Sony’s Non-PSN Hacks Just Don’t Quit Part 2, Electric Boogaloo

To review, read this. In Canada, Sony Ericsson’s Eshop online store for mobile phones was hacked, compromising names, usernames and passwords for thousands of users. That’s not all, Sony BMG Japan was also hacked with data being posted online. [esecurityplanet]


  • This is freaking surreal. I feel bad for Sony and the tonnes of people affected by this.

    I’m glad the only thing I own is a non-linked PSP.

  • If you are quiet you can hear Sony executives smashing their large wads of cash into their faces angrily.

  • Sony deserves it all for removing linux from PS3.
    All they have to do is allow it again, and everything goes back to normal.

    • Yup because this is all a protest, not a planned criminal act to gain access to tons of credit cards and personal information..

  • @ Whitney Rouse
    Is it right for a child to set fire to their parents house, because they took their phone away from them? No, this goes beyond the stupid linux removal and evidently was removed BECAUSE of hackers, i fail to see why you would support these actions by the very same people who took it away from you. And what good does bringing it back do? Oh i dunno piracy threat returns, and peoples information are still out there being used for who knows what, all it does is make the people who couldnt go build a pc with linux happy, which most have already moved on.

    And this whole thing goes beyond a simple attack on web based domain for information, this is cyberterrorism now, and i seriously hope the people responsible for this get life in jail for it or worse, as they are getting enough identification material to create false ID’s which leads to all sorts of trouble, not to mention credit card fraud. I have never heard anything like this, it’s quite devastating.

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