Sounds Like L.A. Noire's Publisher Wants L.A. Noire 2 And L.A. Noire 3

L.A. Noire just came out and no one behind the game has made any official announcements about an L.A. Noire sequel, but this is what Strauss Zelnick, head of Take Two, had to say about L.A. Noire on a call with investors today: "We have every reason to believe that L.A. Noire is another strong franchise for this company." And... "We do see this as a powerful new franchise." This man sounds like he's ready for sequels. No word from the game's developers at Team Bondi and Rockstar if they want to do it again.


    How about they get to work on the PC version first.

      Hear, hear.

        So true. Games like this should be enjoyed with better graphics and Eyefinity. We see companies that didn't traditionally publish on PC make the change e.g. Capcom with the next Resident Evil so I really don't see why Rockstar thinks their franchise is so special that only console players can enjoy them?

          It's not even graphics or Eyefinity for me (although they would be bonuses). I can't get enough console time to play a game like this, I can't monopolise that TV for that long. PC I can sit there for hours on end playing a Game that's fine, the GF can still watch TV or a movie while that's going, but if I'm sitting there on the PS3 she won't want to sit there watching me play a game.

          Blah blah "piracy" blah blah blah...

      If they do go for the PC, pray they port the interface properly across and update the engine.

      My reasoning is this:
      1. What works for a game controller does not work for a keyboard - when going from controller to keyboard (and vice-versa) the interface has to be completely reworked.

      2. If the game was built for a console, it is not going to take full advantage of the memory in the PC - games often have their own memory manager which is calibrated to work effectively with the limited RAM.

      3. Operating systems on PCs are far thicker than that on consoles (seriously, OSes do exist on consoles) and use paging on the memory.

      Some may say there is also a difference in the CPU architecture but that is obvious thus needs no explanation.

      My $0.02 on the matter.

    That was fast. Good on them though, sounds like it's a big hit.

    Maybe if it were set in different a different city. LA might be a faithful recreation in the game but it's a totally boring and uninspiring city to play in. Just a mess of low grade urban sprawl.

      Along with Fat's ideas, I always thought Las Vegas would be another city that would be great to have a detective/adventure game in.

      I just realised between Fat and my suggestions, we've just picked out where all the CSI series are located.

        I actually do think that, if the licence holders of CSI had any brains, they'd tag Team Bondi to make a CSI game using the LA Noire playstyle.

    might be a bit cliche but id love if they made a 70's inspired san fran cop game.

    Be even better if they added the good cop/bad cop mechanics from the True Crime series... I'd like to feel I have some say on an outcome (like the hostage situations for example)

    I vote for NY Noire!

    I'd like to see what other types of game Team Bondi can do with the technology. Why does it have to be a "Noire" sequel?

      Taking the Film-Noire out of the (possible) LA Noire Franchise would be like turning GTA into an RPG.

      The noire genre was really cool, removing that would remove half the atmosphere.

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