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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff – like how do you feel about the new developments in the PSN saga? Is this second breach the final straw?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

We've always said that, depending on how well Sony handled the PSN outage, consumers would probably forgive Sony for the whole PSN situation. But now that the password reset system has now been exploited, do you guys have any confidence in Sony's abilities to protect your personal details?


    It's not just that. I'm hearing that the older fat systems crash and sometimes just randomly reset with firmware 3.61

    Apparently this is particularly problematic with LA Noire.

      Most likely those are systems that were on the brink anyway, and if there's lots of reports with LA Noire it's probably because it's the only really high profile AAA game released in the last few weeks that will really push the system hard. Corellation doesn't mean causation.

      I have (well had) a 40gb that never had any problems, had it for 4 years, when the network went down it spazzed out. Games started glitching really badly and then about week or so ago, it just died, YLOD. -_- although i think it may have been on the brink of dying, but you just dont know.


      Further: as much as, if not more due to recent upgrades, any other similar organisation.

    There's been a second breach?
    HAW HAW!
    But err, I don't feel either way about it since I don't actually own a PS3 or a working PSP...

    am i missing something here but sony has released a statement saying that there was no second "breach" as had been reported. and that they have fixed it whatever they found to be the issue before anything happened.

    i have an old fat 40gig and i have had no such issues with any games and its been copping a flogging since the PSN came back up.

    Apparently its fixed now anyway

    Doesn't change my feelings about my PS3 - the reason I bought it (Sony having the best range of exclusives thanks to having the best firstparty studios) is still valid. I'm not going to chuck it in and miss out on the likes of Uncharted, God of War, The Last Guardian etc etc because of a security breach that has had no actual impact on me apart from the inconvenience of not having online play for a few weeks.

      Not trying to start a war here. Just curious. but I went the other way for the same reason.

      Was really only Mass Effect 1, Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey for me.

      What was the draw to PS3 for you?
      I would love to play MGS4, GoW and Modnation Racers.

        At the time I purchasesd it, I guess number 1 for me was whatever Team ICO were going to do (which turns out to be The Last Guardian, and I'm still waiting for it!), since I love Ico and Shadow of the Colossus like I love very few other games. But also other exclusives I loved from previous generations e.g. Killzone, MGS, God of War, Everybody's Golf, etc.

        And there's been plenty of new IP which has come to light this generation like Demon's Souls, Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, Heavy Rain, etc. Not to mention Valkyria Chronicles which, while 3rd party, was exclusive. I'm just pissed they put the sequels on PSP, since that's not really a platform I have much interest in :(

          You'll also notice that the majority of the games I've listed there are primarily, if not entirely, single player, which is another reason the PSN outage hasn't really got me as outraged as it seems to have got others - the only thing I really play online is Bad Company 2 and the odd game of Killzone 3 - apart from that I don't really play online anyway.

    I'm wondering what new and exciting ways they'll find to screw up next. Will accessing PSN now cause terrorist groups to target your neighbourhood? Will playing certain first party games cause all the milk in your fridge to go off? Sony really has very few options when it comes to screwing up more spectacularly than they already have.

    Glad everything is getting back to normal. But im over hearing about it & seeing every 2nd article on gaming websites cover it

    I dunno if it's related to the psn breach, cos I don't think i've ever put my cc details in there, but I just got a call from my bank saying I had suspicious transactions. I may have put them on there at some point and just don't remember, but who knows. At least the bank was good about it. They cancelled them all and sending me a new card!

    Even more pissed off if this is true

    amateur hour, seriously

    Not being a Sony user it doesn't personally affect me, but I can't help but *headdesk* at how careless they have been with something as simple as a password reset system.. if they are buggering that up AFTER the big intrusion, how can consumers feel confident in giving Sony custody of their personal data?

    Japan did the right thing in delaying their activation of PSN, IMHO!

    Not really. All my passwords were changed on my PS3 already.

    What is annoying as that this definately seems like a vendetta against Sony.

    If I leave Sony then they win, right? I mean, that seems to be their goal. Get everyone to hate Sony. To stop using Sony products.

    In saying that, if they bring the PSN down again, I'll be getting a 360 as a back up.

