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    Have any of my terraria playing friends gone against the Eye of Cthulhu yet? Because I think ti's trying to hunt me down... :(

      The forums and/or wiki recommend shuriken spam.
      I was going to have a crack at him after getting some hellstone armour, but fire imps and bone serpents (ie. hell worms) are jerks.

        Shuriken spam worked for me..just.

        Also i suggest moving the 'throw' key away from the q key. I accidentally threw my golden pickaxe out of my walled in compound, leaving myself with no way of getting out....using a bomb in a small room was not so clever in hindsight.

      All my stuff got deleted cause my computer froze up and i had to reboot. Damn you Terraria.

    Weekly Kotaku challenge track!

    All the perc/drums and the ambient fx were all taken from the Minecraft soundbank. 'tis a tad wilder than last week's track.

    Any suggestions for this week? Keen on two tracks this week as I'M ON LEAVE AS OF TOMORROW!

    *dances the dance of not being at work for 4 days*

      That is awesome :D
      How about a "Pirates" theme for this week?

        I don't know if we should do that to him... don't think Jack Sparrow* can be outdone anytime soon.

        In all seriousness, love the Minecraft one - would it be too much to ask for you to do one (I've no ideas at present) and then a video or something giving a brief overview (behind the scenes kind of thing) showing how you put it all together...? :3

        *Probably NSFW... just to be on the safe side.

          Hey, that would be pretty cool actually.

          I'm not really too good at splicing together videos though... any recommendations for a decent freeware video editing program?

            Hmm. Tough question - I do a lot of encoding, but not much editing...

            All the good ones are on Linux (I quite like OpenShot VE), but if you're stuck on Windows... I've heard Lightworks is very good (but've never actually used it) and failing that, Windows Movie Maker really isn't as bad as most would have you believe.

              I shall take a look at both and see if I can come up with a little 'behind the scenes' vid over the course of this week.

              I suppose this will mean I'll need a clean studio, a shave, and pants?

                Cool, can I be the camera-man?

                  You have a camera?

                  Sounds like a plan... lets see if we can fit two people into my studio without knocking any gear over!

                  First a Janitor, now a camera(wo)man... is there no limit to your skills, eats?

      Awesome. Gives me the impression of opening credits to the Minecraft movie... I loved hearing the creepers and spiders.

      I vote for a Fallout theme

      I thought this was back to Trackmania for a second there and got all excited. I miss trackmania :'(

        Trackmania is AWESOME! Man I haven't played that for a while. So much fun.

          Yeah we had a little weekly comp going for a while, but it withered away over time :'(

            I would be so keen to start up a weekly trackmania event. I wonder if anyone else would join in?

      That was a bucket of awesome with cool dripped in it! Couple of things I'd suggest if I may, are you mixing with a big woofer? I say this only cause I notice the bass is a little lacking, perhaps cause your bass is set a little high on your system? (Or may be headphones colouring your mix slightly?) But otherwise very nifty!
      If you've not heard it yet, go find an album called Insides by Jon Hopkins. I think you would like it very much. :D

        Problem is that while I have pretty reliable monitors (Rokit rp8's) I have limited time that I can mix with them. A lot of these mixes are pretty basic and done mainly through my cans, with tweaking to get the mix sitting a little nicer before I upload it.

        Given the time I'll be at home this week I'll be able to get some better mixing done so I'll try and do you proud Q-bo!

          But it was a great track though! Also, Rokit Rp8's are great, I say this cause I have thems! I also have the matching rp10 subwoofer... So, hang on, maybe its my problem? I may have over saturated my ears on bass!!! Ignore my previous comments! :-D

          Also, listen to Jon Hopkins, Insides. A whole bunch of fantastic tracks which this track you've done reminded me off!

            I'll have to give it a listen!

            Oh boy, I am envious of your Rp10... does want! I've wanted one for ages but unfortunately the other people in my house don't take to kindly to the existing levels of bass I put forth as is :p

      I enjoyed this!

      Imagine an upwards thrust thumb from me.

      Also, the secret track of secretivity, that I'm too lazy to reply about in email form is good, and I have very little to say.

        Thankee kind sir!

        More on the way over the course of this week, I'm sure.

          What secret track? Did I miss something?

            Yes, we're keeping secrets from you because we don't trust anyone who says they're female over the internet.

            I kid.

            I meant "I heart pixels" I just called it secret so as to make it feel like I was in some secret club of awesome...

            I wish I was awesome. *sigh*

              Ohhhh. haha oops, ruined the secret there.

