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    WELCOME TO TAY!! Am I number one?

      I just want to be number one at SOMETHING... for once... :'(

        You are #1 at humorous drawings!
        And delivering.

        I'm pretty sure you're number one at doing awesome artwork when you're supposed to be working. :P

        You're number one at drawing awesome stuffs for us to giggle at. You were number one two weeks ago for Kudos. You're the number one person-whose-name-I-wonder-if-I'm-pronouncing-correctly-in-my-head.
        Just change your name to e "Sughly The Number One" somewhere and you'll always be number one. ;-)

        You are not a number. You are a free man!

        ... But, yeah, you're number one.

        Sughly your number one artsy guy. I have looked through your deviantart page and it's really good stuff. Also yourmaking what looks to be a great game. That I'm sure all of us will enjoy.

    Let's Plat Batman Arkham Asylum, Part 1

    With Buttercup on break thanks to the PSN being down and whatnot, this is what I've been working on. It's a little rough because I haven't really worked out what I'm doing, but I'm happy enough with the results for now.

    Any other similar videos I do will probably involve a little more talking from me, what with there being less voice acting to talk over in the next couple of hours of gameplay.

      I only watched up until you stopped talking. Hehehee: "Let's see some stuff!".
      Something's definitely wrong with me though because I almost tried to click on where it says 'Press Start' at the beginning of your video.

        There's more talking throughout, basically only during the quiet sections.

      Yeah I got about halfway through but then realised I haven't played it yet. But look at it this way - it made me want to play it now! So you achieved that for me :D

      I was watching your video publication trials and tribulations on twitter last night. Glad to hear that you prevailed in the end!

      It would almost be rude of me not to watch it now after all that effort you put in... but I'm going to have to be rude till at least late this evening.

        I had a feeling that was going to happen, what with most people having to do this whole "work" thing today.

        And yeah, wasting an hour and a half uploading it only to find that one of the audio tracks didn't go up on YouTube? That's a paddling.

      Liking this, looks good mate. Good to put a voice to a name as well :)

        Thanks. I actually just started on the second video.

        Well, by started, I mean I edited the footage together, now I'm encoding it so that I can do the narration (which is easily the most time consuming part so far), then I have to re-encode it so that the audio is all together in one piece before I can upload it.

        If I'm lucky, there shall be more tonight and this time, there will be less interruptions from those pesky voice actors with all that damned talent.

    Kyuss Lives! on Friday night were amazing. Although they made me feel old by mentioning it's been 17 years since they've been here...I was there last time too.

    Mother's Day was pretty ordinary but at least I got breakfast in bed. Homemade waffles with bacon and maple syrup. Yum!

    Oh, and Welbot, was I supposed to email you about the meet thingy? I already know where you live(that sounds way creepier than it's supposed to). Do we have a time/day yet? P.S. congrats on the Kudos win!

      Welcome to Monday!!
      I also had a most excellent time on Saturday night at Frenzal! weeee!! You don't need to email me if you've got my address already. It was mostly for the peeps who don't have it, so I would have a way of telling them mya ddy without having to post it in here ;)
      Not sure when it's going to be yet. People haven't all said when they're free etc, but at this stage, it's looking like it'll be a Sunday in the next few weeks!
      Hope you enjoyed your mothers day! Did you get nice and pampered?

    Should I feel bad about pirating The Witcher 2, just to play it one week early - When I've got the Collector's edition pre-ordered at EB (only 200 in australia, hahah!) and have every intention to buy it?

      Yes. You are a horrible person, and you clearly enjoy kicking puppies.

      If you already bought it, I say no.

      I buy CDs, but only play copies in my car to preserve the original. Same deal.

        I've already bought it in full in January. Just waiting on EB Games to release it.

        I do suspect they will screw me out of it though, probably giving me that "Limited Edition" with the shitty mouse and mousemat though.

        "Hey whoa, no... I bought the *collector's edition", with the Geralt Bust. You know, $140? Bring that out, and I swear if the box is opened and there's dorito finger stains over *my* geralt bust..."

        Honestly, EB Games have screwed me out of 2 copes if the Witcher in the past.

        Witcher 1 Collector's edition: "No, we don't have it in yet. You can buy the non-collector's edition and we'll cancel your pre-order, ok?"

        Witcher: Enhanced Edition:
        *Just hands me the DVD*
        "Err, what about the other DVD's... The box, the short story, the soundtrack..."
        "Oh... we don't have it."
        "FFFF-" *Goes to GAME, buys the proper enhanced edition*

          Fool you once, shame on them. Fool you twice...

