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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff – what is the angriest a game has ever made you? What game was it? And why did it piss you off so much?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Game rage is fairly common. My brother used to headbutt the N64 controller. Headbutt it. I'm pretty sure I've had a few tantrums in my time, the most recent being in Trials HD and Super Meat Boy.

But what about you guys? Ever done anything completely stupid as a result of game rage? And what the game that sent you into a frenzy?


    Haha, I see. Most definately Trials HD. Nothing has made me angrier. Ever. Not even IRL.

    Why is this man riding his motorbike in such dangerous places? Why does he want to ride it up ramps with boxes on them that are close to impossible to get the f$%@ over?! And why am I so compelled to keep making him try, over... and over... and over...

    Oh god. Ridge Racer Revolution on PSone.

    I hated the shitty, broken drift mechanic. I hated the digital controls that meant as soon as I kissed a wall I'd lose all speed. I hated how it cheated in the final races against the Devil and Angel cars. I nearly twisted a controller out of existence playing it, but it was all I had for a month or so and I wasn't going to let it beat me.

    Fuck you, RRR. If you were a person I'd slap you with an open hand and then my backhand and yet you'd still keep smiling.

      Sup Paul old bean? I should have know you'd come in here! You're the last angry man!

    Plus, is that man in the picture about to spit on his PSP? Maybe he's playing Monster Hunter...

    I had an unfortunate nerd rage incident while playing reach online last year.

    Something tipped me over the edge and I punched the steel frame of my couch about 4-5 times. After match making, when the adrenaline wore off, I could barely move my hand

    The GP determined that I had what he called "Boxer's Break", where a bone in my hand absorbed to much shock impact. I had to explain that, no I did not punch a person, I merely nerd raged. Needless to say my GP thinks I'm an idiot (rightly so IMO).

    Very embarassing.

    My old housemate used to break a 360 controller almost every week playing FIFA. I had to hide mine.

    I can't remember exactly which games made me flip out but there have been a couple... I usually just swear then turn the game off and return it/loan it out (who wants to play games that make you mad?!).

      I'm kind of like that, but it's more, "Swear, calmly turn off the xbox, go to turn on my computer, get bored during the boot-up time, and go back to whatever game I was playing...

        " Whooo, forgot to conclude my quote, awkward.

    I hurt my wrist hitting a wall for some reason after playing Baldur's Gate 2. I think I may have screwed up a very intricate little plan and had my whole party wiped by a boss. That was back in high school.

    There aren't that many other examples that come to mind. Although playing through some buggier games like Afro Samurai and The Force Unleashed definitely managed to make me rage a little, until I reached the point where I cracked and it became funny how bad they were.

      I completely forgot one of the most obvious examples.

      Trauma Center: Under the Knife.

      It may be one of my favourite games, but some of the later missions were so goddamned difficult that I threw my styli across the room. Both of them. With great force. I also invented several new swear words that day, although in hindsight it may have just been the incoherent ravings of a madman.

      Once I worked out what I was doing, the rage subsided and that's when I actually started to really enjoy the game, when I had the satisfaction of knowing that I had concurred this beast.

        I've been there man. I know we've talked about it before - but golf ham that game was rock.

          "golf ham that game was rock"

          Golf ham would be a minced oath for goddamn, but "that game was rock" baffles me. Clearly I'm getting old and am no longer hip with the lingo.

            I meant it was difficult.

            Like a shortened version of 'rock hard'.

              No, that makes far too much sense. It'll never catch on :p

        I also concur with this beast! :-P

          Muscle memory is a weird thing. I meant to type "conquered" but after typing "con" my finger hit the c key and the rest just followed.

          That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

      I remember raging at The Force Unleashed because of how cheap the Rancors were. If you got hit by their ground smash attack you got knocked off your feet. Once you stand back up... you're just in time to be knocked off your feet again by the next attack. I sat there looking at the screen completely dumbfounded as I was knocked down over and over for about half a minute, with my health bar being slowly chipped away at until I died, completely powerless to avoid it.

        I had a similar problem with the boss in the Junk Temple early on. Instead of being knocked down as soon as I got up, the bastard would stun lock me, drain my force meter and then my health just by spamming one attack.

        If you blocked, you either died or got very lucky that he decided to give up.

    The 'ending' of Halo2, it was 2am and I was gearing up for the big fire-fiight and... end credits?!?! I actually threw the controller at the screen.

