Stay In School, Buy A Windows PC, And Get A Free Xbox 360

Stay In School, Buy A Windows PC, And Get A Free Xbox 360

Microsoft wants U.S. high school, college, and university students to be productive, but not too productive. That’s why they’re giving away a free 4GB Xbox 360 to students purchasing a Windows 7 PC priced at $US699 or higher.

Play is just as important as work when it comes to your education. Some might even say it’s more important. I mean, look at me! I played video games all throughout my brief tenure at college, and I turned out pretty well. Mostly. Kinda.

Maybe you kids should just ignore this.

Students that don’t care about ending up like me can take advantage of the free Xbox 360 offer between May 22 and September 3 of this year. Just purchase a PC valued at $US699 or higher at a participating retailer (including, and the Microsoft Store), prove you are a student (use your friend’s .edu email to order), and the free Xbox 360 is yours for the taking and hopefully upgrading with a workable amount of storage.

Retailers are only getting a limited amount of Xbox 360 consoles for the giveaway, so I’d suggest making your PC purchase sooner rather than later. And if you’ve purchased a PC in the past few weeks you’re shit out of luck, which is a technical term meaning you missed out on a good thing.

For more details on this potentially hazardous offer, hit up the Microsoft Experience blog.


  • People have too much money. How much do those PCs cost with Windows 7?

    When I was at uni (here in the UK) I had to literally beg for my parents to get me a PC (they wanted me to use the ones in the uni library). Then I got some crappy thing that crashed often and corrupted one of my projects.

    As for consoles – I had to work part-time jobs to afford them!

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