              Shh we'll start a new secret club of awesome

    So has every episode of X-Men the Animated Series from the 90s and X-Men Evolution from the 00s up on their site.

    Guess what I did this weekend instead of gaming?

    Also, the 90s show is veru90s, like woah.

      Err, pretend that says "very 90s", not that mangled wreck of English and formatting you see above.

        serious?! that's killer! i looooooooooved that xmon cartoon from the 90's! All the characters were voiced so well and the animation was just awesome! Think I might now spend the rest of my day hunting this down!

          ahh x-mon.. the Jamaican remake.. I loved that show haha

      Wait, what?!


      But... I already have them all on DVD :(

        SUCK TIN!
        You have to watch them in higher quality from the comfort of your lounge-chair!!!

          How lame ey.

          I started to do a frame by frame conversion to vectored images at one stage (tracing it in Flash, basically), but it took like a week to get half a second of footage done so I abandoned it.

          I just want it in true HD video.

    Oh! I was going to comment yesterday but I didn't (true story).
    Very... sinister sounding.

      This is supposed to be a reply to the Pessimist and his musics.

        Sooo, do you like... stuff?

          Stuff is pretty okay, but things, now things are pretty cool. 10/10 coolness.

            I like to mix stuff and things together. A bit of variety.
            Like those green packets of M&M's.

    So the world didn't end. Yay!

    In other news I went to see the latest Pirates film last night. It was ok. No where near as good as the first but did anyone honestly think it would be?
    My two major issue with it was it was too dark, a majority of the film took place indoors or at night, and that there were no ship battles on the high seas. I don't even recall a canon being fired once in the whole film.

    There was a 2 minute or so trailer for Transformers 3 before the film that was literally nothing but explosions and robots fighting for 99% percent of it. Now I quite enjoy watching mindless action every now and then but I know this film will most likely piss off fans of the series.

    There's also a new Planet of the Apes film coming out that looks quite good. According to the trailer the CGI is being handled by the same company that did Avater so at the very least it should look nice.

      Not interested in any of them. Waiting for The Hobbit, HellBoy 3, Harry Potter 7: pt 2, and several others, but none of those you listed.

      I think I may have gotten over my obsession with mindless violence... wtf?!

      I think every single transformers movie to date has pissed off fans of the series :p

      To be fair to the Transformers 3 trailer, the film will probably be literally nothing but explosions and robots fighting for 99% percent of it.
      And you know that remaining 1% centering around Shia LeBouf's character is going to be terrible stuff, so maybe it's for the best.

        If you want to see a fight scene from Transformers, glue textas to your dogs feet and put them on ice. Let em run around for a few minutes and thats what a fight scene looks like, a mess that cannot be comptehended.

      I want to see every movie that comes out...EVER! But I don't have the time, boo.

      On the movie theme.. has everyone seen the viral image of Bane from the next batman flick?

      Sure it's not much, but it's something!

        I remember seeing that and thinking "yup, that's Bane alright." Then I remembered that Hardy is 5'10" and Bane is 6'8" (on Venom anyhow, he's about 5'10" without). That should be interesting. The only way I can see it working is that he doesn't grow taller after taking the Venom. Which makes sense.

      I saw it on Saturday.
      I didn't mind it... but I had a minor vent on Twitter about the price of Drive-in tickets.

      Also, I've got to agree about how dark it was.

    Just a quick post let people know I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, and this are still a go for this Sunday! (29th) I will send out an email to those whose emails I have during the week, but in case there's anyone who didn't email me, here's another chance!
    dondalinger at hotmail
    So far it looks as though everyone who originally expresses interest is available, so it's looking like it will be quite the gathering after all! We might just have to have a bucket handy for dcz12 in case he pukes ;)

      Yay! So sorry to everyone once again for screwing it up last week :(

    Jesus Christ. The Venti.


    Blind. Mown.

      You've only just discovered this now? :0 You poor soul!

      So the coffee is a tenth of your height (I can't actually see the ruler numbers)?

      I assume you never saw Role Models? They dropped that tidbit in that and my "Blind" was "Mown" I believe the term is.

      Try looking up the 'trenta' or follow this link.


    2000+ posts in one week!

    So a small Sydney gathering this Saturday evening? Sounds like fun.

      I thought they were the Melbourne peeps...

      I'm keen for a Sydney one, though! :D

        I would be up to doing one with Melbourne peeps, though dunno who else is in Melb other than Q-bo :P

          I could've sworn Welbot was in Melbourne... :\

          Dude, if your bored one day, your welcome to risk your life and limb coming out to Pakistan, err, i mean Pakenham.
          I mean, check out this place, its too awesome to write here, so take a look at this glorious write up about my town!

