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    I got my new computer late Thursday afternoon and spent the whole weekend playing DA2 with the hi res patch. It was awesome.

    I would just like to thank everyone who offered me advice about the computer over the last few weeks. You guys rock.

      Dude.. so so jelly...

      I can't even play Plants Vs. Zombies without the framerate dropping drastically once i have more than 5 plants on the screen... :( *sigh*

    Hey there Kotakites!

    Can anyone recommend a website where I can purchase an xbox360 copy of a recently released fighter game?

    My usual website, Ozgameshop is out of stock ;(

      How bout amazon?

      I ordered mine from PlayAsia on the weekend. I'd heard people talking about them not sending it to aus, but I didn't seem to have any issues. Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope it makes it to me ;)

      Thanks for the help guys! I didn't realise that the 360 copy was region free. (which is why I was only looking at ozgameshop)

        Even though it's region free, playsasia still seems to have 2 versions. I chose the asia one for myself. Dunno why.. just did.. but all up cost me $70inc postage, and that was for fedex 1-4 day delivery! Which means all going well, I'll have my copy this week! Now I just have to think of a perfect excuse to tell the wife why I have it. I'm thinking I'll go with "I won it from Kotaku love!" I'm sure she'll believe it since I've won a bit in the past. Just have to hope she doesn't rat through the credit card bill and find the playasia entry ;)

          How about "I couldn't resist, I'm sorry.". ;-)

            That one never works for me, just FYI

              Lying never works either, you'll get in more trouble when your wives find out you lied.
              I just found out my husband deliberately misled me to think that his mate won tickets to Disturbed and couldn't find anyone to take when actually his mate's mate couldn't go so my husband stepped in and said he'd go and paid $90 for the ticket. For a band he didn't even really want to see. Grr.

              Y'know how when you're told you can't have something it just makes you want it more?

      I found a New Zealand dealer who was featured on this very site for getting the uncensored version sold in his country. I am sure he will be willing to sell you a copy.

        Uncensored version of GTA that is.

          People at the TRMK forum's are saying that the Asian version doesn't seem to come with an online unlock code. Versions from the UK do come with the code, but you have to create a separate UK xbox silver account to activate it. Doesn't cost anything, just a minor irritation if you want to play online. Still nervously waiting on my copy...

      Zavvi sell recently released fighting games for around $54.

    Ow. My legs. Relay for life was a huge success. We did 300km in the 24 hours (there were 9 of us), we beat our goal of $4000 and raised $4151, but most importantly, we won the relay :) We did the most laps in 24 hours. Take THAT MELBOURNE GRAMMAR! Woooo! :) Thanks for donating Trjn and Q-bo!

    Now, I don't suppose anyone knows how to make legs less painful after they've gone for a long run?

      Amputation is the only solution.

      Failing that go find a jacuzzi to soak in.

      Well done!

      Make sure you do plenty of stretching. A swim or a massage are both good too.

      Hit a pool up and walk laps up and down.

      I forgot all about that. Did you wear the Waluigi moustache, or whatever it is I demanded? :p

        Nope. But our team name was U Jelly? So we printed letters on each shirts so that side by side, we spelled out JU? lely

          Well played good sirs.

      Like Rabbit, I totally forgot about the run thingy! Good on ya for winning and raising over $4000! 300km's is insane! And your welcome! :D

      Aww man i was completely oblivious to this!!
      That's some awesoem work, mate!
      Congrats! :D

    Hope everyone had a good weekend!

    I randomly selected a game from the shame pile to make a start on. Ended up with Castlevania. As I played through it the falws were glaring obvious and many in number but, possibly because of that I found that the good bits seemed better.

    Went trophy hunting in Portal 2. I now have all the single player trophies and just have to wait for the PSN to come back online to get the Co-op ones as all my gaming buddies live overseas :(

    Also did some arts and got a hair cut. A VERY short hair cut. All in all, a very secluded weekend.