    Luckily I was playing on a projector.

    Recently? Shift Unleashed 2. Completely unplayable with a controller. You nudge the joystick and the steering wheel goes full lock.

    This, combined with the crappy sequel to Dragon Age kicked off my boycott of EA games.

    The last real irritation came from the nonsensical WoW quests that really didn't explain what to do. If there was no wowhead I would have definitely uninstalled at some point on my way to 85 in a grand display of nerd rage.

      I hear you on Shift 2. Loved the first, but this just makes me a bit sad.

    I get angry at games quite a bit. Bayonetta was probably th eangiest I'd gotten in a while. Angriest? Driver on the PS1. Got so frustrated I threw my controller at the wall and it smashed like a thing that smashed. I then felt awful because I couldn't play any more PlayStation.

      Driver was the one with impossible and brutal time challanges huh? I remember that if you took the slightest detour or even used your breaks you'd fail!!! Yep thats on the list.

    I can't remember what game it was now but I broke a PS2 controller.. I was sitting on the floor in front of the TV playing, raged out like crazy (thankfully home alone) and with the controller in one hand, hit the other end on the floor. This didn't do too much damage, but broke thr housing of one of the screws which meant the case would now open slightly. This actually made me rage even more and this time I didnt stop hitting the end of the controller until it literally broke in half.

    I had to go around the lounge room pucking uo little x o and square and triangle buttone, I even had to look under the couch for the thumbstick and one of the rumble motor things.

    After this, I stood up, and carefully placed the entire collection in the rubbish bin. Now here is the best part.

    I went back to the cupboard under the TV, got out another controller, plugged it in and went straight back to exactly the same thing!

    Rage quits are for wimps! True story. It sucked also because it was my fav controller. An official blue transparent one!

      And I obviously could not finish here without a mention to Trials HD. This game is like continually dropping the soap in a prison shower, but somehow you continue to WANT to drop the soap!

      I hope that metaphor worked or this is just EEEWWW.

      This is the link I was thinking about that anyone who has the slightest interest in the game or has played it needs to check out:

      And lastly I need to give a shout out to Spongebob's boat o cross. I have made it to level 4 and I doubt anyone can do any better. Not that I am that great, but to do this without breaking something is not easy!

    The electric shock puzzle in yesterday's 'I' LunchTime Waster made me rage a little.

    Mairo Kart Wii.

    Four players (plus CPU).

    32 race grand prix.

    I think it took us an hour and a half, or three. Can't quite remember now. But it was the worst thing I have ever done or taken part in. And never again will I do it.

    So many near-victories that were stolen by a last minute red or blue shell just before the line, which were especially angering when they came from one of the other guys just as I was about to beat the guy that was beating us all. Also I recall having a particular vendetta against Rosalina. Actually now that I think about it, that's who he was using. Many profanities were exclaimed, including one particular spiel that may or may not have involved sodomy. Not proud of that :P

    There may have been some floor punching too at one point. Thankfully not quite bad enough to give myself Boxer's Break though.

      Wow everything you just said is my favourite thing to do! EBERY DAY.

      Seriously me and a few mates always have our "epic battle". 32 race GP 150cc computers on hard, frantic weapon set. So much carnage. You would think after 32 races the overall scores would be wildly different. Nope. We are always within a few points on the last race, it's intense all the way.

      It's funny that you mention boxer's break though, as an embarrassing story happened to me. Actually I posted it earl - HEY WAIT A MINUTE! ARE YOU TAKING THE PISS?! :-P

        Why do you make me do those races?!? I'm surprised I don't rage at coming dead last all the time...


        But yeah, I really intensely dislike MKWii. Would much rather play any other entry instead, even MK64 which I'm not too fond of nowadays either (controls don't feel right after getting massively into the 2D ones for a while).

      Definitely Mario Kart Wii for me as well, I've given up trying to unlock all the characters in fear of chucking my controller towards the tv.

      While on racing games, Burnout 3 also made me pretty angry. The last Grand Prix is impossible for me, as were the majority of those Preview Laps. F*** them!!

    Super Meat Boy is pretty rage worthy, especially trying to beat The Kid's stages made me want to punch a small dog. Apart from that, Reach does it to me when I can't even get a kill in.

      Could you believe that I spent over four straight hours doing the Kid levels starting at ~11pm and still didn't beat the second one, without rageing? The next day I beat the whole lot in half an hour...