          I'm in Melbourne (well, in Victoria). As is Chuloopa IIRC.

            I think your from west melb arne't you? Loops is a Geelongian.

              I work in the Docklands area but I live in Geelong too :)

      Finished Doubt last night. At 1am.

      Now mega tired and grumpy. This is coinciding with the fact that I'm trying to get off Pepsi Max.

      Day 3... the last have been plagued with intense headaches.

        See what happens when you try to leave the pure ambrosia which is Pepsi Max? Your very own body is telling you that you should keep drinking that sweet, sweet nectar!

        *this comment is in no way endorsed or paid for by the pepsi corporation... what do mean I'm not getting paid?!?*

          I'm going to remove all the Pepsi cans from the fridge JUST so he can't relapse!

        On Saturday I drank six cans of Pepsi Max. I stared at the aluminium tower I constructed and realised I may have a problem.

          I was drinking 5 a day. At least. Every day.

          I would have died. And the coroner would have written 'pepsi max' as the cause of death.

          That would have happened.

            I take a can to work. Have one when I get home and then one with dinner. Probably still too much really. then again, I drank a 1.5 litre bottle o' the Bru on Sunday. Can't imagine that would be any better.

            According to Google.. Pepsi Max is also the leading cause of calorie suicide.. true story...?


            I used to drink about 5 cans of Coke a day. Now I drink one or two cans of Zero.
            I tried to drink Pepsi Max once because it's cheaper than Coke when you're buying boxes of it but I was drinking twice as much because Pepsi always seems to make me thirstier.

              I got me down to 1 can a coke a day and LOTS a water.
              I generally don't drink it on weekends cos my wife frowns...I feel guilty.


                I'm swilling down about 2 bottles and a can a day... less on weekends though.

                It's killing me, I can feel it... it's destroying my body from the inside out.

        Forgot to ask; What did you think of Doubt?

          Doubt as in Doubt with the nuns and Mery Streep?


            No crickets! I loved that movie, was well good.

        I usually imbibe 1-2 caffeinated beverages a week.
        Sometimes more, sometimes less.

      I thought it was supposed to be Sat, 4th of June for the small one?

      And the big one at the end of June?

        Damn! I'm a week ahead! sorry about that.
        yes, mini meet on Saturday the 4th.

        Oh well, my copy of Alien Water arrives today so I still know what I'll be doing this weekend.

          Just in case you missed Andrew Burdusel's awesome shop.

            I saw that! It was awesome.

            After my manga efforts that were pretty well recieved, I started working on a noir-ish style affair called Alien Water. Hopefully I can clean it up and post it.

              I'm looking forward to seeing it.
              You do realise you're going to have to do an accompanying manga for every one of Chuloopa's chapters now, don't you?

                Maybe I should talk to Chuloopa about doing a sidestory or prequel.

            I saw that the other day. I saw "Sounds Boring"~Mark's wife, and thought to myself, it would have been so funny if he had changed the logo to say Alien Water...then I saw that he already had...(true story)

            Yes, it was awesome! Best tweet all weekend I thought! Mad shop skills!

            That roolz!

            The highlight for me being the quote from "Mark's wife".

      I thought we were having a small one on the 4th with Endu then a bigger one towards the end of June?

      We really need a Sydney meetup person in charge of this. We gamers are unorganised.

        Sorry, my bad. That was the best thing about school. You wrote the date every day so you ALWAYS knew it. Now? Unless it's my birthday, fugeddaboutit!

          I still write the date every day :(

          Reminds me of how slowly we are inching forward this month.

        I SAID IT FIRST!!

          But I said it better and far more eloquently...

          Nice try though, Janitor. Less talky more moppy!

            I love the fact that Janitor has stuck. :D

              Darn you Tadmod! /glares at your chest
              Only because it would hurt my neck to look up at your head because YOU ARE SO TALL.

              AnonymousPessimist, consider your tower no longer safe. I shall sneak around there at night and flood it with lava. MWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!

                Why Eats-a-lot, thatssss a lovely... everything you have there.

                It would be a shame for sssssomething to happen to it...

                *begins work on a janitor-proof pessimistic bunker*

    Bah. F1.
    Webber's got more chance of winning if he doesn't make it to the top 10 in qualifying than if he's on pole. :P
    And thank goodness for DC. If it wasn't for him I'd find it difficult to stay awake through the race. He's the first commentator since the legendary Murray to not be boring and idiotic.