    Did anyone ever find out why The Witcher 2 was removed from Steam? have a pretty awesome deal going for the special edition.

      GOG offer great deals on EVERYTHING


      But yeah, their deal is pretty brill, especially for the price

    Anybody coming to the 3DS meetup at the opera house this Saturday?

    Morning. What's happening TAYbies?

      This which is rather NSFW

        That was... different...

    I have finally given in to temptation and signed up for Xbox Gold subscription.
    Most likely will be playing red dead redemption this week and if anyone is interested (or just wanna add to friend list) my ID is:
    Rafor al Carr

      Added. That's some hardcore achievement progress on them RPGees!

        Yay for new friend!
        RPGs seem to be the only games where I actually achievement hunt.
        I did have all achievements for Mass effect 2, but I haven't had time to play the new DLC yet, mmm... now people can see my progress I may have to hop on tonight.

      Added... I also have RDR so happy to take you for a tour around. I di prefer co-op or free roam and still have a few cheevos if you want to get them with me????

        I'll join the posse too! Probably not going to be available till after 10 tonight, but I'll be available earlier tomorrow...

          Oooo can I join? I havent tried RDR online yet, I only ever played the single player game. I want to see!

            Yes join us! Soon all other RDR player will tremble in fear at the approach of...
            Mmm, I think our posse should have a name;
            The Good, The Bad and the Kotaku?
            The Magnificent Kotaku?
            True Kotaku?
            3:10 to Kotaku?
            Cowboys and Aliens (and Kotaku)?

        Sounds good to me, as a multiplayer noob co-op sounds like a safe bet and I had a blast with free roam last night so im definetly up for that, tried a friendly free roam and was laughing hysterically as about a dozen people set up a fist fight match at Macfarlane's farm where no one was actually hurt, it looked like something from the Benny Hill show.
        Also am liking the sound of working on some more achievements, having just started online, my list for red dead is pretty slim.

          FatShady the wrestler, a guy in a bat costume and a barbarian in a posse roaming the west... sounds like a possible web series, make it so guys!

        If you are looking for a fourth member of your possie...

          As our group grows we become more powerful, soon we shall rule the world MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA...
          Our at least have a pretty good posse on red dead.

      i'm still waiting to get my interwebs back..


      But add me in the mean time... chul00p4


    Sydney Gamers League

    Time we arrived – 1:30pm
    Time we left – 2:30am

    13 hours of competitive gaming.

    My god, what an event! As some of you may know, I participated in SGL on the weekend. My clan and I ended up competing in CS:S, DOTA and some of us in Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 3. HON unfortunately had some sort of ill-timed maintenance, delaying the tournament until after we had left. We were too spent to even look at Team Fortress 2.

    So, our results!

    CS:S we won our 1st match 16-10 to proceed to the next round, which saw us get rolled by the very pro Team Immunity (look them up to get an idea..). I only found out last night that this match was shoutcasted live with commentators and all. Honestly, the replay makes me want to ry. But hey, they commented that we were the only team to steal a few rounds off Team Immunity up till then, so I was proud! Not bad, for somebody with <20 hours in CS:S, right?!

    So knocked down into the losers bracket we had to forfeit our next match as teammate Snifu was too busy pwning in Starcraft 2; he progressed undefeated in his bracket up till the 4th round, where his match was also shoutcasted live.

    Our next comp, DOTA, proved to be our downfall. So much went wrong.

    Let me start off by saying that in all my years of competing in tournaments, I have never encountered sexist pigs. Amazing, I know, but for the most part the fact that people know that you’re a person possibly sitting a few metres away demand some sort of respect – especially when you’re not just in a pub game, but a competition.

    Our first opponents in DOTA started off with a “DW GUYS THEIR CAPTAIN IS A CHICK SO WE HAVE AN ADVANTAGE”. These guys are the very reason I will go to lengths to hide my identity. Unfortunately this is a little hard at tourneys as captains have to meet+greet each other before each match, do the shake-hands thing and all. I’m not stranger to trash talk but it still irked me.

