Square Enix CEO’s 360 Just Shot Itself In The Foot

Square Enix CEO’s 360 Just Shot Itself In The Foot

Remember 2008? Good Lord, was it nearly three years ago, at E3, that Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XIII would have an Xbox 360 release, utterly horrifying fanboys of game, publisher and PS3 alike?

Well, if one reading of the karmic law is “we all got it coming, kid,” then Yoichi Wada, the CEO of Square Enix, got his when his Xbox 360 up and died. The man even tweeted “T-T”, which will be the only recognisable characters to those who don’t speak Japanese. The translation, per Siliconera, has it that Wada-san wanted to play some games on his 360, but he discovered that it crashed. He then said he’s considering dropping all of the new games he started. It’s a momentum-killer for sure.

Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada’s Xbox 360 Crashed (T-T) [Siliconera]


  • Well at least my PS3 doesn’t do THAT!

    (it’s one of many things my PS3 does not do right now…)

  • I got the red ring once… fixed it by changed to a toilet paper that wasn’t homebrand… ouch

  • I bought a 360 because of this, I’m a massive FF fanboy…this article is ill-informed.

  • I used to love FF. This latest one pissed me off enough that by the time I got to the last boss, after a stupidly-ridiculous amount of hours I’d spent grinding levels, I just wanted to see the ending. Of course the boss is pretty ridiculous and resulted in me giving my 360 a little boot after a bunch of wasted hours trying to kill a boss with attacks that take away basically all of your health and nullify basically all of your skills much faster than you can heal yourself, let alone attack it.

    So yeah, I lost all my saves cause of it. It sucks and really does make you lose momentum. Luckily all I cared about were my Mass Effect saves which I’m really not bothered about playing through again all the way from the first one because unlike FF13, ME and ME2 are actually freaking excellent games.

    Geez FF13 sucked. I really wanted to like it but it has none of the awesomeness of old FFs. It NEEDS a world map. It NEEDs side quests. It NEEDS more than just “Go down this perfectly linear path to reach the next FMV, then repeat that for the entirety of the game because that’s the only thing you can do.”
    It should’ve just been an anime movie, that’s obviously what they wanted to make and they just shoved some shit-awful gameplay in there to break up FMVs. Pointless.

    Oh yeah, thanks to the wonders of Youtube I got to see the ending of the game. If you’re interested in FF13 you’d probably do better to just watch all the FMVs on Youtube or something. It’s a huge not-worthwhile timesink.

    Blarg, end of stupid rant of meh-ness…

  • Ha, ha! I was an Xbox 360 fan as well until mine broke and I repaired it and again it broke, and again I repaired and then replaced it and then THAT XBOX 360 BROKE!

    That was it for me! I’m going back to the Playstation from here on out.

    I wish they would go back to making decent Final Fantasy games though. Final Fantasy XIII just sucked. http://nerdtrek.com/final-fantasy-missing/

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