      That was painful to watch last night! After he got pole I was like 'Finally, we can watch Webber win one!'.. stupid slow Ferrari's getting in the way!

      And I agree on the commentator, some of his comments are hilarious!

        Nah, it was never going to happen. I predicted to my wife beforehand that he was going to lose his position at the first corner then never get it back, but he didn't even make it that far.

        And yes, his best drive all year was when he came from 15th or whatever on the grid to finish 3rd. That was exciting!

          Yeah.. I said to to my brother in law before the race that we should each put $1000 on Vettel to win.. it was paying $2.53.. he said that was unpatriotic haha

      You follow the F1 Strange?!

      Well, now you need to get on Twitter so I've someone to complain with while the race is in progress :P

      And I agree 100% - love DC's commentary, he's brilliant... at the same time, I can't stand Martin Brundle; he's like the Ray Warren of F1. ARGH!

        ...or that guy who does Tour de France commentary on SBS - Phil Ligget? Some of his classics that I remember include "The moment is nearly nigh now" and "But surely he doesn't have the legs to claw it back now or does he?". I wish I could get paid to have verbal diarrhoea on international television!

        I remember my first exposure to F1 was watching my boyfriend at the time(about '97 I think) and his friends playing one of the PSX games. It had Martin Brundle commentating and about all he said was "You're right there, Murray". I was surprised to find when I started watching actual races that it was pretty much like that in real life too. :P

      I agree. So painful to watch. Is it bad of me that I just assumed that Webber would be slow off the grid?

      What's the bet that the Red Bull engineers took Webber's KERS system out and swapped it into Vettel's car...

      Nah, I can't blame the engineers for this one, Webber just had a bad start.

        Totally not bad of you. He's not usually a great starter even if everything's working properly. He needs to go to starting boot camp or something.

          lol, it's true.

          Webber's not the best starter, but his problem this season seems to be Vettel - he's definitely getting flustered. You can see in interviews whenever he's asked about Seb and he tried waaaaay too hard to cover him off the grid.

          ...but I don't mind - fingers crossed it'll be similar to last season, but instead Vettel tapers off and Webber picks up a few wins (and the championship!)

            Yeah, I agree on the covering off the grid.. they both should of made sure that things like pesky Ferrari's didn't get through.. With his speed over the whole weekend, what did it matter if Vettel got through as long as no one else did to get in the way of him keeping up with him.. as soon as Alonso and Vettel got past I said 'Well thats over'...

              Webber and Vettel need to establish a whole Ricky Bobby / Cal Naughton Jr thingy. Shake and bake, baby!

          Thats just old age.. the reflexes start to go.. ask Mark! (I can say that cause i'm 30 too!)

            Pfft! that must just be for boys, I'm almost 35 and my reflexes are just getting better.

    WongFu released a few new videos with Harry Shum Jr.

    lols were had.

    Well... I'm much better at LoL than HoN in both personal preference and after trying a few games on both. LoL was much easier to get a stable start. Despite being a newbie at it, I was given good treatment and given helpful tips to play my champions with. I've now gotten my first permanent champion to use instead of using the weekly free champions that change, though my favourite is still yet to be purchased.

    HoN however... urgh... sorry to HoN fans but every game I went in, I had horrible lag, and being a newbie to HoN, I guess I had bad enough luck to be always put into over-zealous perfectionist teams so I was treated very poorly for mistakes that are easy to make such as what to get at the start. The first game was the worst, it was so bad I couldn't even move my hero or click anything on the screen, while I had a constant Loading popup on the centre and it never finished, in the end I got vote kicked off which was depressing, was getting accused of being a stupid leecher and other crap, so wasn't good on my self-esteem there -.-, it's not likely I'll want to go back to that game for a while without somebody to help me learn how to start/play this, which heroes would do best for me, etc.

      What is this. I don't even...

      HoN is WAY better than LoL. Why, you ask? Because when you buy it, you unlock EVERY hero. I hate LoL's stupid "You only have these heroes this week, use them wisely"

      Also, for those that play HoN, add me: "TadMod" :D

        I guess HoN's massive amounts of choices overwhelm me so I can't try them all without pissing off a lot of people cuz I was still experimenting.

        Regardless, my ID is "TechKnight" if you do wanna add me

          Do no-stat games. They really do help!

          Try and focus on a few heroes of each type (int, agi, str) before moving onto experimenting with others.