            Fool you twice, you burn their house down.

              With LEMONS! I'll invent a combustible lemon that BURNS THEIR HOUSE DOWN!

              Man, that joke was too easy.

                Cave Johnson here.
                I'll have you know that I have already patented those combustible lemons, and copyrighted that joke you just made as of... 12 hours ago.
                Since I can't force you to redact your comments, you have two options: either you cough up some cash to my lawyers, or I blow up your house with a self-destructing robot filled with Aperture Science Citric-Based Excitement Bombs.
                Cave Johnson, out.

                  Well, the company I work for, Black Mesa, Copyrighted that joke and Patented both Combustible lemons and The robot that launches them. 2 weeks ago.

                  See you in court, you bastard. I hope you enjoy having your shitty company liquidated.

    Any Kotakuites/Kotakukons/something else with the word Kotaku in it hit up the Streetpass event on Saturday in Sydney? Finally got enough hits to finish Streetpass Quest and a few puzzles. Ended up with 40 hits by the end of the day!

    My one year old hit the power button on my xBox while it was saving and my 40 hour Dragon Age Origins savegame was corrupted. My characters are stuck in limbo - my party thinks the Landsmeet is still yet to occur, but everyone else thinks it's already happened, and I'm running around the Landsmeet chamber with nothing to do.

    While I was trying to sort it all out, the autosave got overwritten (GRR!) and the aforementioned mischief maker picked up a packet of expensive Girl Guide biscuits and dropped them in the dog's water.

    Ah, kids.

      Please tell me you have another save-file. I usually use two savefiles and alternate between them each save just in case something happens.
      One year-olds are fun. Two-year-olds even more so, just ask my busted PS3.

        I used to put up cushion barricades around that stuff when my boy was of that age. Needless to say, I needed to rebuild the cushion fortress many times over. The only lasting damage was chewed thumbsticks on both the gamecube controllers.

          HA HA! We have da pillows, too!

            Pillows and cushions wouldn't work as a barricade for us, the boy would just start calling them slides, rollercoasters and castles and proceed to use them as named.
            We actually moved everything up. The first few levels of our shelves are empty, and we bought a smaller entertainment unit to put on top of our larger one. Lockable TV cabinets with glass doors work really well too.

        Nope, no backup. And I don't really have the patience to start that 40 hour game again.

        So, I look at it this way: DA: Awakening and DA2 can now be taken off my shopping list, saving me $$.

        I had to struggle to consider that a silver lining :)

          Noooooo! :(

          Maybe try and go back to it if/when your crushing disappointment settles down. It really is an amazing game (especially if you import into Awakening).

          DAO is the ONLY 360 game I have played through more than once!
          DA2 ...I have lost interest already, in th epile with FF13. I will get back to day.

            It doesn't even end very well, the main plot is incredibly inferior to DAO's.

    Morning folks! This week can't end early enough for me, because on Saturday I get my new PC :D The master race lives on!

    Also, Welbot: I didn't email you either. Was I supposed to? I am bringing a gift – Jimu.

      I'm the GIFT?? First I head...I get to come home to the wife and kid , right??

    Good Monday KotakiiAuins!

    Last TAY a *friend* of mine asked about how to obtain a *fighting game*. He ended up getting it from Amazon once he realised it was region free.

    He got the package on Thursday and has finished the excellent Story Mode, and is trying to make his way through arcade mode and a crazy tower of pain.

    He just wanted me to pass on his thanks to all the people who helped him out last week!

    So, Thanks!

      I can certainly vouch for said story mode! I finished it on the weekend, and it was truly 100x more awesome than I excpected it to be!! It's pretty much how I imagine a decent movie of said gaem should be! ;)

    Anyone else hit the comic stores on Saturday?

      Hit Kings Comics in Sydney and it was pretty packed. Got a few comics including a FREE comic. Good day had by all.

        Wait, aren't you the guy who's been stalking Chuloopa? :P

        Yeah, I went to Kinokuniya and King's Comics. Perhaps we brushed shoulders.
        Ended up with 3 free comics and 3 not-so-free comics (20% off though).
        Kinokuniya had some artist doing sketches and stuff which was cool, although they were around $10 a pop so I couldn't be bothered.
        Picked Up:
        Cowboys & Aliens
        House of M (Thanks Jimu. Yet to read, but looks good)
        New Avengers - Civil War (Thanks Jimu. Halfway through. I dig.)

