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    Mr. Pessimist, I listened to your musics at the end of last week's TAY.
    I could totally see myself playing a JRPG like Star Ocean with this as the music. Like the music for an exploring an area leading up to a boss battle. Nice!

      I second this! The music sounded very similar to some games I've played in the past! Was really interesting stuff! Can definitly see it being used in rpg's as Strange said! Would be ace!

        Thanks guys! Had fun writing it, was good to do something different to what I normally compose.

          Somehow I missed all this, linky please?

            nevermind, mornings been a bit of a rush, found link below...

      I got more of a JRPG 'Confrontation Dialogue' vibe from it

    Several things happened on the weekend.

    The Brisbane Lions continued to suck.

    I saw Source Code and was not impressed.

    And I posted another Let's Play video of Arkham Asylum.

      What i say is that they are in a rebuilding phase.
      code for the suck really hard.

        I can accept "rebuilding" as an excuse for less than stellar performance, but I was at the Gabba on Saturday and it wasn't just a subpar performance. After a certain point, the Lions just gave up. Their skill level was atrocious from the start and most of the guys just didn't do what they needed to do.

        There's so much great young talent in that team; Clark, Leuenberger, Redden, Rich, Rockliff, Banfield. They just aren't performing.

        The only person out there who seems to have any confidence in their abilities is Jed Adcock. He's doing well, but he's failing as temporary captain because he can't lift the team in the way that other captains can.

        Good thing Browny is back for the next game, that will make a huge difference to the side's confidence.

          I don't watch AFL I prefer NRL. Personally I think it's currently better than AFL, cause we QLDers are gonna smash them NSWers next week :D

            Rugby is an unsophisticated mess of a game made for meatheads.

            There, i said it

      Brisbane may suck but have a thought for the poor saints supporter here. They suck hard and have fallen from on high.

        The Saints have 6 points (1 win vs Brisbane and a draw vs Richmond), the Lions have 0 points. No sympathy here.

      Yeah, Source Code was pretty unimpressive. Bring on a film written by Duncan as well next time please. Hopefully he can find funding for his 'Mute' project, though he seems to be having difficulty :(

        I think the ending is what really soured it for me. Most of it was well done, even if I called the 'twist' ridiculously early, but at the end all I could think was "that payoff wasn't worth it and Goodwin is an idiot."

        A few really simply changes could have made me enjoy that movie a lot more.

          Yeah, agreed completely. I'll describe this best I can wihtout spoilers... if it ended on that freeze shot, it would have worked better. I interpreted the ending as something else at that point, and that intepretation was better than the actual ending.

          In other news, Water for Elephants is one of the best films I've seen this year. Amazing stuff really.

            I somewhat agree. I think the freeze shot should have ended that particular story thread, but the payoff for the message sent during the last sequence should have still been shown. Just without Goodwin being an idiot.

            Really hard to avoid spoilers when talking about how the ending should have been handled differently :p

              I agree with you guys completely, and know exactly what you mean. In terms of the "twist" I'm not sure it's even worth calling it that. The movie reeked of a producers edit at the end.

                Test audiences ruin everything.

                  I wish I could be in a test audience. For Michael Bay films "needs less explosions." For everything else, "Make it more cerebral, my IQ is in fact in double digits, I am not an eggplant.

      I'm an avid Bombers supporter, so i'm really happy to come away with the win.. but the first half of the game was just terrible for us.. we really should have been doing much better.. luckily we came away with a decent win in the end.

      But you know the highlight of the week?



        Everybody wins when Collingwood loses :)

    Thankee kindly Ms. Strange!

    For those who don't have the link:

    Someone suggest a theme for this week. Should I do Minecraft? I found the FX files last night.

    Tell me I'm not the only one who noticed a Pokeball in Sweden's Eurovision entry.

      I think maybe you were the only one to even watch Eurovision...

        I would watch it but I can't get SBS at my place. I was sad this weekend.

        I watch Eurovision.
        It's hilarious.
        Can't say I spotted that Pokeball though.

          Speaking of hilarious:

            Moldova were legendary!
            Gotta get me one of them fancy hats!

              And a monocle, man.
              Dude put on a monocle at the every end.

              Make sure to get a lady dressed up as a fairy riding a unicycle, too! Not enough of those in the world.

      I didn't notice that in Sweden's entry.

      Far too busy looking at other things.