          Some good ones to start with are:
          STR: Pebbles, Accursed, Magmus
          INT: Witch Slayer, Myrmadon, Thunderbrigner
          AGI: Scout (much to people chagrin), the Madman

          Try them out, get a feel for them, then start playing stats! :D

            So just do casual? Okay might as well. I'm thinking more towards having an AGI based character

              I'd be up for some casual play to see if I like it. Is there a F2P mode/version? Would it be possible for CPT Eats-A-Lot and AnonymousePezdispenser to show us the ropes maybe possibly this week?

                It is entirely F2P same with LoL. Yes characters are locked in LoL but you can purchase them with the currency you earn from playing. I will be playing them both, but yeah would love another to join me in casual so I don't learn alone, discuss strategies with and all :)

                Lol, you people think I have skillz in HoN?

                I'm actually looking for some people to play with regularly. Only played a few matches so I have a (very very) basic understanding of it (and still have yet to bind my keys up proper).

                If you guys are interested, add me on steam! Jager_8ight (Anonymous Pessimist)

                  Join the Kotaku AU group and you'll see most of us! :D

                  Already got ya ;) expect to tag up with me regularly :)

    I just found out that Kotaku US has their own TAY thing. It looks like it's a weekend only thing though, and they've only got 358 comments. You guys think we should go and show them how to TAY properly? :D

      I think they actually started theirs after us IIRC...

      ...copy-cats... :P

        Do we have doppelgangers then?

        Is there an IncognitoDefeatist posting there?


          There's also a ♥TedMed♥, a Chupoola, a Unwelbot, a SteampunkKnight, a Sark Merrels and a Wierd, amongst others.

            Pfft... SteampunkKnight, I doubt his blaster even fires! Sounds like a defective robot to me

            My alter ego/dopplethingy is a dude called 'Slim Sunshine'... It is a nickname I tried to give to my best mate years ago and he didnt really dig it... I am now keeping it..

              Slim Sunshine is an awesome name! xD

              Sounds like the name of a soft drink. Something with an orange or lemony flavor.

              Also I guess my opposite would be Everythingisok Dog.

            Ah ok, I see... I see who's important to you now. That's cool...

              well, your doppelganger doesn't go by anything remotely close to Sughly. She goes by the name of EmpteesArt.

                And apparently she *never* delivers...

                  I love comments like this. You know why? Because when I hit the "Approve" button in admin mode, I truly mean it :D

            There's also Lady-doesn't-eat-much (who in true internet tradition, is a man), Hasten who hates coffee in all it's forms and also Janie Why?

              Love it! :D

            Good Lord!

            Tell me there isn't a James Mic and a JamesMicUsedMyHandle?

          Batguy's bizarro equivalent is Superchick? Jokegal? Flashdoll?

            If it's Twogal you might wonder if you're dealing with twin ladies ;)


          Shouldn't that be WellknownOptimist?

            Only if our Gangers were our opposites instead. Everyone seems to have confused themselves and got all carried away with opposites instead of creepy alternate us-es.

              What if, and I'm only speculating here, what if Strange had a doppelganger and everyone knew she was a girl.

                Well yeh they'd be exactly the same, only much more flexible...

              I noticed that, but thought opposites were more fun.

              My creep alternate me would be "Stank Man"

                My creepy form would either be "Shoutdude" or "Vomitguy," depending on what meaning you use for "Blagh."

            Maybe in bizarro land, sir!

            We sourupuss types never have optimistic counterparts. It doesn't work in double negatives like that. I'd explain why but it goes into quantum mechanics and stuff. Stephen Hawkings wrote a book about it.

          I don't want to even think about my doppelganger...

            ReasonableResponseWoman is a fine lady...

              Yeah, but she never sings (that may be a good thing), and while sensible and well-loved, she really is completely boring.

      358 is a pretty good effort in my opinion.

        recalling what TAY used to be like, a valliant effort indeed. Especially if it's only up for the weekend.

          Remember, the US of A has over 10 times Australia's population.

          If they were like us, they could hit 20000 comments in a week!

            Also remember that their editors aren't exactly the nicest kids on the block, and their readership is dwindling. So 358 may actually be a solid effort for them!

      THIS is an epic thread.

      My opposite would be:
      Jimima Lei-Lei or Jimima Jump-man.

      US Kotaku's TAY used to be daily and would have several hundred comments by the time I woke up in the morning, rendering the whole exercise pointless because the comment system effectively buried everything after a certain point.

      2000 comments in a week probably happened by Wednesday.

    Okay, with the whole Microsoft + Skype thing... what does this mean for (official) non-gaming applications of Kinect?