    Their trash talk, however, made our victory against them all the more sweeter – we beat them at 44-33.

    Our game went for 1 hour but 15 minutes before the ending one of their players dc’d. He angrily demanded a rematch from the SGL admin. In the end it was my call... so after a lengthy discussion with the team I said we’d give ‘em a fair shot and rematch.


    About 20 minutes into the rematch the power went out in the backrow, dc’ing half their team but leaving ours intact.

    So we wearily agreed to rematch them for the 3rd time. Needless to say, we beat ‘em again – a victory that was made all the more satisfying from their sexist comments. In a show of poor sportsmanship, a few of them refused to even shake our hands post match. Did you enjoy how we stomped all over you twice, bitches?!

    It had taken us 3 hours to play a single match of DOTA; I don’t even want to look at that game ever again.

    Needless to say our next opponents were much nicer – they were so polite and lovely that I was happy to chat to them after we lost. Knocked into the loser’s bracket, I forfeited our next match. I could tell the 3 hour game had taken its toll on our team, and a few players were beginning to show strain – myself included. 1 guy was suffering carpal tunnel. It was a signifier for the end of the night for us!

    Anyhow, I think this is getting WAY too long so I’ll wrap it up here. If you’re up for a read for what it even took us to GET to SGL in one piece, check out mah blog!

    Thanks for reading, peace out, end rant.

      Hey Eats-a-lot.

      Would you be up for expanding this into a little blog post for Kotaku? Would love to put some like this up on the front page. Shoot me an email if you're interested.

        Awesome reporting! I agree with our lord and master!!! So glad your team succeeded in defeating the sexists piglets! :D WE're all very proud of you :D

      Hey that was a great read! Thanks for the wrap up :) Been wondering how it went all weekend! I can't believe those DOTA players though! I've been to many tournaments over the years myself, and only ever come across one sexist pig before, and he got disqualified for saying the very things that caused that opinion. Maybe the tourney's I've been too are more strict on tolerating that kind of behaviour, but still.. glad you whooped their asses! In my personal experience, it's the teams headed up by girls you really HAVE to worry about cos they're usually extra cunning ;) All in all, sounds like you had a ripper time though! So glad you enjoyed the weekend! Shame I couldn't be there to see it all first hand!

      Wait, "sexist pigs"?
      Wait, you're a chick?

      Sounds like a smashing experience though, good thing you had fun at SGL; imagine what super happy fun times you could have had at the thoroughly organised WCG! ;D

          HAHA, I hadn't seen this before.. I somehow always miss the community kudos things. lawls. Thanks!

      I really really hate how human guys do stuff like this to girl gamers, it's just so pathetic. Sorry you had to go through that but I'm not sorry that their sorry arses got kicked twice! Well done! Too bad I couldn't go, I would've loved playing alongside a fellow Kotaku peep :)

      Sucks about the sexist idiots. But you showed 'em :D

      Sounds like it was a nice event, I'm always in awe of competitive gamers. No idea how you concentrate for that long :P

        Thanks everyone who read!!

        Qumulys - An expanded version will hopefully be finding its way onto the interwebz soon..

        welbot - thanks for offering to come along. In the end we didn't even enter TF2 so I would have felt bad making you come. Not to mention just one tourney is not enough to justify the $40 entry fee.

        Bish - lulz WCG fail. Did u see my tweet on this?

        Tech Knight - haters gna hate. It usually just goes right through me but not that day. We aren't exactly innocent of a little trashtalking ourselves... /angelic smile

        Aidan - Oh man, after 3 hours of a non-stop dota match... even I was brain mashed. I've watched Starcraft 2 players do 5 hours straight. It's INHUMAN!

        Jamie What? - reply saved!