      I wanted to but there are no comic book shops i'n my area. So I settled with buying some on book depository. Yeah so I now have v for vendetta and superman red son coming yay


      Guess what I forgot to do?

        Wash your dog?, mow the lawn?, go to the comic book shop and get some awesome free comics

          Stalk Chuloopa?

            Crap! I forgot to do that too.


              How could you forget? It's pretty much my natural state.

              Hey Loops.

              Look outside. *waves*

                remeber, it's a 50m minimum distance, sweetness

      i sure did :D

      My local (gifts for the geek in geelong) only let you take 2, so i sent bee in much to her resentment.

      The Tick
      Green Lantern
      Locke and Key (i dunno, bee got it)
      And some dude that looks like iron man, only pinker... can't remember the name

      Happy Happy Joy Joy

    So, I got into the Age of Empires Online Beta over the weekend, and it's pretty good. Seems to be the gameplay of AoE 2, with the tech of the first game. And some silly online stuff, but pshh, who cares about that?

    In the interest of not caring, is anyone else in? I feel like I should try a token gesture at a co-op mission or something...

      This sounds like something I need to try :D

        They had late last week /the weekend a thing where all you had to do was download it, and you'd get into the beta immediately (What we in the biz refer to as a "slut" beta), but I think its closed now or something. Not sure though, as it doesn't really affect me.

    Steam's EA Week just keeps on getting better and better! Today they have Battlefield Bad Company 2 for $7! OH YEAAAAAH!!!!!!

      Hmm, tossing up between BF2 and BC2. Or there is the distinct possibility that whatever I buy will end up in my pile of shame.

    AnonymousPessimist, I listened to your beats that you posted yesterday on TAY. They are really good!

    Also, if people had visited my blog before, you could see that I was working on a character model. Well I've finished it :)

    Could be NSFW, if you/boss regard fantasy women as that.

      Holy Boobasaurs!!

        lol yeah, they weren't meant to be that big. It didn't seem too big at the time, but when I noticed it, I didn't have enough time to fix it.

          Well, it's DOA so it works. You must have set your age to 99. :D

      Thank ye sir for the kind words!

      Hopefully some kotakuites will be able to collaborate for some more musical shenanigans... Blaghman is keen, awaiting for Captain Eats-a-lot to respond to gauge the interest in it.

        Sorry for the late reply!!! I thought I had already sent my reply off but I REALISED I DIDN'T HIT SEND. Many failz on my part.

        Email has now been sent.

      I was looking through the brawl challenge thread the other day.. damn there's some nice entries in there! I love the Captain America one! Total classic! Overall though, I think I've been more impressed with the environments though. Doesn't seem to be a whole lot of re-imagining going on with a lot of the characters. More just costume changes :\ I do like your entry though! Looking very sexy!!

        Thanks! Yeah, there's tons of awesome work there. It makes me jelly.

    So I finally got a working Internet connection and a computer to use for minecraft filming so far the people who said they wanted to join in are
    Tech knight
    Blaghman maybe
    And myself fatshady informed me that we still only have 10 slots even thou we have 20ish whitelisted people so if you still want to play please email me. Also it would be beneficial if everyone had teamspeak so keep that i'n mind. We indend to do a leather cap tour on 9.30 Thursday night.
    My email is rossfear at

      Dammit - please see my reply below. I'm in!


      Look forward to some minecrafting... it's been too long since I've played it!

      Out of curiosity, what are these leather cap tours?

        send me an e-mail to claimsboy at hotmail dot com and I will give you details of the server. Getting a mention in Kudos certainly provides you with elegibility...

        As for LCT, I guess you'll have to join in and find out.

      I would love to be part of it but I'm afraid it doesn't fit with my current working hours :( I'll definatly be watching when you're done though.

      Unfortunately, I won't be able to join in...I look forward to seeing the video though :D

      That time's good for me and I got TS so I'm on board :)

    My availability on a Thursday night is variable... but this week I can definitely make it for a 9:30 session. So count me in please!!

    Curse you Queenslanderers and your crashing of welbots house! I say we should have another community playdate for everyone else! Because this time, I have an xbox! And I have a spare Gears 3 Beta code! And I don't know why my sentences are ending in exclamation marks!

    But seriously, we should have one. Because I'm bored. And have no friends over XBL. And Gears 3 is kinda fun.

      Im sure I said it before but I have grears 3... anytime you want a game let me know. I am sure your on my FL anyway???

      I also have a spare code now but deciding who gets it????