      I feel bad that nobody has replied to you yet... but I'm not sure what you're asking. Did you want to know if they're going to be producing Skype for Xbox 360 that uses Kinect? If yes, then they have already confirmed that this is in the works. If no, then please elaborate :)

        ...I didn't mind that no-one was responding until you pointed it out... :'(

        And yeah, sort of - I heard the Skype for 360 part, but I'm more curious about what this might mean for proper Kinect support on PC (I know they're on the verge of releasing an SDK)

        There's only so much you can do on the 360: with a PC there's a lot more potential (e.g. sign-language, gesture and audio recognition would really come into their own; for now they seem like a novelty) - sure, considering Skype as-is, it's a very expensive webcam with some motors and a depth sensor... but I guess the question is, does the Skype purchase hint at something more with Kinect/would Kinect have motivated the decision that much?

        If so, what's it going to change and/or achieve? (i.e. ignoring mo-cap, robotics, etc. that people are already doing, is it really gonna help 'normal' consumers)

          Most PC's and laptops come with built-in web cams anyway... I doubt it will change for them.

          I don't know if skype has a subscription to use it... but given the way they were hemmoraging money, I doubt it.

          I'd say all future Kinect's come with a built in Skype software bundle... and if MS moneytise it possibly a trial subscription.

    Anyone seen 'The Rebel Flesh' yet? :D

      Yes. Not as creepy as I was hoping but definitely had a bit of an old-school Who vibe which was nice.

      It's pretty freaky! It was a good setup episode, I really hope that the second part can deliver on thrills.

      Gah i'm barely in front of the normal tv with dr who. I have to watch it when i'm in the right frame of mind and when i've got the right setup for example i have to watch at night in the dark in a cold room. I treat it wAAAAAAY to seriously. But also i'm loving this new season. ;)


      No spoilers!

        Sticking by River's rules aye? fineee

          You suck :P It's too late you've already broken the space-time continuum, who knows what'll happen now...


        Hammer time!

          Alright STOP.
          Collaborate and listen.
          Ice is back with a brand new addition.

            More appropriate given our Editor:

      Dr Hoo really seems to be a weekly horror thing now. Not complaing, thought Russel T. went a little too soapy!

        Sure, but apparently there's a drop in viewers in the UK, and they're blaming it on the more less family friendly storylines.

          It's because it's better, the better something is the less popular. My theory is wrong because Spider-Man...

      I bet Matt Smith had heaps of fun with his Ganger! WHO THE HECK IS THAT EYE PATCH LADY?!

    Goddamit! Why is everything linked through Arsebook? Means I can't do it at work and will prolly forget when I get home!!


      You talking about the M$ competition for a million gazillion bajillion points... yeah me too.

      If not, then yeah me too anyway because I hate AB.

        Stragely enough I was on that page when I wanted to type that and then sudden;y that page was gone and I was typing here...
        Didn't realise until after I pressed submit.

        I don't think you need to be a AB member to use it. I submitted an entry successfully without logging in, and the T&C only ambiguously say that you have to "log on to and click the competitions tab".

    I finally sat down and had a fair crack at Minecraft this weekend, got it ages ago but never found the time to get into it and I gotta say its sweet as. Didnt do too much but built a few houses and stuff. Hopefully I get some more time to play soon

      Yes, you have to really put in a solid 2 or so hours working out what the general 'thing' is about it being so addictive. I thought it was lame and naff when i first tried it, but forced myself to follow a guide to survive the first night, and I was hooked. There's also most likely the chance to join in the kotaku server, but check with FS first though.

    Can I get a show of hands for who is seriously interested in heading to the EB Games Expo in the Gold Coast (15th-16th October)?

    I'm thinking of flying up on the Friday and returning on Monday.

      How much does it cost?

        Not sure I understand the pricing, but from the website it sounds like there are 3 sessions, and you have to buy a ticket for each session. Not suggestion of a weekend pass or anything like that.

        The event is split into three 6 hour sessions:

        Saturday Daylight - 10am to 4pm
        Saturday Twilight - 4pm to 10pm
        Sunday - 10am to 4pm
        Each ticket gives access to one session only:

        Prepaid general admission is $29.95 INC GST
        VIP Experience tickets are $99.95 INC GST and are only available for pre-purchase.
        General Admission tickets purchased on the day of the event are $31.95 INC GST.

