  • Good to know it’ll be back soon, but dammit, the PS Store is just about the only part of PSN I use regularly and it won’t be back until later…! That and LittleBIGPlanet playing, but I can live with offline LBP for now. I was looking forward to getting the PS versions of SBCG4AP, guess I’ll have to wait even longer…

  • some pretty ungrateful people out there. bottom line they didnt have to do jack shit but they did because thats their nature, or should i say, the japanese way of treating their customers when it comes to business. making sure they are looked after whether they are in the wrong or not.

    its hilarious how many people just simply let the hackers get away without even a nod but instead just blame sony. i spose we all treat the crims as the innocent and the innocent as the crooks.

    • Of course they didn’t have to do jackshit. In fact, that’s exactly what they’ve done. Nothing. A crappy promise of something extra that for the vast majority of consumers will result in no gain whatsoever for them.

      The fact that you try and defend Sony’s actions in this whole fiasco begs the question how you are even intelligent enough to construct a sentence, let alone operate a computer and keyboard to share said sentences.

      Sony were stupidly slack on security and lost their online services for several weeks and also lost sensitive data relating to their consumers (which they took their sweet time in mentioning) and now they offer a free month of a sub-standard service of which anything “free” you get from will be unusable once that month is up. How is that compensation?

      xBox 360 users got a free arcade title for a 2 day blackout of the live service.

      Sony users get a free month of service that once the month is up they can’t use anything free they gained from it…for a 3 week outage of their online service oh and the loss of your credit card details, names, addresses etc etc. Way to go, Sony!

      • You need to take a long, hard look at yourself and question what caused you to turn into the guy who flings personal insults at people for daring to hold opinions different to himself. You don’t want to be that guy. Everybody hates that guy.

        • Well said mate. All you sony haters in here or out there. Do us a favour, pack up your stuff and just leave sony. Go and join the ‘douche’ club. Xbox fatso controller is so much better than sony’s isn’t it? If you were actually smart, you wouldn’t have fallen for sony’s so called PS+ Service in the first place. You already know who’s responsible for this whole thing in the first place, go and beat the crap out of that hacker. But, I bet you are actually cowards who’s just hiding behind words

          • I don’t really care if anybody loves/hates Sony/MS/Nintendo/whoever (but here’s a handy tip – they’re ALL giant, faceless international corporations and not one of them gives a toss about you or sees you as anything except a walking pile of cash).

            It’s more the attitude that “your opinion on this matter differs from mine, therefore you’re an idiot” which I find annoying.

          • haha who’s to say that my opinion was gonna be the same as you. I’m just agreeing with your ‘point’. As for what you think of my attitude, I don’t give a damn. If people think I’m an asshole than I’m proud to be one

            PS: The only reason why I haven’t called you by names yet, is that I find no reason whatsoever to do so

          • “if you dont have anything nice to say dont say nuthin.”

            bottom line.
            sorry for my slang.

            i bid u all adieu and have a wonderful day.

          • I wasn’t talking about your attitude, I was talking about the attitude of Dissection (above).

    • No. Going back to Xbox was the best decision I made. My name, home address, email and possibly my credit card numbers have been stolen from Sony. You think a month of ‘free’ content makes up for that?

  • To understand that Sh1t happens is one thing. To be promised security of your info when you agree to terms and conditions and then pay to play games like Dc Universe online and pay for ps plus its just a real F YOU to sonys consumers. This should go to show you that sony thinks of us as nothing but money and they realy dont care that we were out of network for days when its our money. Then to have them come right back and sell you ps plus as a welcome back…..!!!!! its more like hey come see what you haven payed for and then we will take it away. And for the users that have ps plus they are giving us something we already buy.

    • well anybody who puts there info online r stupid…im sorry but its true…y not just go buy the 20-50dollar cards at local stores

  • All of you are talkinag about this is how it is etc for plus… but none of you have it do you? I have it… I have 5 of the 20+ free content that has a time limit… and I only got free stuff I liked up until late feb when I started downloading everything free… so Sony has to pay money to give free stuff away… YES its true guys… sif developers will go… here… Little Big Planet… (as example) you get (for me) $60 and we get nothing where as if we sell it to resellers for 100(new) so its best if you get profit… Why is everyone so upset with Sony since your complaining about what they are giving you… blame the hackers… it can happen to any company including Banks… XBOX servers can be hacked… hackers think they are good at what they do… they attack people like the FBI… they are a bunch of losers and they will rot in jail (or be killed depending on who they pissed off)… they are not safe and I hope they check all things people say using the hacking skills to realise… they are screwed!

