Street Fighter X Tekken Gets A New Challenger

No, not Bob Saget (unfortunately). Sagat! According to this image, Street Fighter's Sagat is apparently coming to Street Fighter x Tekken.

The fighting game is a cross-over title between the Street Fighter and the Tekken series.

Capcom is developing Street Fighter x Tekken free of Namco's input, and Namco is developing the rival title, Tekken x Street Fighter without Capcom.

Sagat Tiger Uppercuts To Street Fighter X Tekken [Siliconera]

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    The fact there is two games of the same theme being developed at the same time, and will probably be released at the same time really hurts my brain.

      I very much doubt that. Street Fighter X Tekken has been in development for a while, and is based upon the sensibilities of a Street Fighter style of fighting game (including inputs, although I believe there is a optional Tekken-style of control for Tekken characters), mixed with a tag system similar to Tekken Tag Tournament.

      Tekken X Street Fighter, however, is on the back burner until after Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ships (which is still quite a while away), and it has been stated that it will play like a fairly traditional Tekken game (with the possibility of tagging), with some modifications made to Street Fighter characters so they will work within a Tekken framework.

      It really isn't that hard to differentiate between the two. If you like Street Fighter, get SFxT. If Tekken is more your style, wait for TxSF. If you're a fan of both, hit both up when they drop.

    It is only natural for Sagat to appear in the SF cast. I personally found Sagat to have more character than Bison (or any other SF bosses)

    That character select art is horrible :S

    ill get SFxTekken and Tekken Tag 2 but probably skip TekkenxSF

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