          Additional Info on VIP tickets:

          What will the VIP Experience ticket include?
          -Red Carpet Entry
          -Priority Seating to all Arena Events
          -Express Access to selected games inside the Exhibition
          -VIP viewing area for the Exhibition grand finale (Limited numbers).
          -Individually numbered VIP Lanyard
          -VIP Showbag with limited edition GameInformer
          -Souvenir Green Screen Photo
          -Backstage access to media interview recordings. (Subject to scheduling and availability. Invites will be limited to VIP guests, who must RSVP, tickets will be awarded on a first come first served basis)
          -More features of the VIP Experience will be announced soon.

          If I import my ticket from the UK will it be cheaper?

            The plane ticket from Sydney is only about $50. So, I might go. Depends on how much uni work I've got at the time.

      I dunno... still dont know enough about it. I'm pretty pessimistic about the whole thing still. I reckon it will be suck.

      I might go too, given flight prices and that I can fly from Avalon.

    So I finally got around to watching New Police Story last night (7 years late).

    Probably the best Jackie Chan film that has come out in the last few years.

    Not quite as comedic as the older police story films, as it is a more serious reboot of the franchise (Jackie plays an alcoholic cop in it). But definitely worth seeing for anyone who has not seen it.

      There's also this bit where they fight in some sort of giant LEGO room.

        The LEGO room fight was quite awesome. Ridiculous, but awesome.

        It did surprise me LEGO Group would allow their brand to be used that way, what with usually trying to be kid-friendly.

      Loved this flic.
      Jackie has seemed to take a more serious direction with his HK films. I like it. I think it's the cure to all the shit he makes for the U.S.

      I love this movie. Less comedy, more serious, makes Jackie Chan epic.
      Love the ending, on the roof.

    So it is time for my Backbreaker Fanboy to come out again (wow that soulds like I have someone locked in the basement??)

    Anyway, Just wanted to share some news from earlier today that the Backbreaker Vengeance XBLA game will also be coming to PS3 users. Previously when this download only game was announced it seemed to be an Xbox exclusive.

    If you didn't know, BBV is the console follow up to the iPhone games that have sold millions, but instead of being a simple port (like that would work), this is a arcade game that utilises the best parts of their retail release while focussing on the arcade fun (good for Aussies that aren't that familiar with Gridiron).

    Here is the trailer - game to be released sometime in summer (winter here?)

    Think of it as a true pick up and play/pass and play/multiplayer sport game where you are not limited to the rules and complexity of a gridiron game. Tackle or be tackled!

    I have spoken to one of the team at Natural Motion who confirmed THIS is actually the game that the dev team intended on making initially. I have not been told the reason why the shift but the full retail release, while technically amazing, did little for the hardcore football fans.

    I'll try not to bug you about this much, I am just a big fan of the technology behind this game and seeing as though the iPhone games were such a hit, I have high hopes for this console release.

    PS. I have two fav developers right now which are Redlynx (Trials HD, and soon to be released MotoHeroz wii and 1000 heroz iOS) and Natural Motion (Backbreaker). I don't know why I'm such a fan but I am, so will do my part to assist them and get the word out. I get nothing out of this, just want as many people to get on board.

      I'm interested in MotoHeroz, but its gonna be a hard task having to go the the effort of hooking the Wii up again. Sadly, its kinda spending its time looking like an futuristic anorexic letterbox in the cupboard.

        Yeah I got mine out of storage but not pluggin in yet. I will get motoheroz tho.

    This is so funny, it's a comment on macrumors on one of the app store trademark legal battle articles.
    They were called "programs" forever, and once Apple became popular and called their programs APPS, now everyone wants to call their programs "apps".

    If Apple called them Little Pieces of Crap at the Little Pieces of Crap Store we would be reading an article how Microsoft says that their programs have been Little Pieces of Crap from the beginning and they should be allowed to call their online store the Microsoft Little Pieces of Crap Store (if this was really the case, I would have to agree with Microsoft on this one). When you have only one tech company, and a whole bunch of copy cats, these things will happen. There has been no original thought out of Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc.

    I have to side with Apple on this one. There were no "apps" prior to Apple calling them so.

      WHat really gets me is the use of the words "Killer App", not a problem until people start saying sh♥t like: "The 3DS needs that killer App."
      Errr, noooo. The 3DS needs a good game. Who cares if it has an App. Of course they were talking about games...
      In a few years, everything will be an App and I will be moving to Planet Starbucks for work.

      Actually apple stole it from the warez community. They were calling programs appz long before the ipod and iphone were even conceived. :0

        Haven't macs been using .app for their programs for ages too? Correct me if I'm wrong (and I probably am because I don't have a mac) but isn't .app the macintosh version of.exe?