      Yes, someone else saw that. I believe after seeing it I may or may not have yelled out "I choose you Pikachu".

    Played minecraft pretty much all day with faction and the rest of the minecraft gang on saturday. Had a blast. This community is awesome.

      Heck yeah. Minecraft is awesome. I am working on some redstone wiring at my desk at the moment (for an RPG quest I am designing). Graph paper, how I have missed thee!

      You guys have some very impressive buildings going on there. I can't believe it's taken me this long to get into online play.

        My tower of Sauron was the best creation I have ever made!

        For my next step, making a lava moat around my home, leaving a pool of water behind the house for quick drop-to-ground-floor from the top of the tower hehe

          My almighty glass tower now has a diving board for that exact purpose.

          Unfortunately, people like Blaghs do not seem to realise this and insist on jumping onto the cobblestone instead.

          I hear it doesn't end well.

            I need not your pathetic "Diving board." Jumping off onto the cobble, three times in a row, is way more fun.

    Another week, another TAY. Hope you all had a good weekend.

    So the PSN is back! For online gaming at least. Who here has a PS3? Feel free to add me! 'cronotriggr'

    Now... I should probably do some work!

    Oh, Anonymous 'Flamestar' Pessimist. Not enough cow bell! ;)

      More cowbell!
      Let's see if I can intertwine that with this week's Minecraft challenge eh?

      I think I added you the day before it went down.

        Awesome! We must game together sometime! Bards will write epic songs about our adventures!

    Through a show of hands or loud yells, would anyone be interested in some sort of Kotaku 3DS Streetpass get together and general meet and greet? Just something I was thinking about but thought why the hell
    not ask?

      (yeah, that's a loud yell, I couldn't resist :)

    Ok, I sent out an email on the weekend to those whose emails I had, regarding the gathering this weekend. To anyone who didn't get an email from me, and you're still interested in coming, shoot me an email soon and I'll forward on the details.
    dondalinger at hotmail

    The gathering is scheduled for Sunday 22nd of May from 10am onwards. So yer.. email away if you want details and to confirm your attendance!!

      I have to say, while I was stressing before sleeping last night as I tend to do, that it might be a bit silly for me to take Sunday off when I have my Masters due 4 days afterwards. I don't expect everyone to change dates or anything tho. But it does suck, I was looking forward to it :(

        I think that's a sensible decision, I was thinking you were kinda nuts to agree to that date. Personally I'm happy to wait to have a meet until you can make it.

          If it bleeds into next month I can't come, will be moving...

            Thats very kind Strange, but if this is the case with Jimu then maybe keep the date. I dont want to start causing problems with other people because of me. I should have just said something before now anyways. Sorry guys :(

        I'm good any Sunday other than 6/June. And then September. There's going to be a baby and I understand they ruin social engagements.

      Sozzles cats, I'm out. I've got maw shtuff awn.

        how would people be with the 29th then? does that come too close to you moving Jimu? It would be best if we can get more peeps, so if everyone's happy to wait, it's no issue for me. The whole point of this excercize was to get everyone to be able to meet up, so it's kinda missing the point if only one or two can make it ;)

          The 29th is the day after my mates 20th so I'll be either hung-over, wearing a fake moustache, belligerent or belligerently wearing a fake moustache while hungover.

          But post-May I'm golden most weekends, I just need a week's notice or so.

          Not sure, will have to confirm with the Mrs...
          Is possible.

            Is there any particular date for you that might be better Jimu? Like after your move or something?

              It's too hard to say. You guys make a date and I'll see if I can go.
              Al I know is I'm gonna be hella busy the first two weeks in June

      Like I said before, I'm free whenever you want to do this. I rarely have plans that can't be shifted about somewhat, so whatever works for everyone else works for me.

    On the weekend, I stumbled across this video. I think we can all agree it was the best course of action.

      Clearly nobody followed this link, unless they were laughing too hard to type a response :p

      If only you could treat annoying NPCs like this in normal games, not just on sketch shows.

        Hey man! I meant to reply. Must have typed my response then closed the window.

        Very funny! I like the Adventure call sketches. The Jester had to die. Only possible action to be taken.

    So, tried to pre-order Dark Souls from Zavvi on the weekend but it wouldn't let me :(
    When I try this morning it is not even giving me the option to ship outside of Europe, tried with several games and no dice.
    So it looks like we might be down one source of cheap games.

