Sony Says It's Working On The PS4

Asked to explain increased research and development costs, a Sony senior executive told investors that work PlayStation 3 successor is "already under way."

"For the home equipment the PS3 still has a product life," said Masaru Kato, the Sony chief financial officer, according to Eurogamer, "but this is a platform business, so for the future platform—when we'll be introducing what product I cannot discuss that—but our development work is already under way, so the costs are incurred there."

Kato's comments are not necessarily inconsistent with past remarks calling for a 10-year lifespan for the PlayStation 3, or that the firm isn't close to releasing its successor. The PS2 hit its 10 year anniversary last year; the PS3 was released four years before that. And maybe the PS4 isn't a near-term strategy, as Kaz Hirai said recently, but that doesn't mean Sony isn't prudent to be working on it this far out.

Nintendo has confirmed it will reveal the Wii's successor at E3 this year, and it'll be on sale next year. rumour spread earlier this month that development kits for the Xbox 360's successor were already in Electronic Arts' hands; that company called such assertions "a total fabrication."


    Hmm, so they've all admitted it now. Do you think it's still to early for Sony to mention anything at E3?

    And here I was thinking they'd skip to 5.

    Thanks for "clearing that up".

    How original. Nintendo leads the way, Sony and Microsoft follow.

      Nintendo goes analogue stick (N64), Sony goes double analogue stick (dualshock).
      Nintendo goes powerful tech (gamecube), microsoft and sony go more powerful tech (xbox 360, PS3).
      Nintendo goes motion control (wii), microsoft and sony go motion control (kinect, tilt-sensor, move).
      Nintendo announces a new console has been developed, sony starts putting money into developing one.

        Yeah, you're right. I'm sure Sony hadn't even thought of developing a new console until Nintendo thought of it.

        And that brilliant move by Nintendo of using "powerful tech" in the GameCube. Stunning innovation - nobody ever saw it coming. Sony and MS never even considered using powerful tech in the PS1, PS2 and XBox. Up until then they'd all just sat around thinking "gee, what's the least poweful tech we can use in order to make the shittiest consoles possible?" Once again it was left to Nintendo to forge the trail for the others to follow.

        And don't forget the other amazing innovations Nintendo have made over the years in areas like using optical media instead of cartridges and providing online services. Oh... wait...

        And what about the other stuff they've invented? Remember when Shigeru Miyamoto invented the automobile? That was a world changer. And going back further when Hiroshi Yamauchi discovered how to make fire? Awesome.

          Let's not forget how Nintendo has led the way in 3rd party developer relations, MS and Sony have just followed.

          And Nintendo's use of high definition.

          And their use of 3rd party services such as Netflix, ESPN and video on demand.

          And their use of built in storage for save games and other data.

            Let's also not forget the n64 stick wasn't actually truly analogue. It was the same as an old style mouse. The first truly analogue controller, was the Sega Saturn which was released around 3 months after the N64. Research it and you'll find it to be true.

            Not to mention Nintendo's friend codes and their excellent online communities, both of which define the current generation.

              Wait wait wait you guys left out Nintendo's amazing unfaltering support for the hardcore fans who made it into the huge company it now is!

        And competition is a bad thing why?

        and they were first this gen to region lock their consoles tight -wii, dsi, 3ds.

        first to have no dual analogue stick controller packed in, and no cross platform title titles, or even a decent 1st party fps.

          >no decent firstparty FPS

          Metroid Prime would like a word with you.

          Because what the world really needs is another fps..

    Of course they are working on a PS4. Just like Im 100% certain MS are working on the next Xbox.
    MS in particular are great at keeping secrets. Remember, the gaming world didnt know of the existence of the 360 slim until THE DAY it was announced and released for sale.
    It takes a good few years to develop a new console. So yes they are working on them.

    I wonder how much the fact that the PS3 has been hacked has had on their views for the future

      It pretty much Guaruntees your not going to be able to install Linux on it. Incase Linux can be used to hack it and taking the feature out will enrage a billion hackers.

    Will be an accelerated process if they can't 100% lockdown the priacy hole, which they seem fairly capable of doing at the moment.

    Probably won't be much of a chang ein development for companies either.

      Really? considering the PS1 and PS2 had pretty high levels of piracy, even the PSP has been around since 2005 and that has been hecked to death...

      Overall, my view on ANY company (doesnt have to be a game company), when you release a product onto the market, the R&D team really don't stop ever!

      They certainly will scale down around the release period, but there will always be some continued planning for the next version.

    I hope Sony won't lock it down too severely in light of the PS3 hacking. Maybe this time they will open it up more for Open Source software development and not retract it later down the line.