        Apologies for the very long rant - after an intense tourney I felt the need to get it out.. somehow ;P

          Well for all you humans maybe ;), but I play games online with honour (Hence the "Knight" in my name), fight till the end, shake their hand if I win or lose saying something like Win: "You fought well, hope to take you on again one day", even offer to assist in strategies if they like or Lose:"Well played indeed, I would love to see how you did it" and if it were a girl that beat me I'd add "over coffee" to the end of it... ;) lol

          But yeah as a machine, I'm genderly impartial when it comes to gamers, boy or girl doesn't matter for me, but can you kick arse? Question is for all that I play alongside/against online. Only then I'll take you seriously as a potential ally for future games, not if you're a boy or girl, doesn't matter to me in a game :)

          I refuse to admit to Twitter-stalking people here who went to either WCG or SGL, even though I was within reasonable driving distance to both events but was too lazy to go to either.

      Nice write up, and I hope that even with all the stupidity you still had fun.

      *bows to your awesomeness*

      Female gamers are no different to male gamers, and anyone who treats them otherwise needs the crap smacked out of them, both digitally and physically...

      Although digitally is sooo much more satisfying :P

      Totes proud to be associated with you via this community... keep kicking butt, and good job, and glad you had a rockin time. :)

      I hereby promote you to Captain Eatsalot.

      I think people are failing to see the obvious here – the gods of gaming (they be good, yo) shone upon thee, giving thee not one, not two, but, yes, three victories in which to demonstrate thine mad skills over the heathen scum.

    One disadvantage to working from home for yourself.. you never really know when public holidays are unless someone else tells you! I just found out it's labour day up here in QLD.. anybody getting up to anything special, or just gonna smash your way through your piles of shame?

    OMG! LittleJJ just told me she's going out for lunch with a friend today, but she bought me some 猪肉包子 to eat while she's gone!!! What a sweety!! OH HAPPY DAY!

      I have no idea what a 猪肉包子 is, but since it looks groovy, I shall tattoo it islander-bone style on my rump.

      I want your 猪肉包子 pressed up against me


    Congratulations on pwning the sexist team! And everyone else who was also pwned on the day. Sounds like quite a crazy yet epic event. I hope you take Mark up on the offer as I for one would love to read more.

      This was supposes to be a response to Eats-A-Lot's post. Reply Fail

    TADMOD UPDATE: He is in a meeting. I haven't seen him. Everyone has mentioned how tall he is. He winked at me when he came in.

    It was awesome.

      Dude is tall!
      He should be a lumberjack. I don't know how this is relevant.

        It's relevant if he's okay. And he sleeps all night. And if he works all day.

          Lets just hope he doesn't put on womens clothing, and hang around in bars ;)

            Just like his dear papa?

            Or wears high heels, suspenders and a bra... :P

              Dear God, I hope he doesn't. Would only make him taller!

                Yeah... ceiling fans will haunt his dreams for the rest of his life!

    I bought and finished Portal 2 on Saturday. Got a good 6 hours on the single player, nothing on the co-op yet cuz for now I got nobody to play it with :(.

    Also grabbed Dawn of War 2: Retribution and the stability of that game really disappointed me. It doesn't like my nVidia graphics card and I figured out why. In the manual it felt like I was reading the thoughts of ATi fanboys. So made for ATi cards would be my bet. I can only run the game at "low" preset graphics settings in order to play uninterrupted. It's the strangest thing, I had the very highest of everything set automatically when I checked the settings at the start, ran the first mission, and it all ran smoothly, until about roughly 7-10 minutes within the mission, it suddenly froze and the screen went black. At first I was confused then suddenly it went back to normal, everything ran smooth again as if nothing happened, then 60 seconds later it happened again, and again, went back to normal. It seems that only Low is what keeps the game from doing the black screen freezes, despite that my card can take on the maximum without any trouble. It makes me a sad panda but so far the gameplay is improved, by a lot.