      I pre-ordered Dark Souls from there on Friday without any hassle. Here's hoping they don't cut us off, Zavvi is awesome.

      Have you tried They own Zavvi, and I'm pretty sure their prices are around about the same as Zavvi's.

      I just tried to pre-order LA Noire and had no problems. Admittedly I didn't actually complete the order but went all the way to the 'pay now' part and it had no problems with my Australian address. Does it decline you after you try and pay?

        On the weekend it would just freeze when I try to go past the delivery stage, today it just does not give the option to ship to Aus.

        Just tried The Hut, that works.
        Thanks Lambo!

    Seeing as Welbot is trying to show up us Sydneysiders with a Kotaku meetup...

    Sydney meetup? eh? EH?!

    Show of hands for all interested. I am prepared to drive my ass into the city just to see you all.

      I suggested one last week (Or was it the week before?) but you were the only person who showed any interest.

      In saying that, it has only been a short while since the last Sydney meet. Maybe people need more time.

        Sorry Jamie! It's not that I wasn't interested, just that the following few weekends were not good for me.

        I am still quite keen. June sounds ideal.

          That's cool! I didn't think we should have it right away. But I figured we could at least get numbers.

          This time I'll try and bring my PS3 and some SSFVI, Tekken 6 etc and we can set up a tournament :P

      Let's have one in June : )

        Right in time for my birthday!

        We can celebrate my 26th by nerding out.

          I am also 26 in June.


            I'm turning 20 in June, so I'd be cool for something then, might be able to drag myself all the way over there. Actually, the "my birthday" thing has nothing to do with me being cool to go up there, I just need to leave Canberra regularly, or I go insane.

            Well, more insane.

              I'm 20 in June too! *high-fives*

              I would kinda prefer if it was made late June 'cause I've been too lazy to check my exam timetable so far - on holidays from the 23rd though.

            Are you in Sydney?
            We could have a mega-tri birthday celebration in June with James and Blaghman!

        Sounds good. Seeing as there are so many birthdays, what weekend would be best for peeps?

          As long as it's not the first weekend in June, I should be free. :D Perhaps we should bring this discussion to the latest pages? I'll just post again tomorrow morning.

            Haha! That's kind of funny because I will be in Sydney on the first weekend of June for my birthday, but I'll be booked out with family stuff :(

            Unless we did something late night on the fifth or too early for gaming folk on the sixth?

      If you want a Sydney meet up the old venue may be available. Not sure of my availability but could assist with that if needed. Let me know.

      Sydneysiders, please check page 6 for more details/discussion!! : )

    Yay, PSN is back! Boo, I have 4 assignments due next week. In other news:


    *runs off cliff scratching beard*

      If I don't shave after precisely nine days, it actually defines my mood.

      I can't not be grumpy until I shave it.

      Itchy beards are the WORST.

        I'm the same. Still, I ALWAYS leave it till it gets mad itchy before shaving.

        Googles told me to shampoo it and it'd stop it being itchy, but that only lasted Saturday and Sunday. Now it's back to making me go mad.

          Try using an anti-dandruff shampoo that has zinc in it, it works for me. My beard gets insane after a few days, I finally gave up and just let it be a beard.

        9 days?

        dude 4-5 and i'm ready to rub my face against a cheese grater

      I can't grow a beard =( All I can grow are a few stray chin hairs.

        I know. Me either. All I can manage is a few straggly hairs growing from the wicked-witch mole on the end of my chin. :-(

          Hmm, maybe I should have said 'wart' instead to make it more clear I was joking. I don't really have a hairy chin, honest! :P

            Glad you cleared that up. I honestly thought you were being serious lol.

        After about three days of not shaving I get what kind of resembles a 5 o'clock shadow. It's pretty embarrassing.

      I shave my head and often get pretty slack about it.
      Imagine itch beardness EVERYWHERE on your head and face.

        Theres a simple bearded motto that I use when I'm growing a beard. Grow Beard, Get Ladies. Gentlemen do not be selfish when in the act of growing a glorious man mane on your face, it provides warmth and comfort for not only you but the people that see it. And when a lady looks deep into your eyes and rubbing your beard, she'll know she has the security and protection that only a beard can supply. So do not worry about itchiness as it will bring in more glory than pain!