        I can believe that...because it took me five hours and same as you, next day beat it in half an hour.

    I once stabbed a coffee table repeatedly and with great violence. During a Halo 3 match I believe.
    Nevermind why there was a large knife within grabbing distance.

      Oh that's right; probably during another H3 match I punched my other coffee table hard enough to break the top off, then threw the offending bit of wood at the wall.

    Castlevania... So much potential yet so damn frustrating... What a let down.


    It's one of those free to play online korean games. You play as warriors, mages, archers etc and level up by fighting other peoples characters in deathmatches.

    I was starting out, trying to learn the moves, but in every match I'd get ganged to death by 2 or 3 warriors much higher level than me.

    That feeling of being able to do absolutely nothing made me throw off my headphones and start roaring at the monitor, almost frothing at the mouth.

    Not a pleasant memory.

      I remember Rakion! Rather steep entry curve if you didn't have other people actively assisting you.

    LAN Quake III without a doubt. I try to avoid all competitive multiplayer games now that I know just how angry I get.

    Single player games, though, hmm... Goldeneye on N64 was total bullshit at times on 00 Agent difficulty. Trials HD had me lingering on the edge of rage at times, but I found that a Zen-like detachment avoided that and made it easier to post good scores.

    In fact, this is what I try to do when faced with any single player gaming challenge nowadays - stay cool and just keep trying a tricky part till I beat it. If it's something like crap controls that's causing me problems, then I'll simply stop playing it and move on before I get mad.

    I don't usually get angry at video games. I do, however, get somewhat vocal and argumentative when severe lag strikes in FPS games. Or when half of the team bails when we start losing. Or when other players cheat/glitch.

    One of the courtesans side-missions in AC Brotherhood was going more than 200 paces away to steal medicine from a doctor and going back to give the medicine to a poisoned courtesan, IN 2.5 MINUTES. It was not exactly a straight path either. After throwing the 360 controller about 20 times on the couch and making 'gahhhh' noises at the screen, I gave up.

    My game rage is written in my facial expressions more than physical or verbal rage.

    R-Type....lotsa years ago , but still get angry thinking about it ! Still to find a game as hard .

      R-Type! Fantastic game, but could definitely get the rage pumping.

    Need For Speed Most Wanted. I just could not get enough bounty to race the last guy, I kept getting caught whenever I had gotten a heap of bounty in a pursuit...last year I decided to try it again, and I got all the bounty and milestones I needed in one pursuit...

    One of the more recent games for me would be Blazblue. Especially Continuum Shift. The dang final rounds in arcade and the later rounds in score attack mode... rage. Also some of the challenges feel like BS.

    I'm a pretty calm and cool guy 99.9% of the time. But when I get angry... you know about it. So I've pretty much given up game genres that make me that way (eg platformers- f*** you, Mario Sunshine retro levels. F*** you.).

    The two most recent games to make me rage super hard were Red Faction: Guerilla and Prototype, both their boss battles.

    RF had an awful 20 minute long drive up a mountainside in a tank, then on foot through a firefight, then a boss battle on foot vs a tank... WITH NO CHECKPOINTS INBETWEEN. So even after you mastered the tank bit, you then had to master the on foot bit, and THEN had to master the boss battle.

    SO MUCH RAGE. SO MUCH RAGE. I refuse to buy another RF game ever again because of this. Ever.

    Prototype's boss bottle is vs a supermonster dude that you have to beat in 10 minutes. He has a MASSIVE health bar that, when you hit him, barely even registers a hit. So you have to hit him over, and over, and over, AND OVER. FOR 10 MINUTES. And if he hits you, it's like, 1/3 of your health gone. FFFFFFF. I think I ended up managing to beat him with about 20 seconds left after watching youtube after youtube of the battle to find every situation to exploit in the battle.


      Also I made the mistake of trying Super Meat Boy during the potato sack thing on Steam. I calmly decided to not continue playing a handful of levels in.

      Yep i resorted to youtube for the prototype battle. I didnt think it could be done! I did it also, but i do remember that one!

    I yelled at the screen while playing the Ultimate Electro level in Spider-man Shattered Dimensions last night.

    Annoying electricity puns from Spidey + Annoying electricity puns from Biff Tannen + Terrible lag when I needed to zipline out of the rising electric water = One Angry Dan...

    Playing Blood Bowl on the PSP, I became so infuriated with it that I ended up biting the handheld so that to this day, there is a tooth mark on the screen.

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