Still Got Your Duke Nukem Receipt From 1997?

I loved the story of this ancient receipt from 2001, yellowed and crusty. The story of the ever-patient Slash000, still valiantly waiting, believing in Duke Nukem Forever. Well, now that the game is actually close to a genuine release, Gamestop in the US have confirmed that they will honour any pre-order for the game, no matter how far back it goes! We wondered if retailers in Australia would do the same thing...

Well, GAME, as a retailer is relatively new in this country, so we gave EB a buzz.

"We only got started here in Australia around 97," said the EB rep, " so we don't really have any pre-orders from that time.

"In fact, we only started taking pre-orders for Duke Nukem Forever last year after the distributor confirmed it was going to be released! But look, as long as you have a receipt, even if you've had it for a long time, we will totally honour that pre-order. If that situation were to come up again, we'd totally do it."

Ah well, there you have it. It's extremely unlikely that anyone still has a pre-order for Duke Nukem Forever like Slash000, but if they were to have one, EB would honour it.

Good to know for any future vapourware releases!


    lol that is one manky looking receipt!

    Wow... reciepts are made to last back then... My pre order receipt for the Balls of Steel edition back in feburary is just about unreadable now.

      sounds like a conspiracy tbh

      "Hello I'd like to claim my 2 year warranty on this kettle"

      "I'm sorry sir but this receipt has no text" *SMARYM FACE*

      My reciept is still readable and it's had 2 $50 notes with it since I placed the pre-order.

    That's really awesome! But you gotta remember, always bet on Duke.

    I "totally" worked at EB somewhere around 2003ish and i "totally" remember taking a few preorders for DNF back then..

    Gearbox should give all of these guys signed copies or something.

    A special 'True Believers' edition.

    EB are full of shit. My mates cousin had a pre-order with them back in the day, he lost his receipt sadly and they lost their database with all customer details pre whenever it was. Either way that's not the truth they're telling.

    Plus interest? $10 then should be worth around $15 nowadays ;D

    Lies! :P

    EB did take Duke Nukem preorders, I know because I used to have one. After several years they called me out of the blue and asked if I wanted to change it to Duke Nukem Manhattan Project instead since that was about to come out and DNF was still awol.

    Kinda regret that now

    Short memories people have ;)

    BTW it was the Northbridge store in Perth



    I had a friend who pre-ordered the Collector's Edition of WotLK the day it was announced.

    He spoke to EB closer to the release date who told him "the pre order had been in the system for too long and had deleted itself".

    He wasn't too happy about that.

    Good on EB. They may not have the best price, but something like this doesn't hurt their PR in Australia.

    I hope this is a sign for good things to come.

    I would very much like to believe, that game retailers, developers and even publishers, are starting to figure out "Good games sell themselves".

    This duke isn't the duke that was pre-ordered. It's a new one with the same IP. Retailers that are honouring the old pre-orders are supporting gaming as a whole. That sort of good service builds loyalty, and that means returning money.

    If only one of them would figure out a way to sell steam products - back up the game files to dvd, charge steam price + $5 and I reckon you'll turn a tidy, reliable, profit.

    Even better, set up local comps, get people in the stores, surrounded by your product and let the monies stock pile.

    I still find this awesomely amusing, it just shows a level of patience I could never possibly relate to.

    That $10 then is worth so much more now due to inflation, meaning that Duke Nukem Forever's even more expensive.

      Hmm...I doub't inflation would cause it to be worth too much more. What's more relevant, is the pricing of games since then and now. Using Australian pricing as an example, most new release games at their RRP have had a slight increase. Most new release games RRP back in 1997 or 2001 (the article mentions both dates) would have been $99.95. Now, some of these titles are $109.95 or $119.95. That being said, there were games in 1997 (I'm mainly thinking of some N64 games at the consoles launch) that retailed for $129.95. I remember Waverace and Mario 64 being $99.95 but distinctly remember Turok being $129.95. I ended up getting Waverace over Turok for this very reason, and turned out to be the better choice (imo) anyway. Of course, all those prices are RRP and most retailers will generally sell their games below RRP.

    In 1999 I went out and bought a new PC. I went out and got the best machine possible, spent over $2800. I went out and bought this machine specificly for the release of Duke Nukem Forever that was due for release in a few months...... That was in 1999-2000

    Not to be correcting anyone... but the receipt says the 13th of August 2001 that the pre order was put down... not 1997... No?

      Perhaps it was in 1997 that he travelled forward in time to 2001 to preorder it and then returned to his timeline with it...He could be a rogue TEC agent!

      '97 was the earliest date an Australian could have pre-ordered DNF.

      Reading the story helps also

      "I loved the story of this ancient receipt from 2001"

    "But look, as long as you have a receipt"

    Considering they'd have taken at least $10 of your money, I'd bloody well expect them to honour it regardless of if you still had the receipt :|

    If they only take $10 off your pay price you got ripped off. With inflation and interest rates after over 10 years you'd have to demand your preorder to be worth at least $20.

    I worked at EB back in 2001, worst job ever. I had this dream of getting to try games for free. After the first week I hated people coming in with a plastic bag and about 40 fake PS1 games trying to trade them in.

    I recall having DNF on for preorder. We made a huge joke about it.

    Tell me this, why are any of you even thinking of buying it from EB anyway? We all know its a rip off, just order online, get it quicker, and uncensored (You never know with this country) and most of all, cheaper.

    A guy in my game design class still has his receipt

    That's really nice, BUT roughly around 1999 Duke Nukem 3D was a huge hit. That would mean that they'd likely get a huge surge in pre-orders for Duke Nukem Forever back then. Considering it's been over 10 years, I doubt less than 1% of 1% of people even have their receipt anymore. Seriously, how many people would have a receipt after 3 years? 4? 5? And if they held on to them, they'd likely chuck them with them announcing the death of the project 2 years ago.

    Again with duke3d being such a hit, they could have easiliy raked in over a million dollars in pre-order sales. But they also made announcements in future years and took more pre-orders. Not to mention I can remember Amazon taking pre-orders for DNF about 3 or 4 years ago at some brief point. Which means they got paid for those too. OK, I agree losing $10 to $50 isn't the end of the world. But again, WOW, they probably got a lot of money for what no one has a receipt for any more. And this time I believe it's all real. So they will also get millions in new pre-orders. Just saying..

      oh, when I say roughly around 1999, I know it came out before that. I mean that by 1999 it was already known as a big hit. So they would get tons of pre-orders.. That's what I mean.

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