    • What? Do you not see the price difference in Sony console packages and Microsoft console packages? The price of a “free” service is factored into the consoles and the games. Even places where games can be obtained for far less than RRP are still more expensive on PS3 and for what? The Blu-Ray technology that is now just as cheap as DVD technology?

      And what is this talk of how hackers can go after anything? Of course they can! But what the hell does that have to do with anything? Sony handled the situation like a kid with dynamite and a lit match and their “compensation” is more like a kick in the balls.

    • Actually i have had PS+ since launch and realistically i haven’t got my moneys worth at all. I already owned LBP before PS+ came out so that was of little value to me and most of the other games that have come out i mostly haven’t been bothered to download because i only have limited usage and i am not going to download games i know i am never going to play. Most of the games on the service are very B grade games for the most part. I know that 9/10 of the stuff that PS+ offers i would not buy if it wasn’t apart of the PS+ service.

      Also, regarding your comments about what it is costing Sony to run this service – it would be minimal at best. Quite a bit of what they give away is first party stuff so they are not having to pay third parties to use content and they reap the rewards from the sub fee. Alot of the content that they shove into the PS+ updates is mostly things that most people would not buy themselves and therefore start to make profit on the subs because they are gaining revenue from the fact you are buying something that you did not really want.

  • From the wording I think the selected free content will just be free content rather than being tied to playstation plus.

  • And for everyone who dosent realize the auto payments are switched “on” as default, there’s an extra month or 2 of auto-resubscribing till you do. I have mine switched off, I wonder if it will be on when the psn returns?

    • I think the number of people removing their credit card details from PSN will put a stop to that

  • I’ll happily take the free month (been wanting to check it out anyways). Get some discounted games to keep and hammer the free games as much as possible before they become unplayable when the month runs out. Plus I enjoyed my free month of Qriocity so I’ll happily take another.

    Seriously, unless you where already paying for PSN+ the need for compensation for losing access to PSN is pretty minimal. Of course IF you are the victim of a scam or other criminal activities and IF it can be linked to data taken from the PSN then you can try to get appropriate compensation.

    • A big +1 to you. For all those saying this is too little too late, I don’t think you’ve tried getting one company I know of to admit there is a problem. It took them nearly a year and an angry forum before they actually acknowledge there was a problem. And there was no compensation what-so-ever.

      And for the record, I do think this was a small gesture but a good one for that.

  • You are all going on about what you should get for free .But if you think about it PSN itself is free not like the XBOX LIVE thay charge you per person to use it, and that is besides you paying for your own network .But I think you should all be glad it is sorted and still “FREE” to stop all this moaning and just get back to gaming

  • Geez, you guys that are complaining don’t deserve to even be part of the Sony gaming community. If you are one of the few who may have lost credit card details then fair enough if you want more compensation. But for all those who just missed playing online for 2 weeks grow up. They’re giving you something for FREE and you didn’t lose anything except some time playing online which is worth nothing. Everyone is saying Sony handled this badly but none of you know what sort of blow Sony took. “oh know Sony’s not telling me anything”, maybe because they don’t know themselves yet. Their entire network has just been brought down, I think they need some time to work some stuff out. Also, people complaining about their trust in purchasing off PSstore, there’s a magical item called a PSN card. Look it up, you should have used them in the first place. And people who complain about loss of personal info. First of all that information is not important to Sony so you may as well have put false info on there, I know I did. And even if it was your real info, any decent hacker could search your name on the internet and find everything about you.
    Thank you for your time.

  • The playstation network is online!, just launched my PS3 just then and got a system update 3.60.

  • Whilst the general PS+ deal has been summed up, ie: if the subscription lapses, so does the content.

    I would like to point out, that this ISN’T always the case, when it was first started those that purchased in the first 30 days were granted LBP as an extra bonus, to keep forever.

    As the press release mentions, every consumer is granted 30 days with the service, yet the complete listing of what this 30 days includes hasn’t been defined yet.

    More importantly whilst most are picking up on the PS+ sub, the bulletpoint prior.

    Each territory will be offering selected PlayStation entertainment content for free download. Specific details of this content will be announced in each region soon.

    So everyone will be getting free stuff, amazingly alot of the comments before this announcement over the last few days have been for compensation, you’re getting it. Comments about PS+ subs being compensated, they are also… all of these ‘demands’ are being addressed, but it’s apparently still not enough.