      I have XBL and don't have a Gears 3 code... so could be your friend if you want!

        Sure thing. My XBL is N0toriousR. How about Friday night, we (and whoever else wants to) play some matches?

          Is the Gears beta split-screen capable?

            Huh. Never tried it. Don't think it is though. Not even sure the previous gears had split screen online.

    Does anyone else use the 360's movie service? I've only used it a few times but what the hell is wrong with it? I wanted to rent a movie but told me that I could only buy it...and it was in the top rentals! Its stuff like this that makes me want to burn a house down.

    I saw Frenzal Rhomb on Saturday, and goddam if they weren't the best live band I've seen in ages.

    Only issue, all the dicks. Oh man, sooo frakkin' many douche bags. We decided to retreat to the balcony level to get away from the moshpit/concentration of smelly punks downstairs only to be greeted by 2, COUNT IT 2, moshpits on the balcony.

    I was so worried (read hoping) that someone was gonna topple off the side.

    How'd you go Welbot? (It was Welbot who was going, right?)

      From what I heard, it sounded like he had an amazing night! Wish I could have been there! :(

      Yes I was there! It was truly epic! There was a hell of a lot of pushing and shoving downstairs where I was, but I kind of expected it. I've never seen Frenzal where there hasn't just been absolute chaos before. I was a bit disappointed with all the bottle throwing though. I kind of thought after J told everyone to have a little respect they might lay off a bit, but damn.. those fuckers just kept on chucking! Assholes!
      But I was in a pretty decent spot. Downstairs on the left hand side right up against the wall, so I was lucky enough to only have pushing from one side ;) One guy almost crushed LittleJJ though. Lucky for him he apologized profusely cos she was about 2 seconds away from smashing his face in!
      All in all though, best $20 EVER!!!! Was super happy with the show! Played for ages and played all their good songs! Loving that new single too! (Bird Attack!)

    The disc that comes with this month's PC User magazine has the Crysis 2 demo on it...but the demo is supposed to have already ended. I'm installing it right now, I hope it works :)

    Bought myself a Razer Onza Tournament Edition ( online this morning. I'll post my thoughts on it when it arrives. If the quality is as good as my Deathadder mouse, it should be freaking sweet.

      I'm just not a fan of Razer. Any product that is targeted to gamers tends to be overpriced and not necessarily higher quality than other products out there. Like their headphones and keyboards, those things are pretty meh.

      Admittedly, it's hard to make a controller for a 360 that isn't targeted to gamers, but it's still a little weird for me.

        Them's fighting words, sir!

        (I own a naga, anansi, nostromo and megasoma. I am well and truly a razer whore.)

          I just don't think the products are worth the extra cost.

          That being said, here's my current desk setup, to show how much of a hypocrite I am:

          If anyone cares, that's an Apple keyboard, Magic Trackpad, Microsoft Arc Mouse, a deck of playing cards, some poker chips, a Razer mousepad I picked up for very little money, Obiwan Kenobi and Darth Vader Mighty Muggs and a Yoda Mini Mugg. Oh and my laptop + monitor.

        Silly Razer has a low melting point I find. bah humbugs

          I still can't believe you stuck your keyboard in the oven! [slow head shake]™

      I brought the razor 7.1 headset (Megaladon) a little while back.

      The audio is pretty good but the mic is crap, has absolutely horrible echo issues even after i've downloaded all the latest drivers and tweaked it as much as possible, also picks up every little bit of background noise to the point that the echoes are often louder than the source sound.
      Not worth the money IMO.

      I also have the Razor Mamba (wireless mouse)
      Pretty happy with the features and performance but at such a price the value for money is pretty poor.

      I'm really skeptical with non-main-vendorised controllers on consoles, since 95% of the time it won't work cuz of system updates killing it. Xbox is a prime suspect of this and PS3 do this too. They only want you to use THEIR controllers and will enforce it.

      In the end if it doesn't work, you can try using it on your PC ;)

      Speaking of peripherals:
      I feel like Optimus Prime should be hanging around saying TRANSFORM AND ROLL OUT!

        those cyborg mice are hot... one was on sale a while back but I passed up the oppurtunity to get one (my peripheral collection is forever growing exponentially).

        Does anyone own one? Thoughts?

          I have one.
          Due to various OS reasons I have never used it...
          But it looks awesome!

        Looks like someone took a hammer to a normal mouse, and pieced it back together with tape...

        GEEBUS! Man, I never understood the reason for these mice targeted at "hardcore gamers". I mean, the fact that the one you linked looks more for show then actual performance turns me off it immediately.

