The Beast Arrives In inFamous 2, And You Will Not Be Ready

The Beast Arrives In inFamous 2, And You Will Not Be Ready

Towards the end of inFamous, Cole MacGrath is given a vision of The Beast, an all-powerful world destroyer that only he has the power to stop. At the beginning of inFamous 2, he fails.

inFamous lovingly sets Cole up for a fall in inFamous 2. As the game begins The Beast arrives in Empire City, and our hero finds himself powerless to stop it. Instead he flees south to New Marais to rest, recoup, and build up the kind of power necessary to save the planet from total destruction.

The stage is set. Now all we have to do is wait until Infamous 2 hits the PlayStation 3 on June 7.

inFAMOUS 2: The Beast is Coming [PlayStation Blog]


    • There’s no spoilers in this video, they don’t show the Beast, just a heap of destruction as he approaches.

  • As fun as this game is going to be, there is apart of me that wants inFamous 3 more, I think.

    I’ve read somewhere in the past that the events in inFamous 2, aren’t those which are referred to at the end of inFamous by Kessler, but there are sources saying that “The Beast” is the “higher power”, just bought forward by Kesslers’ original actions. Have to play and see for myself!

    Either way, most games now become trilogies, so I expect to be annoyed by the ending of this one, but I’ll love every minute of it!

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