    It's got a good balance of the Dawn of War 2 and Chaos Rising, with using a finite number of squads, each having their own special abilities, but have added using currency again, like the first dawn of war, but it's very fixed in terms of how much you have during your mission and you have to spend it wisely, which I like a lot. You can buy squads of three, vehicles (Which you have short choices at the start but you can unlock more squads as you go as well as new abilities for those squads or more wargear for your heroes) or you can temporarily upgrade your heroes for the remainder of the mission (More HP, energy or more damage). This I think is a great balance in terms of strategy but also looking after all your armies. Every your unit you have, they all matter. If any die, even parts of the squad, it'll hurt, which makes battle plans VERY important, and that's something I really enjoy. Looking forward to continuing the space marines campaign, and play the other campaigns later. I'm really surprised with how they made this, it doesn't look rushed, or screwed up at all, in fact it's been improved on many points. Here's a good part, you don't need GFWL to play single player anymore! Only steam is needed obviously, which is good enough for me.

    The last of the batch I got was HOMM5 gold edition, finally found a copy and got my hands on it, can't wait to play that again, I missed the HOMM series ever since we played the MMO.

      Sounds like your having fun with the new pc! You must give it a name.
      Trust me, going Nvidia was a good decision. Most of the games seem optimised for NV, and usually ATI has the problems. I've gotten so tired of glitches and stuff with ATI with pratically all good new games. Its so frustrating!

        It's the exact reason why I went back to nVidia in the first place. My radeon 4870, now sitting in the closet, was the buggiest graphics card I have ever used.

        I got a new Quad Core CPU and 4GB DDR2 RAM on the way as well, so it'll be almost a whole new computer, I'm actually thinking of getting a new motherboard, and put my XP version on that instead. Maybe sell it to a friend. My PC has two 250GB drives which house my XP and applications and my 500GB SATA2 drive has my current Windows 7 64 bit ultimate. With this new CPU and RAM I can completely split them up with a new case, motherboard and power supply and presto! :)

        OMG Yeah I should give it a name! Can't believe I never did that. Oh yeah, it's not a new computer, had the same one for almost 4 years now, I've just been upgrading it bit by bit, or replacing parts that explode like my first power supply... (Not taking a shot at consoles... much)

        Here's a thought, I'm open to name suggestions for Tech Knight's PC while I think of my own :)

    Hey welbot, congrats on winning that copy of MK!

    (Wink, nudge)

      lol thanks! ;) Now I just have to hope it shows up! Hopefully i'll have more luck receiving this than I have with other kotaku prizes!!! *hinthint mark*

        Hehe, prizes. I'm pretty sure they're just some crazy dream. But if they're not, maybe TadMod is about to become Official Web Monkey And Executive Director of Prize Postage?

          Or maybe it's actually a sneaky lure to force interstate people to come up to Kotaku AU HQ to come claim their prizes, so that we may have an even more amazing Sydney meet!
          Crafty Scotsmen!

            Works for me.

          I like this idea! Stacking codes would be cool one day! :D Purrrrlease!

    Shout out to Qbo for his epic Minecraft adventure puzzle game we played on the weekend. I really enjoyed it.

    He has also said he can upload the map again if anyone wants to play it.

    No spoilers please... but please everyone who has ever played on the server should have a go at this map.. fun game.

      Oh yeah! Thanks to FS and Blaghman for playing through it! Made a fun challenge/change on the server. Dawdle and lamboman were both bummed about missing out so its already loaded up on the server ready to go again probably during the week. I'll let those two decide between them when they want to give it a crack. Welbot was also interested in giving it a go, but I implore him to grab a mic from somewhere and Teamspeak because it just makes it so much easier, quicker and fun!!! :-D

      Oh and Dawdle, the map is the Redmurk mystery, which the yogscast boys played through, so you may/probably have already seen it, so pretend like you don't know whats going to happen! :P

      I'll also be searching for some other similar maps/games we can run, with a bit more noticed than a tweet 30 mins b4 start next time :D

        I'll join in too if I'm free. I've been needing a prod to get back on the server!

