Test Drive Unlimited Studio Stages One-Day Strike

Test Drive Unlimited Studio Stages One-Day Strike

Atari’s plans to lay off more than 50 per cent of Eden Games’ workforce, plus alleged “mismanagement”, were the catalysts for a one-day symbolic strike today by the developer of Test Drive Unlimited 2.

“For several years we are witnessing multiple leader changes at its head, they did not hesitate to get rich despite financial difficulties,” said a statement by Eden staff, sent to Gamasutra. Developers at the Lyon, France-based studio complained that they’ve been subjected to layoffs for a decade, to no meaningful end other than the loss of jobs.

“Each time the recovery project was beautiful and promising, and ended in a failure,” the statement said. “We are skeptical about the proposed [plan] .”

Atari’s unwillingness to negotiate, or so Eden employees allege, were the final straw, and so they struck “to show the employees’ determination and mobilisation”.

Eden’s demands include an audience with Atari CEO Jim Wilson, access to financial records regarding the health of the company, and assurances that Eden employees are treated the same as other Atari employees.

Atari gave no comment regarding the matter. More at the link.

Atari’s Test Drive Unlimited Studio Goes On ‘Symbolic Day Strike’ [Gamasutra]


  • Shame. I can’t be the only person who really likes test drive unlimited/ unlimited 2? They put a lot of effort into it and are always planning updates and giving free dlc. Why aren’t they treated like other atari studios?

    • They are only free because of all the F-Ups the game had, so this was their attempt to redeem themselve..

      Because really, would you pay for DLC for a broken game?

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