    Can’t wait for all the comments in the coming days about the selecting being crap, or the “I’ve already got that, why can’t I get something else”

    • just quickly, the comparisons to the LIVE outage of 2008, Undertow was given away free for service disruptions over 13 days… just search for xbox live outage 2008 to see the articles…

      PSN is going to be down for roughly the same time, so the compensation (whilst not fully detailed) is comparable to what was given previously.

      • Well there are some key differences – mainly that the LIVE outage was only disruptions – it kept going up and down and it didn’t cause the release of 77 million users details.

  • Look stop your bitching about only geting a month of ps+. its better then nothing. im just cheering that dcuo will finally be back up. and they are giving us a month when they were only down for 2 weeks. they didnt have to give us anything its all in the terms of agreement we ALL agreed to. so stop your bitching.
    all in all im happy that sony is offering anything at all.

  • what good does this due me, i dont care bout ps+, but i do care that i missed 10 days of my dcuo & mk9 online

  • Before accepting any new update make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully you don’t want to be turned into sony’s tablet version of a human centipad.

  • Yeah the Plus month free is pretty lame in itself but I’ll give it a shot. Why the hell not? Even if afterwards I cannot use what I’ve downloaded, I won’t be paying to continue it. Avoid DLC/ add ons I say…

    Other than that, the official statement reads as though there will be more free content rolled out over each region so there may be a little more consolation to look forward to. I’m not expecting anything special but wah wah wahmbulance there’s little else we can do except sell our consoles or stop using the free or paid service.

    I for one plan to continue using PSN, as well as Live, and Steam for that matter. My gaming habits won’t change.

    Looking forward to the service being restored though regardless of freebies.

  • Im just happy PSN is coming back. I dont care what we get cuz we finally get multiplayer back!

  • I still think this whole thing was cooked up by Microsoft. I mean think about it. Who’s the best with computers? Microsoft. Who owns a company founded by hackers. Microsoft. Who stood the most to gain by targeting Sony and Apple. MICROSOFT!!! Next thing you know Nintendo goes down and the whole world swears off of all three competitors just in time for the release of NATALE or whatever they’re promising. Watch it be another Windows 7.

  • The free 30 Plus subscription is essentially useless cause the Store isn’t expected to be back up for weeks.

  • Can’t please everyone, I for one am keen to see the benefits of PN+ and will probably sign up if I enjoy it.

    To all the people having a cry, seriously… signed up for a free service and ur now getting a paid service free for a month. If anyone was like me (maybe a bit to careful) I had my very own debit card just for the PN network which was canceled instantly when I found out and was re issued a replacement for free. This inconvienenced me very little and if anything helped me get through a backlog of games that I wanted to finished

    IMO people trust the Internet too much and it’s your own fault 🙂

    More blame needs to go towards the criminals that hacked Sony then Sony themselves, I mean no matter how good there security was nothing in un hackable and this could of happened to anyone

  • I still think this whole thing was cooked up by Microsoft. I mean think about it. Who’s the best with computers? Microsoft. Who owns a company founded by hackers. Microsoft. Who stood the most to gain by targeting Sony and Apple. MICROSOFT!!! Next thing you know Nintendo goes down and the whole world swears off of all three competitors just in time for the release of NATALE or whatever they’re promising. Watch it be another Windows 7. And mark these words because the Microsoft-loving moderator is going to erase this in an hour to cover up their tracks. FIRST AMENDMENT SUPPORTERS UNITE!!!

  • How does one know if their credit card details were stolen?

    Do you need a credit card to sign up for standard PSN?


  • See all you guys are still not getting it, see while people have the xbox360 console an yes I have one an yes I do pay $50 a year to play so what I also have the PS3 an yet I still don’t pay s*it to play online ok but yea I still agree with some of the peolpe that said don’t blame sony blmae the hacker but yes sony is some what to blame because instead of putting all this new protection on with the network they should of done it in the beggining now with the ps+ I can give two rats ass’s about cause I don’t an will not use because it’s use less if I want the game I will go and buy the game an thats that so quit B*tchin about all this an just be happy that the network will be up this week I know I am cause see all you guys are just lookin at the small things like oh crap this sucks that I can’t play online well get over it an just play the games with out it unlike me I see the big picture.

  • Ok. Playstation give us free network. Long time. Its gonna be down for all of a few weeks. X something or rather make u pay 24/7. Why do we feel compo is in order? Try going outside

  • seriously…..they fix the problem, and give free shit and you all complain….stfu and be happy they are giving you anything! for real we get free gaming and online anyways. you all are pathetic

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