Storm In A Teacup Is A Dreamy Platformer For The iPhone And iPad

Storm In A Teacup Is A Dreamy Platformer For The iPhone And iPad

Can a physics based platformer stand out – not to mention be a treat to play – on the iPhone? It can when you’re piloting fine porcelain in a bizarre, hazardous dreamworld while playing Storm In A Teacup.

Storm In A Teacup is one of the latest games from iPhone and iPad publisher Chillingo, the people who sell Angry Birds and Cut the Rope games. It’s developed by iPhone gaming vets Cobra Mobile, no stranger to making handsome, impressively detailed mobile fare, like the iBomber series.

Take the title Storm In A Teacup quite literally, for in this charming little physics-based puzzle-platformer, you play as Storm, who jumps and floats about in a man-sized teacup. Exactly how this teacup flies through the air, I’m not quite sure, but it moves like a lightly powered jetpack.

Players control the game by moving left and right via a pair of on-screen arrows, tapping the thrust button to levitate. Storm’s teacup doesn’t have much lift, however, so players need to learn the cup’s flight intricacies, requiring some thumb finesse and double-jumping prowess.

Storm moves through nicely detailed levels collecting sugar cubes, finding keys required to unlock doorways, and rooting out its many collectible tchotchkes, ultimately reaching an end-of-level goal. Collecting all those trinkets is where this game’s replay value comes in. Items are carefully squirrelled away in levels, requiring exploration and smart thinkin’. I’ve found only a few.

Things to avoid include spiked floors and ceilings, grumpy storm clouds, pools of lava, and player-crushing barrels. Platformer staples like bounce pads and air jets complement Storm’s teacup riding adventure.

Storm In A Teacup may not be remarkable for its mechanics, sound though they may be, but it should be praised for its fetching level designs, which often consist of simple, but cheery ropes, floating platforms and hidden tunnels. Visually, the game is an unexpected treat. Better still, there’s some genuine challenge in here.

There’s notable value in Chillingo’s Storm In A Teacup, which boasts more than 40 levels worth of light, smartly designed platforming thrills in a $1.19 package. Grab it at iTunes for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Storm In A Teacup [iTunes]

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