The Ending Of Conduit 2 Is Worth At Least Twenty-Six Cents

Developer High Voltage Software is currently embroiled in some controversy over their reaction to Joystiq's Conduit 2 review. How could a game that ends this brilliantly get such a low score? In case the title didn't tip you off, spoilers.


    uhhh.... was that Abe Lincoln?

    Criticism for the game is apt. The gameplay is so generic that it's actually awful. I don't know if a game has ever made me feel that before and I played Singularity.

      Hey! Ever played CoD? It's this one game, which was ok, then they released 6 more of them, and made millions off a generic, crap, shooter.

    How lucky was it that they were at just the right location on earth for the signalling device to beam straight up, in a straight line, miss god knows how many planets and stars and rocks in between and directly hit the reciever on the alien ship!!!

    Abe AND George Washington?

    Also, was that ship a giant personality core?

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