        My logitech G5 has served me brilliantly. Too bad the new models they bring out get uglier and uglier each time. I want the basic black one back.

    I may not be in the city today, but I can still manage to get a decent coffee and a danish.

    Now that I have fuel, I'll probably attempt to put together part 2 of my Let's Play. Where there will be more of me actually doing something aside from making Batman walk slowly forwards whilst the Joker makes jokes.

      I dunno mang, maybe you should brace yourself for some more slow walking.
      Dude can't run and talk/listen at the same time.

        Sure, there'll be some of that. But I have actually played the next hour or so of the game, so I know that there's only a handful of times that it happens for now.

        It's just a matter of editing and recording the narration. By the way, the hardest part of recording the narration? Not fiddling with coins and whatnot at my desk. I play with poker chips, twirl pens and shuffle cards constantly. I'm just the sort of guy that always needs to twitch. So I ruined plenty of recordings simply by unconsciously doing something and then I had to go back and do it again.

        Good thing Garage Band makes it so easy to just record over specific parts instead of scrapping the whole thing. It would have been nice if I had worked that out a little earlier into my attempts to record stuff though...

          Is it really that noticeable though? Not that it's much of an issue in your first video, since it's mostly cutscene and slow walking, but constant cuts later on might make it feel a bit disjointed. I'm personally more okay with something that sounds more natural or spontaneous, unless it's really distracting.

            I was mainly doing it because I had such short windows of opportunity to actually speak. So it made sense to redo the parts where you could hear me dropping a pen or firing a nerf gun. Or in one instance, my shoulder cracking.

            Splicing stuff in could be a little messy, most of the time I just redid the whole section so that it didn't end up choppy. That was time consuming though, so I won't be doing that for the sections where I'm going to talk for longer period of time.

    This week is going to be hell, more people think I do everything in the team and are going to me directly for jobs that'll take days to do and they need it done in less than 10 minutes. In the last hour, 4 people bugging me and it's only Monday! *sighs* Fracking humans!

    I have had a flood of comments on my blog, all from the same spam network along these sorts of line:

    "Thank you for any other informative website. The place else may I get that kind of info written in such an ideal approach? I've a mission that I am just now running on, and I've been on the glance out for such information."

    "Hi, i feel that i saw you visited my weblog so i came to “go back the favor”.I'm attempting to in finding issues to improve my website!I assume its adequate to make use of a few of your concepts!!"

    I really should get some sort of anti-spam measures in place, but I'm kind of amused by this at the moment.

      Yeah I get the same crap. I've been meaning to look into the spam filters for wordpress, just too lazy. If I leave it too long I spend like 30 mins going through pages of that stuff.

        If you find a filter that works, let me know.

      Askimet (Wordpress plug-in) is very good for dealing with this stuff. Hassle-free installation and runs without any input from you. It's great.

        Thanks, I just installed Akismet and a captcha to try and cull this nonsense. Let's see if it works.

    Played about 20 hours of Rift over the weekend (sweet jesus I don't know how I found the time). Good fun, absolutely loved the random rift invasions. I had a pretty massive run-in with a Fire invasion while pretty low level.

    As someone who hasn't really played an MMO in ages (I generally hate them, played a little of some here and there) I'm enjoying it a lot.

    I have three characters started, can't decide which I like more!

      Do you recommend I pick it up and give it a whirl, good sir?

      What's the crowd like that plays it?

        I reckon it's worth a shot. The Rift devs seem to be actively supporting it quite well. I had a glitch where an enemy spawned in a tree and a GM responded to me within about five minutes.

        Other people seem nice too. A lot of true RPGers in there. I've just been playing PvE but I am really having fun with it.

        If you give it a go then let me know.

    :-/ Something odd is happening to my PC! It keeps giving me a 30 sec commercial about hair products or glen 20, then continues on to those talking twin babies. FOR NO REASON! I cant find what the heck is causing it! Its very annoying! Gah! Help me Taybe 1, your my only hope!


      Did I help???

        I used that as my first basic problem solving algorithm, and I've built on that ever since xD

      Is it still doing that? You must've gotten some sort of nasty files put in. Have you scanned it yet?

        I think I may have sort of solved it for now. I've reinstalled Adblock as it must have died in a recent Chrome problem I had. For now, so far, no more baby sounds! *crosses legs, crosses fingers, uncrosses legs Sharon Stone style, slight penis sighting, legs crossed again*

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