The Best Place To Loiter In Guild Wars 2

Every massively multiplayer online role-playing game needs a place for players to hang out, shout their auctions, and bitch about the development team working on the game they're currently spending every waking hour playing. For Guild Wars 2, that city is Lion's Arch.

The city of Lion's Arch was a hub for adventurers in the days of the original Guild Wars as well, but 250 years changes a town. The once proud capital city of Kryta was destroyed when the Elder Dragon Zhaitan rose. Pirates and smugglers formed shanty towns in the rubble, those settlements slowly growing into a new Lion's Arch, one with no political allegiances. A place where beings of all races can come together and complain about ArenaNet.

Hit up the link below for more information on the new and improved Lion's Arch. It might not have many lions, but arches? Oh they've got arches.

City of Lion's Arch [Guild Wars 2]


    Hmm doesn't look like Lion's Arch much anymore, but it still looks amazing! So excited for GW2!

    Ya know one of the big things Im getting from their advertising campaign, is that they think every other MMO is repetitive and crap, and that they have the golden egg.

    Meanwhile.. swing that sword.. swing again.. or, just click once if ya playin GW1.

    Jus sayin guys.. everything they complain about is what was shitty bout their first game.
    On top of this, at the PAX East Panel interview combat was 'still being worked out'.

    'Our combat is about being active, social, I dont know about anyone else, Im sick of pressing buttons and bars.' << Were not pressing buttons in your game? Good to know I should buy that telepathic headset.

    'The combat is about changing all this/Im sick of watching bars' <<you should tell your UI that.

    'You want them to have a role, that role means and to matter, thats usually Im a healer, deeps or tank. In fact in GW2 everyone can do all those things.' << so you want people to feel they have a role, but everyone can do it.. I see.

    'Im sick of looking for groups.' << single player?

    He then goes on to explain how two classes will fight, and explains game mechanics ages old and seen in MMO's as staples. ROGUE RUNS IN AND OUT TURNIN THINGS? SHIT NO!

    If I was them Id stop trying to tall poppy WoW, and own up to the fact they do a hell of a lot of stuff right and try and work from there.
    Right now, they are making a prospective customer kinda paranoid.

    Why so defensive guys? Did you forget to add a binding for jump again?

      It definitely seems like you're wanting a new style MMO and are judging an incomplete product.

      I'm not even going to spend the time in working through with you all the points you've got mildly wrong but I just think you need to chill and stop being so paranoid.

    I think MaXX has a really good point actually. They're failing to admit that WoW, for all its flaws, does have some good points, and its combat system has always been one of them, especially today. It gives you a lot of moves with a lot of uses, it expects you to use them within a fairly normal amount of time (as opposed to the usual MMO's ridiculously generous windows), and it actually does take some reflexes to adapt to every situation the game can throw at you.

    ArenaNet should be looking at that, and saying, okay, how can we achieve that level of skill, while eliminating WoW's other glaring flaws? Instead we have them eliminating class roles in an effort to get as far away from its competition as possible, when class roles are a great idea that have been the standard for good RPGs for more than two decades. Dungeons and Dragons was certainly not a WoW clone... Well, the pen and paper wasn't. Can't talk for the MMO.

    They're making me nervous too. The game looks wonderful but when you say you want to get rid of bars and hotkeys then make a game full of bars and hotkeys, yeah, definitely something to get nervous over.

    Well, I for one is still into the MMORPG genre, and will definitely be playing Guild Wars 2. I played Guild Wars one for 3 years which definitely payed for my well spent $200~ (Including expansions)

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