    The PSN getting hacked was not a real surprise to me, it was bound to happen one day in are digital age. But for me it was how Sony are handling it all. It took them a week to confess about that the hackers may of gotten away with credit card numbers and other personal information. On top of that their way of welcoming us back with a bunch of free games that are over 1 year old, And now this. Sony, I love the Playstation but I'm getting tiered of all this crap.

    WHAT MORE CAN I SAY, F$7K you sony.

    You can Stick your 45 days Free Access to DC Online up your Piehole and give me my Money back for a game i will never play again.

    so this is what i can assume will happen when ppl take up there offer:-

    SONY - "sorry" here is 45 free days access fineprint (please provide your new credit card details to sony (strike that) the internet to continue to receive the sub to below par service)

    typical: can anything else be said

    It's annoying (the hacks/breaches) but Sony is probably a bit unlucky at the moment. If these nefarious types spent this much time on anyones security they could probably find something to exploit. At the same time the base PSN subscription is free so at least there is no monetary loss to most consumers (assuming credit card info is not completely compromised). In all honesty as long as I can synch my trophies every so often and download new rock band tracks I'll be happy

    I love how everyone is making out that it's Sony's Fault and raises the question. OMG Is this the end for Sony? OMG Is this the End of Playstation?... OMG It took .. a week to tell us anything... I'm pretty sure a week is a pretty good considering how major the issue was... it's as if we are all royalty and must know everything at once. Be Glad Sony told you this much.

    How many times is Windows Hijacked, Xbox, Sqaure Enix... anything online?? LOL! It's only an issue because Sony are the only ones with Balls to admit it. Get over it people, really, it's as if most people are 5 year olds.

      Yes, 5 year olds with credit cards currently being auctioned off online.

      Fanboys are in damage control. Dude let me tell you my surprise you, but all this is Sony's fault, no one is else to blame......

        Sure Sony have to shoulder a lot of the blame. Their security need an obvious obvious overhaul as does their processes for dealing with a breach.

        I'd say the criminals that perpetrated the breach and stole the information may be partly to blame here too though.

        Just saying.

    I think the best part for these PSN articles are the comments, some responses sound almost exactly like what you would hear from a PR firm and some are ridiculous fanboy-ism.

    Either way, I'll keep my PS1 and PS2 but as far as gaming goes those will be my only Sony products.

    I never use my CC online, and what are Anonymous gonna do with my phone number and address? Prank call me? Send fake, childish ransom letters?

    Moving on to Sony, I think they really dropped the ball on the password reset URL thing. But seeing as I'm not phased, I'm still sticking with my PS3. I don't even pay with credit cards for anything.

    In fact, I'm actually considering getting rid of my Xbox 360 now simply because of how unreliable it is. I'm to be on my 5th Xbox 360 in a few weeks, which is just pathetic.

      Also, people are going to complain no matter what. If Sony came out and said "Hey guys, we've been hacked" 5 mins after the PSN got taken down, people would complain and ask why Sony didn't tell them, say, a minute after the attack.

    I still want one. Might be a bit hesitant to take it on line....but i want to play DCU :(

    I just kind of want my free games.
    I don't PSN much; most of my PS3 games are single player RPGs, and I put in fake details for my account, so whilst I could be outraged in principle, apart from not being able to browse PSN for some hidden gems, I don't really care much.

    Not concerned at all :D

    My passwords have been changed prior to this 'slip' and Sony already stated it wasn't a 'breach' or 'Hack'.

    I believe it's just sensationalist media at it's best :D

    I'm just waiting for my free games, which is a nice gesture. I honestly expected nothing. (and would have been happy with nothing)

    It seems Sony have been targeted by people who have nothing better to do than sit in their chairs in front of computer screens making peoples life miserable.

    I'm a gamer, I'll go where the games are, whether they are on the 360 or Wii (or soon to be Cafe).

    So no, this isn't the end of my relationship with Sony, they would have to stop making games for that too happen.

    Wah now the hackers are after consoles not just pcs. Bound to happen eventually.
    I wonder if the hackers will be happy when they kill off ps3 and we are stuck with a 2 horse race again (Wii & xbox).

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