The Beginning And End Of Western Action Role-Playing Games

Over on Hardcore Gaming, there's a new timeline up for reading called "A Brief History of Western Action RPGs". Brief? Are you kidding me?

Spanning over thirty years of role-playing games (mostly) free of teenagers with stupid haircuts and over-sized swords, the timeline begins with the likes of Adventure and Dungeons of Daggorath and ends with 2010's Mass Effect 2 and Fallout: New Vegas.

The highlight though, at least for me, is the halfway point when we hit what many believe the "golden age" of role-playing (with at least some kind of action) on the PC, with series like Quest for Glory and Ultima Underworldin the late 80s and early 90s.

If you're a fan of any of those games, or Diablo, or Jade Empire, or System Shock, or Elder Scrolls, you can check out the whole thing below.

A Brief History of Western Action RPGs [Hardcore Gaming 101]


    There's no such thing as a "western" RPG... there are RPGs and there are JRPGs.

      How wonderfully West-centric your world is!

      Justin, in Japan you don't search the net and get excited about another Japanese RPG. They're just RPGs.

      When I went to China, we had "food". It was remarkably similar to what we call "Chinese food" over here.

    I heart Hardcore Gaming 101.
    You do understand that using the titular prefix "a brief history" infers that the retelling is succinct and not that the timeframe itself is brief, right?

    Man, climbing that tree over and over until finally leveling up enough to get to the top, awesome.. Then I'd die 5 minutes later from exhaustion

      Hah yeah, I used to set it to highest speed and repeat climb over and over til it was maxed out. Looked like a guy humping a log at first lol.

    I can't believe there was no mention of the best RPG of all time.... Darklands

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