Starhawk Is Sequel To Warhawk. There Are Transforming Fighters.

It's been one of the worst-kept secrets in video gaming, but tonight it's been made official: there is a sequel in development for PS3 exclusive Warhawk, and it is called Starhawk.

The game made its debut on GameTrailers TV earlier this evening, it's described by series boss Dylan Jobs as, predictably, "bigger and better". As you can see in the clip above, there's missile swarms, giant mechs and, yes, transforming fighter craft. It's like Battlefield meets Macross.

There's also an RTS element to the game, players able to call down buildings using credits earned during battle that can help turn the tide of battle.

And, if you like stories in your multiplayer shooters, this has one. With a singleplayer campaign mode and everything. What you'll do with it is anyone's guess, but hey, there's context there for the carnage if you need it.

While the original was a pioneering downloadable title, Starhawk will only be released on Blu-ray. It's due in 2012.

Starhawk [GTTV]


    Battlefield meets Macross?

    Cautiously optimistic.

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