Sony's Banks Confident Against Hackers

The PSN was hacked. Then Sony Online Entertainment. Then Sony Thailand's site, Sony's internet provider So-Net, Sony Music Indonesia, Sony Music Greece, Sony Ericsson's Eshop and Sony BMG Japan. But Sony's banking and insurance arms? They're not worried.

According to Sony Financial Holdings, their systems are different from the ones that were hacked. A spokesperson told Asahi, "We are not affected (by the attacks) because we manage our networks with highly safe systems developed specifically for financial services."

Isn't this inviting trouble, and wasn't the PlayStation 3 supposed to be unhackable?

Sony fights epic battle against hackers [朝日新聞社]


    surely such an impenetrable defence could have been used on the PSN.

      And why? You do realise how expensive it is to safe guard financial information right?

    Well gee wish they'd shown the same concern for my information

    Everyday someones WoW account gets hacked, everyday someone gets swindled by eBay/Paypal. Everyday someones WIndows PC gets unauthorised intrusion.

    Sony gets blamed by ignorant forum posters who seem to think it doesnt happen to others all the time because it was a large scale data breech at one single time.

    Which in a way if better than small data breech. As WTF is a peron (handful of persons) gonna do with all that data compared to just stealing 1 - 2 peoples. Your likelyhood of being screwed go down the more people whose data got stolen.

    Also it became international news, so Sonys PR team get to be busy and turn the situation into future profit.

    Most people are just stupid, and are afraid of everything because they dont understand. Same people likely think porn is like real sex, and the girls tits are real and the guy isn't wearing a hollow strap-on.

      Ok, I was sitting here reading your comment, nodding in general agreement, then I got to the last sentence there and... wtf? :P

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