      I thought I had something in my beard yesterday... turns out a spider climed onto my FACE while I was cleaning the shed and just took a ride when I jumped in the car to go to my parents' place.

      I think I'm going to shave it all off now.

        Ooh that's nasty.
        If you shave it though you will have to go through the itchiness again.

        Just your beard spider, nothing to be worried about.

        Keeps your chin hairs uniform, stays on the lookout for dandruff, that sort of thing...

      I was rockin a mean beard after spending the week in bed. Chopped it of this morn.

      Mine's just getting to the point where it's starting to itch... I'm just going to man up and ignore it though.

        I've had a beard for years now and my life is nothing short of awesome. I can only assume it is entirely due to having a beard. Beards are great.

        Everyone should have one. (except Strange). Lol. Just thought someone has to 'shop dawdle with a beard.

    Name has link. Trolling imminent. :P

      I don't know why, but that took a while to load. But as for the picture, that's pretty awesome. Nice job! Or should I say, terrible job....


        Haha, thanks man. I wanted to mash two meme's together, and thought these two fit perfectly. :P

    PSN is back on my 60GB console but not my 120GB?? explain!!

      Messing with you is really fun :P

      Do you use the same PSN account on both of them? If so it may be something to do with your account being created on the 60GB one. If not, I have no idea. :P

      Does it have something to do with your PS3's being activated to your account? Maybe you did it to one, but not the other?

      I dunno, but it wasn't back at all on my PS3 before I left for work at 8 this morning :(

      I'm really hoping that it stays alive long enough for me to register my copy of Portal 2 when I get home tonight!

      I left home at about 10:30 am and it still wasn't up for me. Perhaps there's some kind of wierdness regarding the model used? My account is an Australian one, but I have a Japanese system (shiny white version was too tempting, and at the time it was cheaper than the local version) and I get firmware updates for example when they roll out in Japan, rather than locally.

    I'm just going to assume that everyone here hates football/soccer.

    But Glasgow Rangers won the Scottish Premier League this weekend, and I... felt... nothing.

    I think I'm officially dead inside. A hollowed out husk of a man...

    Or maybe I just don't care about football anymore!

      So... Which is it? Soccer or Football?!

      Make up your mind, Serrels!

        Soccer is football because you use our feet to move the ball. All other games that are called football such as rugby, AFL and union should be considered as Handegg because you move an egg shaped object with your hands. Hope this will clear it up!

      That kind of football is the only one I don't hate and my Dad likes the Rangers so he was pretty happy.
      If you didn't feel anything it may have some something to do with the fact that being over here you'd have missed a lot of the atmosphere. Or maybe it's because sport is not sport anymore, it's business.
      I still think all football(any code) teams should be made up only of people from the area they're representing.

      What! I love football !. I never feel comfortable calling it soccer. I'm an Arsenal fan myself.

        Really was hoping Arsenal would win the Premiership this year. Love the way Arsenal move the ball around.

          That's the uh, most contemplative comment on soccer I've heard all year.

            Did you see the ludicrous display last night? The thing about Arsenal is that they always try and walk it in.

      Well, if it's any consolation, the FA Cup this year was utterly lacklustre.

        Yeah, I actually stayed up to watch it. On SBS. Everyone except Fozzy on SBS is absolutely woeful. Half of them don't even know what they're talking about.

        But City won their first bling in like... A BAJILLION YEARS.
        I'm not a fan of City, but that's gotta count for something, right?

      Greeting Rangers fan. I myself am a Glasgow Celtic fan and I congratulate you on your team's win. Indeed, it was well deserved. Next season perhaps my team shall win instead and our roles shall be reversed and all shall be grand. We can reminisce about how your team won last year. If you are free we should all go to the pub and celebrate jovially! I suggest you get the first round in old bean!

      (Look up Old Firm Rivalry to get the joke)

      It's probably because you didn't get the full Glasgow experience when they won...

      Here's what you do.

      Invite Angus out to lunch, get steamin... nut him.

      They finished one point above Celtic?! ANGRY!! :RAGE:

        See this is more like it.

        My enjoyment is directly proportional to the rage of Celtic fans in my vicinity.

        Thanks guys - I knew you'd understand!

    Just grabbed the complete edition of Mount and Blade on Steam. Gotta say, it's cool but a very slow start, I got a total of three guys in my army right now, one of them a generic guard lol xD

      I saw you all playing that and felt like I was missing out on something.
      Whats its deal?

