The Difference Between L.A. Noire And Grand Theft Auto

I enjoy L.A. Noire. I enjoy it for reasons that have nothing to do with why I enjoyed Grand Theft Auto IV. Despite superficial similarities, two games are barely alike, which I've carefully explained before.

But when I put L.A. Noire in the hands of someone who loves GTA, guess what he tried to do first? He discovered just how different these two games are. Watch.


    I was amped for this game, but the more I see of it the more I feel it will disappoint me. It just looks like a whole of wasted potential and squandered ideas. An open world that restricts your actions, a gameplay mechanic that ultimately has no bearing on the consequences, it again makes me question why game developers just don't make movies if they have a story to tell, especially with how big development budgets are getting. Enough of this ~cinematic immersion~ crap.

    Addendum: the thing that really annoys me with this video, is you simply accept "Oh you're supposed to be the good guy, so you can't run people over".

    Pretty much the main problem with many games coming out, instead of being a free thinking individual in a glorious alternate reality, we're being reduced to mere actors in someone else's production.

      So this game aint your cup of tea. Get over it.

      They tried something different. Good on them.

      I do see what you're saying and I recognize it as a valid and understandable opinion, but personally I don't see it as such a negative thing for a developer to do. If you are playing as a specific character who has a specific personality it makes sense that they would limit what you can make that character do to an extent.

      Nico can kill people and run people over, but he can't move out of the city and start farming and raise a family. I accept that limitation because I'm playing as Nico, not some character I am inventing.

      Sam Fisher can choose from a handful of different ways to infiltrate a building or get past a guard... but he can't toss his goggles in the ocean and decide to open a hot dog stand (this example i'm stealing wholesale from others who have said what i'm trying to say now, but I can't remember their names and I hope they forgive me)...

      By the very nature of games as they exist currently there have to be limits somewhere. And I think it's understandable that they would set limits on a character who is a police officer which is meant to rise through the ranks as the game progresses, not get put on probation or demoted or thrown in jail because of the killing spree he just went on at random.

      so in a narrative-based game where you play a specific character, I think this makes sense.

      Now, if the next Elder Scrolls lets me make my own character and build him from nothing BUT arbitrarily prevents me from killing random npcs THEN I would have a major issue with that, certainly...

    So what? Driver back on the PS1 had the same pedestrian features as LA Noire and they're both better games then GTA 4. I dont feel the need to senselessly kill people to enjoy a game, And furthermore comparisions are riduculous considering Team Bondi actually crafted LA Noire, not Rockstar.

    People must have got dumber since LA Noire times :)

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