The Call Of Pikachu Cthulhu

Who better to spend a C++ study break with than Pikachu Cthulhu.

Cthulhu Pikachu [SadAndUseless]


    Really? Not Pikacthulhu?

      Yeah, Brian really missed an obvious portmanteau opportunity - a portmanteauportunity, if you will - here. I would've gone with Pikthulhu myself (or Pikathulhu if you want to make the pronunciation more obvious, but that almost seems against the spirit of it).

        Wild Pikthulhu used unrelenting cosmic horror! It's super effective!

        Steve M really missed an obvious portmanteau opportunity: portmantunity.

          Is that an opportunity involving Natalie Portman?

          Ah, but the opportunity is simply to make one, the possibilities beyond that are vast! Also I like Adam's interpretation of yours; I wouldn't mind a few Portmantunities myself.

    Where can I get one!?!?!?!

    PokeTHULHU! Gotta Catch You All!

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