The Absurdity Of International Game Ratings

Different cultures have different tastes. That's a given, and will always result in slight differences in game ratings. But what's just happened to 3DS game Dead or Alive: Dimensions is too strange to overlook.

The game won't be sold in Sweden, Norway and Denmark because of fears over the region's child pornography laws, which forbid the illustration of underage girls in sexualised situations. True to the series' form, Dead or Alive: Dimensions has that in spades in its photography mode.

Yet in Australia, a land constantly derided for its supposedly antiquated video game classification, it's received a PG rating. Meaning it can be bought and played by anyone. Even if that anyone is a five year-old kid. Or, as some Scandinavian lawmakers would fear, child pornography aficionados.

Perhaps sensible, normal gamers in both territories could institute some kind of hostage swap. Direct trades of copies of Dead or Alive: Dimensions for the new Mortal Kombat, for example.

Nintendo 'child porn' game PG in Australia [SMH]


    its almost as if the australian classification board was broken....

      Like! +1

    Ironic considering that Scandinavians are very non-prudish about sex generally.

    Question; are they REALLY underage?

      A lot of the characters are listed as around 17-18 in the Japanese versions of the games but that information tends to be left out from the English versions for the reason of it being seen as child pornography. So by Australian law, they would probably be.

        Yeah but are the characters really 17-18 if the book doesn't say they are?

        Games are localized all the time, do we now talk about the "real" version. If so nothing we'd never have got L4D2...

      Sweden is very liberal in regards to sex and fetishism, but child pornography is still a very big no-no.

      The question is now whether this game is actually child porn, or if it's just another ambiguous creepy Japanese game.

      Seriously guys. Photography mode?

        Dead or Alive is a very popular and long running fighting franchise. You are getting this confused with some other games here.

          Correction: Dead or Alive USED to be a long running fighting franchise. Then they started making beach volleyball/dating games. And shoe-horning in 'photography mode' into their main games.

          At this stage, no-one who likes fighting games cares about DOA because it's given up all pretense of being anything but wank fodder.

    Those three countries are some of the most laid-back when it comes to legislation regarding anything sexual. Hell, I'm fair certain that Sweden and Denmark have the age of consent at 15 (far lower than the vast majority of countries.)

    Curious to see how this came about.

      It is legal to have sex from the age of 15 in Sweden, but it is not legal to be Photograped in sexual siutaions until you are 18.
      A few years back this law was strengthen to include possession and written badly enough tp include drawn characters (was become apperant after a trial last year when a manga tranlsator was found guilty).
      So welcome to Sweden the country where it is perfectly legal to bang a 15 year old babe (or dude, we are openminded) but illegal to posses nudephotograps of yourself if they where taken before youw as 18.

    To be honest, with Australian games classification it's a case of "the bigger the name, the more it'll be looked at". Dead or Alive, even with it's reputation, isn't a highly thought about or bought game here. Games like Mortal Kombat, Grand Theft Auto, Left 4 Dead 2, etc are huge names that even non-gamers know and that's why they get so closely looked at by the ACL... I mean the fair and unbiased Australian classification board

      This does seem to be the trend that is occuring...

      I agree, a case of the squeeky wheel gets banned from the country. At the same time I wonder if this can be used as evidence for the need for R18. The game probably isn't that bad but at the same time should it be only PG.

      Always thought PG was a bit of a joke, I don't remember my dad ever "parentally guiding" me through anything.

      I disagree on that.

      Most of the games banned here are not big name titles. Dark Sector, ShellShock etc.
      Both banned for violence against human enemies, but games like Gears of War and Black Ops that are much more violent are let through with a MA15+ rating. Both have R18 ratings everywhere else.

      Mortal Kombat deserves to not receive a MA15+ rating. it would fall under R18 for sure. But our lack of R18 prevents that from happening.
      Anyone who beleives Mortal Kombat should be passed as a MA15+ has some serious issues.

      I have Mortal Kombat inported and love it, so I am not bashing the game.

    Wait wait wait, so if Mortal Kombat was called something else say Interdimensional Fighting Kompetition it would have got through?

    The reviews would be a nightmare, every moron and his troll would be posting how it totally rips off Mortal Kombat. The Blue Ice Ninja was even called Sub-Zero, and he has not only a DLC copy of Mortal Kombat Sub Zero's original costume but all his moves. This game blows and is completely unoriginal it's like they took Mortal Kombat and changed the name, on the box only.

    well I guess as long as it doesn't show people being killed and bones braking it's all good

    In all fairness the article does state the it could be illegal here as well. Which in turn highlights a massive problem with our legal system. Did anyone else notice the one paragraph point about someone being convicted of Child Pornography charges for possessing Simpsons Porn? You know that stuff that some idiot always (well did about 5 or 6 years ago now) posts in forum threads because they think it's funny. Is that what Child Porn laws have become now days? Are all these so called perverts that are registered sex offenders nothing more then people who had a funny picture of Lisa on the PC?

    Seriously, DoA: Dimensions sounds like it should be rated PG. There is no violence, and it has some slightly titillating game modes, nothing worse then what you would see on video hits on a Saturday morning.

    Won't somebody think of the fictional children?!

    This is all over the news now with its upskirt shots and child pornography being listed all over the radio this morning.

    woo boy. . . looks like the moral panic brigade is in full swing right now. . . which sucks because its a really good game

    it might be law, but human biology and evolution says differently...

    So if they change the game's website or whatever to read that they're now 18yo's then this problem goes away in a puff of smoke? This isn't the first game of that IP either so how many years have they been 17 now? lol.

    Also... upskirt mode, seriously? freaks.

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