The 3DS E-Shop Has Been Delayed

The 3DS launched without its online store being ready for business. Which was weird. Weirder still is that the store's launch has now been pushed even further back (if only by a week or so).

A brief announcement on Nintendo's web site states that the online store, originally planned for release in late May, will now be open on June 7. The day of the company's E3 presentation.

So only a week or two's delay! Which isn't too bad. Well, not any worse than launching a system without its online store working in the first place, anyway.



    Finally, something to write about on Fridays. Things were getting pretty desperate.

    This sucks, but I get the feeling that they're planning something big, I mean if they're launching it on the day of their E3 presentation there HAS to be something planned.

    No. This is just... Ugh, I bought my 3DS on launch to be ready for this, instead of waiting to get it when they launched the eShop late May (when stock might not have been easy to come by). I was really looking forward to this, so... Yeah, kinda upset. Love my retro gaming...

      It's understandable considering the earthquake. The pokemon global link was delayed a few weeks as well, but it wasn't the end of the world.

      Think of the bigger picture man

        I thought Nintendo was unaffected? And waiting until May to say it's not coming in May is a bit frustrating. Just saying, this was the feature I was looking forward to the most, and it's been delayed again.

          im so with stew. nintendo so doesn't take online seriously, never has. it's a pitty, because the more they continuously disapoint, the less likely im willing to buy anything from them in the future. my 3ds is close to being sold.

    So what, they delay it so that it is released at the same time as there presentation?.... not a very good excuse if you ask me

    This has been a massive disappointment for my 3DS so far. No web browser. No estore. Crappy launch titles. Lucky I'm patient.

    This is there attempt to get the online right on a console!! This is shaping up to be a joke. This should have been ready day one! On top of the abysmal launch titles, there is no reason 3DS was release already. They should have held off and delivered a quality package. I am a Nintendo Fan, but how long are Nintendo faithful suppose to put up with this crap? Project Cafe will be the final straw for me and it better be perfect.

    I'm glad i got one on launch day so I could see how crappy they are and then sell it on eBay for more than I paid for it.

    I have a raging flass for the 3DS and really regret buying one. There is just no relevant reason to own one.

    I found fun in Street Pass quests and puzzle trading, I always keep my 3DS with me when I go out, it's really fun, and the only thing I can do while I wait for more titles...

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