        Me too, main problem is I seem to be on the server when nobody else is around, might need some extra visibility on times and such :(

        Oh yeah I gotz a mic too so TS is no problem, which server we using for that?

          The teamspeak server details will need to be kept quiet, because we still get the occasional pop in of the uninvited taking a free ride on Shadys coat-tails.
          Perhaps FatShady can do a re-mail of the Teamspeak server details when he gets a chance.

          Would be good for You and Batguy to join in. I think the game had a maximum player count of about 2-3, otherwise some puzzles may not work, but we can run it multiple times. Seems we have enough to run it twice again already! :D

            Yeah I knew it had to be quiet, just a general question as to "who do I ask to get the details by email" is what I should've said.

            I've got my new Kingdom Hearts Riku custom skin I got and modified myself to use, hopefully it looks good, haven't tested it yet. So you will all get to see it in action first hand :)

        Just tweet me up! : )

      Man I knew I should have minecrafted on the weekend.
      That's what I get for being lazy I guess.
      I'm up for it next time you run it, or whatever the deal is.

    This is the third time I've tried to post a comment. The last 2 just vanished when I clicked submit

      We must alert TadMod!

    OK, now that my comments seem to be working.

    Can anyone recommend a good microphone headset that is not too expensive and doesn't require a lot of screwing around with the settings to work right, mainly to be used with Skype and available at Aussie retail.

      You should be able to pick up pretty much any headset off the shelf and just go with it. They're all plug and play these days, unless you're using some weird Unix based OS with no drivers installed for anything at all.

      Logitech G330s?
      I have a friend who has a set, and although he complains they lack... something (I think the bass was a bit weak, IIRC), but apparently they're real comfortable.
      You might be able to snag them for just under $50, if you're lucky.

        I find the logitechs have two problems, occasionally they seem to get sound problems through the left headphone (jiggling it around a bit fixes it), and it takes a while to get them comfortable with glasses.

        Well, that's just the two pairs I have. Other than that they're pretty good.

        (I can't remember which types mine are, but I think one is the G330, or it might be something completely different... I'm good at this)

      Yeah agreed with Trjn, but I've always gone with non-USB headsets, gets rid of the need of drivers entirely, and your motherboard/sound card should support one no problem. As long as it's got a sound and mic plug of course :)

      i've got a pair i bought off ebay for about $20, and they are great, they do the job, haven't died, and seem to work fine on games

      As an ardent audiophile, is there a reason you need a mic headset? A good set of phones + a separate desk mic will generally set you back the same amount (or less) and the quality is much better.

    Hey all,

    Just a general update. Accounts are finished.

    Everyone here thinks they're amazing. 2 of the sugar girls fainted at how amazing it was.

    I've decided to release these changed on the 3rd of November.


      Why do you do this to us, Gabe Newell!?!????

      All happy feelings I had for you getting this job have suddenly gone missing...

      Is it true the sugar girls are made of sugar?

      Do they yell at you for looking at kotaku during work time? Do you need an assisstant?

        Someone better lick them... just to be certain.

          I volunteer.

          *Hand raised, staring ahead creepily, slight smile on my lips*

          I was going to suggest licking them, but thought it might be a little creepy. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks the way I do :)


    This competition is only open to Kotaku ‘regulars’ as this prize includes access to the exclusive (sort of) Kotaku Minecraft Server.. It also includes a FREE copy of the multimillion selling Indie Hit Minecraft!

    Competition details:

    Competition closes 6/5/2011. Winner to be announced the following Monday. To see the detailed terms and conditions, please read the prior sentence.

    To Win:

    A wise man once pondered “What do cows do when they have an itchy bladder?”. He then realised that the bladder would likely be internal and changed the question to udder. The fact remains that with no opposable thumbs and, let’s be honest, pretty crappy elbows, that cows would not be able to scratch that particular itch….