        It's a HEAVILY open RPG/strategy game. In no possibly way is it linear. Think of the Shogun series, where you have two armies clashing, but you're a character in that fray. You can do pretty much almost anything you want, be an adventurer, a conqueror of lands, a bounty hunter, a tournament champion, an expert tradesman of goods, a great commander, the possibilities are almost endless. Your main UI is a world map that you travel on, where you can go anywhere you want, cities, towns, castles and camps... at least that's what I've seen so far with just one hour playing it. Combat is good, where you have to block at the right time in order to block the right attack, too soon and he'll get right through you unless you're using a shield. Horseback combat is fun, where you hack, slash and shoot bolts/arrows or throw weapons. Time them right and you can get huge damage bonuses since you were riding at full speed and slashing somebody on foot. Very fun.

        So far I got captured once cuz I had bad luck to run into a party of 21 all with horses, armour and mixed with bows and melee, so I got my arse handed to me and I got dragged around the land until I escaped.

          argh possible*

          Dang Monday morning errors, hurry up and finish scan program!

        Oh yeah and TotalBiscuit did a "WTF is" on the most recent Mount and Blade (Which introduced muskets, which kinda suck but still everything else is solid), you should watch that if you want an idea on how it is.

        Graphics aren't breathtaking at all but the gameplay pretty much makes up for it hands down

          Still has the same stupid problem in Warband where infantry queue on the ladders. Supremely frustrating.

            Well I've only just started playing the very first one for about an hour last night, downloaded the whole pack off Steam on that same night so only scratched the surface of it. So I don't know what you mean, sorry

      All weekend I was trying to siege a castle just for myself, with an army of 75 or so, but then I guess the Kingdom of Vaegirs didn't like that much so sent an army of 300 at me. Man, what a bunch of jerks.
      And then Jarl Turya was all COME FOLLOW ME so I went and followed him as he went around doing jack squat as Marshall as one of cities was being sieged. Good times.

    My monitor is so weird...It stopped working last week, but decided to start working again on Saturday, but then on Sunday, it stopped working again...weird...

      Sounds like something's loose, I get something like that on my laptop screen, on some days it loves to flicker to distorted screens and back again, and some days it's perfectly fine.

    My family unexpectedly gave me a Nook Color for my birthday. I'm surprised at how fairly awesome it is.

    Also lol, sports.

      I love it when family unexpectedly get the gift right.
      Unfortunately for me it's so rare that to be safe I just have to give them a list so I don't end up with something pink and frilly.

        They always ask for a list, but I always fail to give one. I was so stumped as to what I could be getting, as I was informed that my siblings and mother were giving me a combined present that took some organising to acquire. It was actually a little nerve-wracking considering my brother told me that I had to like it or too bad as it was the non-returnable type of purchase!

      I bought a Kindle recently and honestly don't know how I went without one this long. E-readers are the iPods of books and once you start using them it's really hard to imagine life without a vast collection of books at your fingertips.

    It was you who was interested in the RAT7 mouse was it not?
    I reinstalled the software on the weekend and got it working so I'll play with it some more and do up a review for you.

    I am sitting in my house, wrapped up in a blanket. I think it's about 5 degrees inside here, and all I can see outside is whiteness.

    Has the end of the world come?

      No, but you might have been teleported to northern Europe in your dreams.


      The most important meal of the day.

      COFFEE. [vigorous nod]

        PEPSI MAXXXXXX....

          You sound like a [minecraft] creeper D:


          I'm sorry Mark, but I've tolerated this for far too long and I can't take it anymore: Pepsi is shit!

          ...please don't IP ban me D:

          (To clarify: I don't drink much coke or coffee either... but Pepsi tastes waaaaaaaaay too sweet)

            Please allow me to clarify...

            Coke > Pepsi
            Pepsi Max> Coke Zero

              I approve of and fully endorse Pepsi Max!

              Also, 24 cans for $12 at Woolies/Safeway. Buy 2!

              I.. I have to agree. Coke Zero is all kinds of crap.

              So Pepsi Max, while STILL EVIL, is the best of the worst :P

              Original Coke <3

              You are just all kinds of wrong. I don't want this to come between us but I think we need to spend some time apart..

              Coke Zero>Pepsi Max

              (OOhhh, lets use an 'X' because people will think it is cool!)