          So far as I can tell, OS 9 and backwards didn't use an extension for applications, but they kept the data that it was a program internally, and it was only at some point during the OSX era that they added the .app as an extension.

          Apps are apps, always been apps, when apps were apps, we called em apps, or appz, but still apps, if apple want to steal old ideas about apps and call em apps thinking they made apps apps, well i appsolutly dont apping care.

          dunno.. i'm not a mac person either

            See if we went to macs we'd be reprogrammed to think we are functional because of magic... *shudders*

      That's not true, they've been called applications for ages, the public called them apps long before the iPhone (at least at every IT place I worked at). Apple just took something and made it popular jargon among the luddites!

      I call them "applications" and always have. Really hated how Apple tried to make a "hip" and quick name for it, and worse, succeeded in making it mainstream. It infuriates me when people say it around me.

      Reminds me of the kid in the US who was granted a patent on swinging sideways (instead of forwards and backwards) at the playground.

    Congrats Jamie and Chupoola.

    Sorry missed that on Friday and had a mostly computer free weekend.
    Good job!!s!

    Hello again, Cave Johnson here.
    Has anyone ever tried this PS3 accessory?
    Is it any good? (Heck, I already bought one. AU$20? Bargain!)

    Hello again, Cave Johnson here.
    Has anyone tried this PS3 accessory? It's a wireless QWERTY keypad that can attach to the top of a PS3 SixAxis/DualShock controller.
    Is it any good?

    So mad at this video, totally bring bad vibes to the Tay, I'm sorry, but sometimes cops cant be mean a-wipes.

    splitting his head open, is that really necessary? I mean, its not like he was able to run away! So mad! >:-(

      I can't see how they can justify picking a guy out of a wheelchair and splitting his head open on the pavement. That's just messed up.

      Surely they could have just turned off his electric wheelchair?

    I've been transferred to Vice Desk, I'm not sure whether I should be happy or sad. It's theoretically a promotion, but I'm stuck with a pretty boy partner who's obsessed with his own image. It stings, because he reminds me of a younger me. We went out to the west side of the city, a pile men, stone cold dead. Six of them, all in one room, overdosed on Morpheine. My partner and I took some for... verification. This stuff isn't pure, it certainly couldn't curtail the pain I'm feeling. I've given up caring about this city. Nobody else does, so why should I?

    (Firstly, I just reached the Vice Desk In L.A. Noire, and I'm still enjoying it (haven't done any Vice cases yet though). Secondly, Sydney Meat 2.0 people, my cousin's birthday will be around the 26th ish, and I'm supposed to turn up because he's little and adorable (turning two), but my Aunt and Uncle live up nearish to Sydney, so this may make my job even easier, so I'll keep anybody who cares informed about my availability.)

      You know, I read the first paragraph and was honestly shocked... then I read further, lol :P

        Sorry, I forgot to start playing some Jazz, I'm running out of genres that I can recall off the top of my head...

        OOOoooohh, Dixieland, how did I forget about that. Next time, Gadget!

          When I read the first line I thought "Dixieland"

            I have a cd which says "Dixieland" on it within reach, and quite visible of where I sit (It's a compilation, history of Jazz, Dixieland to Swing). I have no idea how I forgot it. :/

      You guys with your L.A Noire stories make me want to get it. But sadly i'm not playing any more games until i get my new computer and sort Magicka and super meaty boy out.

        Yeah, but the game isn't nearly as awesomely "noir" as my amazing writing. *Looks around sketchily to makes sure nobody catches me out on calling my writing anything better than "average"*

        I'm ordering it from Zavvi so I'll have to wait. Got a 10% off voucher so I'll be getting LA Noire, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West for around $95 all up. Pretty happy with that.

      I don't care about no one!

      Which obviously means I care about everyone.

      Looks like we're all down for the 26th then. Are we just going for the same venue as last time?

      Keep me in the loops Blaghs!

      Also, why am I your partner in crime investigation? I demand an explanation.

        Nah, you remind me of what I'll be like in about six years.

        OK, that's exactly the same as I am now, but less fat... Just uhh, just bear with me...

          I will assume you did your darnedest to give me a compliment just there.

          *pat pat* attaboy, you're trying - and that's the important thing!

            Pshh, who wouldn't want to be like me? I'm bi-polar! I mean awesome! Or something...

      No food references.
      I am sad.

        I'm sorry Bishlewishlekins, next time there will be food references. Just for you.

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