    So to help our Bovine friends, you must invent a device/contraption that would assist a cow in scratching an udder itch and, using Photoshop or similar (Paint is acceptable) provide an image of your invention. Please include as much detail as required to detail the particulars of the device. Extra points are awarded for also making udderly ridiculous jokes!

    To be eligible, you must send the e-mail of your image to claimsboy at hotmail dot com but make sure you post here also. I will bump this next week.

    Good luck

    (This competition is brought to you by the Kotaku Minecraft server, in association with Q-bo’s twisted twitter feed @Qumulys)

    anyway, long story short, portal 2 is awesome

      Is that a subtly hint that you are looking for a portal 2 co-op partner over steam?

        it would be, if i could play online D:<

          No internets? Or does the PSN thing mean you can't register it or something?

            Just received my PS3 copy in the mail from Zavvi (finished the single player by borrowing my brother's steam account). According to the insert:

            On your PS3:
            1) Create a PSN account
            2) Press SELECT in Portal 2 to access Steam
            3) Follow steps to create/login to Steam

            The on the PC/MAC:
            1) Get Steam
            2) Login to Steam
            3) Activate using the code they provide

            The Internet confirms that the code won't work until you've tied your PSN and Steam accounts together. Which is currently impossible because you can't log in to the PSN. Bugger.

            I was previously indifferent about the PSN outage. Now I am filled with rage and hate Sony and want to sue Sony for everything they have and want them to give me free PS4s and every game they ever make and ponies. Gah!!

              i feel exactly the same, you'd think valve would be extremely pissed about this, i mean they JUST launch steam for PS3, and PSN goes down, they only had about a day of testing... but oh well, the game was still amazing, I JUST WANNA PLAY CO-OP RAAAAWR

      I understand your pain human... I have no co-op partner for Portal 2 either

        Techy, you're on the PC version, right?

        I have two more achievements I need, and if you haven't attempted co-op yet then it's perfect for me. You might say it ruins all the fun because I've already finished co-op, but it's okay, my memory is terrible. So, if you wish to co-op, and are desperate enough to use me as a friend, just give me a shout whenever I'm on Steam. Or something.

          Yeah I am on PC version, you probably would've seen me via steam playing it on saturday afternoon/night.

          Would be willing to tag up with ya on co-op sometime this week or the weekend, dunno yet but will keep you informed :)

    With the death of Osama Bin Laden, I hope we can all sit together (while apart), and contemplate the fact that it makes absolutely no difference to anything whatsoever.

    Everyone's life is meaningless.

    You're Welcome.

      Profound words, friend. I feel refreshed and fulfilled by your verbosity on the topic of life, inspired even.

      You sir, are a motivational genius! Bravo!


      Although, the story being posted on Kotaku seems to be a big deal for some people. It puzzles me.
      So much nerd-rage...
        Do you see this? DO YOU
        This is a man who has won Lizzies, not Walkleys!
        *shakes fist*

        PS, this comment was just an excuse to re-post that picture. I wonder if I can find one of him kissing them creepily.

      So, let me clarify what I stated above (although, since you're a bunch of smart people, you appear to have the right opinion anyway).

      The death of Bin Laden will have absolutely no effect on the function of Al Qaeda. If I look at the upsides, there's a higher chance of Obama being re-elected thanks to this, but I doubt it will make a significant difference. The death appears to have kindled the American spirit, or something, which will have a small effect, but again, not really. Also, I was just down in Woden, and saw a bunch of people watching the tvs and gawping over the news, which kind of offended the intelligent part of my brain.

      Finally, I just posted the depressing message because if the death of someone so renowned is overall irrelevant, what chance do the rest of us have? Now that I'm done being a miserable sook. Who likes cookies?

    He should technically be added to the Guinness book of Records as hide and seek champion 2001-2011...

    I'm more annoyed that in the 10 "offical" years it has taken to find him... we still dont have a R18+ rating for Games.....

    Poor Nathan Fillion.


      Nathan Fillion so crazy. I love watching him in the behind the scenes/outtakes videos, they're always hilarious.

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