    Although I am really hoping the next PS4 will basically be like that nifty screen from Minority Report, without the stupid hand gestures of course.

    Man i just got a ps3... f you sony! lol

    It's not a surprise. Work on the PS4 probably actually started the day after the PS3 was completed.

      This, basically. And the same for MS and Nintendo.

      Will be very interesting if Nintendo effectively goes through two generations in the time it takes the others to go through one.

      This was what I was going to say too, no surprises here.

    Meh, was always going to happen. Not even sure if i'll bother with the next one, I'm kind of a bit anti-sony at the moment.... but then I do find it hard to resist new toys :P

    I hope they learned their lesson on releasing something way too expensive and hoping their brand name will be enough to carry them through.

      Judging by their comments on the NGP, they've well and truly learned that lesson. One of the Sony execs (I forget who it was now) said they'd learned that lesson, and for the NGP they set a market price they wanted to hit and adjusted features accordingly. As opposed to the PS3 where Ken Kutaragi basically did whatever the f*** he wanted and adjusted the price accordingly.

    Well that's what R & D departments are for.. new consoles are always in development and then refined into final spec' when the suits decree it.

    I think we'll see a new iteration of PSN... and I'm pretty damn sure a lot of it won't be free.

    Microsoft have proven that you can make good money off of it... and Sony would be dense not to follow.

      I doubt that - free online gives them a major selling point. It's worth noting that XBL is pretty much the only major online service that DOES charge a fee to play. PSN is free, Steam is free for PC, and whatever the hell Nintendo has (when they have anything at all) is also free.

      I suspect in the long term competitive pressure may force MS to provide online play free rather than leading to other services charging a free.

        I don't think so.

        PS Plus was a way for Sony to offset some of the cost of running an online infrastructure. They've said previously that it costs them a huge amount of money to provide it at no cost.
        I'm going to discout Nintendo because their online has always been horrible... and PC gamers pay hosts for servers don't they?

        Microsoft have proven that people will pay for it; maybe Sony will charge less... but I think it's coming.

    This isnt surprising. nintendo starts R&D on a new console as soon as the first has launched. Only concepts and ideas offcourse, but im sure they are all developing.

    PS4 - now we hash and salt your details!

    I don't think development for a new console ever really stops. I remember around the time the PS2 launched there were reports that Sony were already working towards another console.

    Obviously it does take a good while with several designs considered, gotten to testing and then thrown out before anything concrete is announced. The R&D guys just keep going.

    here's hoping for ps1, ps2, ps3 compatability, should go nicely with the NGP, i need moar moneh

    And this is the part where I quit gaming forever.

    Look, I only had a quick scroll through the replies here (so don't crucify me if someone has already mentioned this), but isn't anyone else concerned about Sony implementing another unique architecture?

    I'm sorry but there is a reason why multi-platform games almost always do better on the XBOX360, and that's because it's so much easier to program for ('s not like I've programmed for either machine, but we've all read the comments made by developers).

    I just wish Sony would stop wasting time with "space age, alien technology" that could run a nuclear power plant if they hooked it up to one, or that it could beat deep blue at a game of chess. I mean, what the hell? We just want it to be able to play games, and preferably not at a slow clip when comparing it to the COMPETITION! Is that too much to ask?

    I have both an XBOX360 and a PS3, and if I really want a multi-platform game, then the chances are that I am going to buy it on XBOX360. I have next to no faith that the PS3 is going to be able to play it as well. It was just the other day that I noticed, for the first time in history, that on the website DIGITAL FOUNDRY (, that the PS3 version of something ran better than the XBOX360 version. That game is L.A NOIRE. My mouth almost hit the ground.

    Lovin' the sarcastic comments against Lone Wolf.

    In terms of the PS4 I hope they make these changes -

    1) HDMI 1.3 & 1.4 Compatible

    2) Games in Full HD and not 720p including in 3D

    3) Backwards compatible like the PS3 was originally suppose to be

    4) New PSN network. Been a Sony fanboy since Sega went down, but just got a 360 yesterday ready for Gears of War 3. I am finding their Messaging and Game Invites are so much easier to use than Sonys. I am willing to pay like Xbox Live if they were as well designed and user friendly as Live.

    5) Replacable HDD like the PS3 or even better, allowing PS3 owners transfer their HDD into the PS4 and just update the firmware. It would be so awesome as you would still have everything but in a more vamped up console. I had installed a 500GB HDD replacing the 80GB that it had.

    6) Better video codecs, to play more formats.

    All these things I'm sure are doable, so may not be a big ask.

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