Tell Us Dammit

Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff – like what are you expecting to see from this year's E3? What are you hoping to see?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

I think this year's E3 could be a bit of a humdinger - there's a new Nintendo console being unveiled, but in addition the silence on games for 2012 and beyond suggests to me that we're going to see a lot of big new announcements.

What are you guys hoping for? What do you expect? Let us know in the comments below.


    I'd like to see a release date for The Old Republic...and some more console quality iPad games, hopefully an iPad Batman Arkham Asylum port :D

    I really want to see a remake of Syndicate, Carrier Command and something with headtracking, damnit!

    Dragon Quest X
    Donkey kong 64 coming to virtual console
    Donkey Kong Country Returns 2: Diddy's Kong Quest Strikes Back
    Dragon Age Orgins 4: The Repeatening!

    Id like to know if the PSN hacking of personal information led to Osamas demise.

    Assissin's Creed 3 which will explore the sci-fi background presented in 2 and explain that men were made by dinosaurs. Space dinosaurs. Who surfed to earth on rockets fueled by awesome.

    Also, a repeat of the Twilight Princess fiasco with an announcement that Skyward Sword will be a Cafe (or whatever they decide to name it) launch title and will come out on the Wii 3 months later.

    I hope not, but I think Nintendo will announce that Skyward Sword will be released simultaneously on Project Cafe & Wii which will mean it will be delayed another year.

    Everything else will be run of the mill. Infinity Ward will announce MW3 on stage at Microsoft. Sony will have the announcement of Assassins Creed. etc etc.

    Also really looking forward to a concrete release date for NGP & possibly it's name.

    An eruption of Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3 and Uncharted 3 details.

    Also future hardware details from all big guns.
    Specifically the NGP.

      Almost forgot about The Darkness 2.

      To Shame!! :(

    I'd be interested to see what Sony does with its PSP line [both psp1 and the details of 2]. It's got a lot of support in Japan and with the Nintendo launch spluttering a little [as well as the recent PSN crap] it seems like the best time to make a push with the handheld line to get a little credibility back.

    Also hoping the Move and Kinect start getting a bit more interesting with their games, particularly the Kinect. If they want to compete with the Wiiiiiii they will have to step up.

    Nintendo is really shaking things up, here's hoping they can promise more than a 30% complete Zelda game and a new gimmick for Mario.

      Def agree about Kinetic.

      Just got one about a month ago and there really isnt much out there... About 3 games worth getting. Although Eden is coming soon!

      Also want patches for kinetic.
      hopefully the voice recognition patch for aussies!

      and would love them to announce a patch that improves kinetic response time, its a bit too laggy at times. Apparently some study done by M$ mentioned that this can be done.

    Wii vitality sensor.

    Also, what happens when you put it somewhere other than your finger?

      It becomes the Wii Fertility Sensor

    ARKHAM CITY!!! with a sprinklin' of NGP

    - Nintendo will reveal their new console which will excite everyone tremendously while in the back of our minds we'll know that we'll be heading for eventual disapointment. They'll also pull a Twilight Princess and delay Skyward Sword for a dual release on the next console, as well as revealing Mario 3DS and Mario Kart 3DS.

    - Sony will start their conference by muttering "waverighttosuefordatabreachsayswhat?" before focussing on the NGP and all the great things it can do, some new Playstation Move games as well as mentioning their continuing long term plans for the PS3 and how it will continue to be great even when Nintendo release a new console.

    - Microsoft will reveal a pile of sequels, something about Halo, more Xbox Live games for Windows Phone 7, more Kinect stuff, as well as mentioning their continuing long term plans for the 360 and how it will continue to be great even when Nintendo release a new console.

    Internet countdown clocks.

    Sim City day..

    Hoping to see,
    GTA V,
    OOT limited edition 3DS,
    Paper Mario and Starfox release dates,
    Majora's Mask on 3DS,
    Announcement of Gamecube and Wii games for digital purchase on new Nintendo,
    some proper kinect games not minigame crap.
    and a Nintendo console with 250 gig hard drive (highly doubtful), HD graphics and a normal controller.

    Half Life 3 ... Please!! Plus GTAV (PS3 exclusive), Resident Evil 6 and Infinity Blade for consoles (Kinect / Move enabled)

      I read that GTAV is currently being developed for Project Cafe so it probably won't be PS3 exclusive.

    SWTOR please.

    Hoping to see:

    (1) The Last Guardian.

    (2) A release date for the Ico/SotC collection so I can stop hassling Mark about it in Ask Me Stuff every week.

    (3) Whatever Santa Monica are working on, even if it's "just" more God of War.

    (4) A reason to care about Move and/or Kinect.

      All of this. And can't wait to see the Uncharted 3 demo they play at the press conference, as well as more info on Arkham City, BF3, Skyrim and the inevitable AC3. Oh, and more Rising.

      Would also like to know more about Cafe and NGP.

    NGP and pricing

    Halo 4
    God of War 4
    Modern Warfare 3
    Call of Duty: Future Warfare
    Fable 4
    ME spinoff mobile game
    TOR release date

    I'm hoping, likely in vain, to hear more about the XCOM reboot and Bioshock Infinite.
    Also looking forward to some whispers about release titles for the new Nintendo console, hopefully a mix of home and third-party releases, and seeing more of the march of sequels on the 360.
    I'd also like to see some strong performances by PC developers and an announcement from Blizzard about either Diablo 3 or the first SC2 expansion.

    This is what I would like to see/hear:

    "Guess what. All those games we said were coming out later? They're coming out NOW! Also, they're waaaay better than you expected them to be."

    Mass Effect 3
    Deus Ex
    Some new IP...

    I would like some detail about a next gen playstation and also a release date and pricing for ngp in australia.
    Also i won't more trailers about resistance 3 i am so looking forward to this game and if there will be a collectors edition and what it will contain.
    Also what games will be available for ngp on release

    Trackmania 2
    Serious Sam 3

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