              I will remain calm with console fanboy wars but I will not allow you to trash talk my drink. First there is no love for 'V' then my Zero cops it...

              How can you all be so wrong?

              (PS, unlike my grumpy man rant last week, this is meant to be fun so have at it...)

                I think we need to find some common ground.

                Everything is better than Fanta.

                  Red Fanta is my all time fav drink closely behind ginger beer... Now please clarify your comments to only include orange Fanta, or we can't be friends either!

          The only softdrink worth drinking!
          *hides behind Mark in expectation of flame war*

      You just randomly made me think about this that was on Deathklok.

        Mwahaha coffee always makes me think of that.

    Please, someone call a doctor or vet or something; I need help...

    ...can't stop listening and finding it entertaining :\

      Lololol! I need a doctor too, you've infected me. Arrgghhh!

    I'm gonna throw my undies on stage at Ben Folds tomorrow night, anyone else going?

      Dunno if that will encourage people to go or make them have a night in...;P

        I'm going to throw a chair at him... it's got to be his turn by now.

    Soundwave Revolution looks fracking awesome! Van Halen headlining, Steel Panther, Yellowcard, Alice Cooper, so many more (inc Devin Townsend, for those interested). Count me in!

    I might be in trouble for refusing to call football soccer when entering ads :\ If they want me to stop, they're gonna hafta fire me.

    You use your FOOT to kick a BALL. Not like other sports where you use your HANDS to carry a leather EGG!

      First of all, a ball does not have to be spherical.

      Secondly, in the AFL there are approx 400 kicks per game and approx 300 handballs per game. I'd say that means the main method of moving the ball is kicking it.

      Thirdly, there is an argument that football refers to the fact that it is played on foot (as opposed to games like polo, which is played on horseback), not that the foot is used to move the ball.

      Finally, soccer is a nickname for Association Football. Calling it soccer does not mean that you don't consider it football, merely that you wish to distinguish it from the three other major sports that are commonly referred to as football in Australia.

        Fair enough.

        I don't mind calling other sports football but Rugby football and aussie rules football sound better than soccer football or association football.

        Plus, it is widely considered to be the original footbal and is regarded as being called 'football' to most of the world.

        Also, basketball is played on foot also. Just saying.

          "Rugby football" and "Aussie Rules football" sound pretty silly to me. Rugby, Aussie Rules and soccer all make sense to me. I don't think anyone ever tacks "football" to the end of either rugby codes and Aussie Rules is really Australian Football.

          Association Football is just the formal name, it can be shortened to soccer or football, but the idea of calling it "soccer football" seems to be a little redundant.

          The original football was basically rugby where the whole town played as a giant mob. Soccer is known as football to the majority of the world because it is the predominant, and typically only, code of football in most nations where it is played.

          Australia and America both have other codes of football that are more popular than soccer, so football normally refers to the most popular variation of the sport in the region.

          I've argued this one many times, personally I don't care that much, I just like to do the counter-arguments.

      I figure that since you only use your foot (well, almost only) it seems a bit pointless to call it football, it is clearly football. That would be like calling Halo "Shooty McSpaceMarine." The other forms need the clarification though.

      I know someone who has been advocating the term of "handoval" for years now.
      We mostly just ignore him.

        TadMod Edit: You win the internet. That's hilarious!

          Am sharing this to facebook, haha!

      Well, as you also use your head, chest, knees and any part of your body that isn't your hands (unless you're Maradonna)... shouldn't it be called Amputee Ball?

        You're on to something Jimmy boy!

        But I think No-handball might sum it up better. Full name can be association no-handball-unless-the-hand-is-the-hand-of-god (Which lets Maradona off the hook)

        P.S. Sorry. I'll never call you Jimmy boy again.

          I'll let you away with it because you're Scottish.

            LOL. I actually have to go by James now (Not that James is a bad name!) because when I tell people in Aus that my name is Jamie they always think I said Jimmy.

              What part of Scotland are you from?


                My accent isn't that strong (At least, I don't think it is).

                  I could understand confusion if you were from Strathpeffer or something... but Stirling is lowlands.

              You don't need to be Scottish to have that happen...


                I'm not sure how I feel about Jimbo. On one had it an affront to all that is good and holy. An abomination. On the other, it mines I have finally been indoctrinated in to your fine Aussie culture.

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