Strict Regulations Govern The Breasts Of Soul Calibur

Soul Calibur boss Daishi Odashima gives us a peek at the exacting measurements governing the chest sizes of the game's femme fatales, as seen on Twitter.





    I can't even remember who half those characters are now. I loved SCII and tryed to love SCIV but the balance was just too broken. And Siegfried/Nightmare were gimped too much and were to predictable because of a lack of variety.

      Now I remember, from l-r Ivy, Setsuka, Sophitia, Taki, Cassandra, Hilde, Tira, Seung-Mina, Xianghua, Talim, Amy.

    Every game should use these rules.

    I was kind of turned off of SCIV by the extra characters.

    For SC3, Spawn and Heihachi 'fit' in the universe, but fighting Darth Vader on the death start level as a medieval fighter was just too much.

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