Sony Scrubs Personal Data Published By Hackers

Reuters' Japan bureau reports that hackers uploaded data they'd stolen from Sony servers during the PlayStation breach, but that Sony quickly had the unnamed website removed. The information concerned some 2,500 users and was at least 10 years old.

The information was collected during a 2001 sweepstakes campaign and concerned names and partial addresses; no credit card numbers, social security numbers or passwords were involved. It was unclear to what type of website the hackers had published the data, but it's implied they did it on one Sony controlled.

"The website was out of date and inactive when discovered as part of the continued attacks on Sony," Sony said in a statement. The company discovered the postings on Thursday, Reuters said, and Sony took the site down shortly thereafter.

Last night, Sony revised its projection for restoration of the PlayStation Network from "sometime this week," to "dunno." Sony says it is still "working to confirm the security of the network infrastructure, as well as working with a variety of outside entities to confirm with them of the security of the system."

Sony Removes Data Posted by Hackers, Delays PlayStation Restart [Reuters via Joystiq]


    It is really amazing that its ok for hackers to access all our personal information but for the people who actually own the personal information we can't even access it to change or alter it because Sony are only now protecting it for us???????? Or is it from us?????????? Damage done i say!!!!!

    Heh. I knew their "sometime this week" was going to end up being an, "actually, we have no clue when" timeline.

    @Tribe, I don't think it has, at any point, ever been okay for hackers to access all of our personal information. I agree, it's a bit pedantic that I, the account holder, cannot easily update my information but I don't think Sony think it's permissible to allow others to access such information.

    Well if the website is taken down thats good, n the damage is done But we want PSN back:D More info of wen the PSN WILL be back up would be nice, etc... this week I HOPE SO..

    LOL! They took down an "out of date and inactive" website. GG Sony! You keep fighting!

    Oh wait, that's right. You've still failed to do anything decent in every way shape or form and you consider releasing this as a form of positive press?

    Fail more.

    Whilst I know Sony ain't telling everything they know, I'm surprised how candid they've been.

    This is yet another neophyte error that no self respecting company should make. You don't keep old no-one-uses-anymore systems around. They're not being maintained/patched and hence are easily broken into. May seem harmless, but its not, a system like this may be used as a gateway to get into a real target, depending on how the network is configured.

    The epic disaster continues

    I'd say keep PSN down until it is secured as hell. That is if Hell is secured, haven't seen any demons walking around....except my one aunt...whole different story...

    I'd much rather prefer Sony keep it down, fix and test properly and only then bring it back online than doing a hack-job and have to take it down in another month because they forgot to bolt the back door.

    The fact that some of my info got stolen down right pisses me off, but I'm pretty sure they are doing a fine job securing the network...better be.

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