Stephen Colbert Joins Noble Team (Well, Not Really)

After Stephen Colbert joked this week that Master Chief must have been one of the members of SEAL Team Six, which took out Osama bin Laden, Bungie dusted off that image, which it had whipped up a while back in an attempt to get a mention on the show.

For those who might think this is an Easter egg, don't hold your breath. Bungie sends its assurances that it's all a mockup. No amount of button pressing, tearful forum posting, or prayer to the deity of your choosing will make this epic armour an in-game reality. This is the stuff of dreams."

There's another shot of Colbert piloting "Justice One" a Colbert-themed Saber, at the link.

Bungie Weekly Update: 05/06/2011 [Bungie via Game Informer]


    I would play Halo if this was in it.

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