The Fallout MMO Might Not Survive The Coming Apocalypse

The Fallout MMO Might Not Survive The Coming Apocalypse

The Fallout MMO, which has been chugging along for a while now with seemingly little progress made, is now in danger of going under completely as the game’s developers stare down the barrel of a rusty, post-apocalyptic gun.

Interplay, which has been around for decades, is a few million in the hole at the moment, with “substantial debts”. It’s also in the midst of a legal battle over the fate of the Fallout MMO, which would be entirely moot if the company can’t raise some cash.

Putting the Fallout MMO to the side for a moment, it would be a sad day were Interplay to face closure or have to sell up. First founded all the way back in 1983, the publisher has been behind games like Battle Chess, Earthworm Jim, the original Fallout games and Star Trek: 25th Anniversary.

This wouldn’t be the first time Interplay has stared the abyss in the face, either, as in 2005 the company was forced to move out of its main offices and sell off some of its IP in order to stay afloat. One of those properties sold was the Fallout licence, leading to the current legal battles.

Fallout in doubt as Interplay fears collapse [Develop]


  • Firstly, I have serious doubts that the fallout mmo ever really existed, I suspect it was cooked up (or revived really) purely to sue bethesda

    Secondly, interplay died years ago, whats left now is a company wearing a suit made of dead skin

    • I’m going to have to agree. Interplay’s been dead and gone for years. It’s a shame that this corpse-puppet is being made to dance for the courts just so some guy in a blazer can pocket a couple dollars, after killing what was once a decent company.

  • i think it will die, i mean, it was just interplay trying to reclaim their game after another company made it much better…

    • I’m confused as to how you can think this. Interplay had vastly inferior technology at their disposal when making Fallout 1 & 2 compared to Bethesda’s shoddy attempt at remaking the game with the completely and utterly useless Gamebryo engine. (Let it be mentioned that I can’t get enough of New Vegas.)

  • Interplay has been dead for years; they died when they fired all their programmers who had gotten them to that point. They were taken over by incompetents who proceed to screw up what everyone before them had done.

  • I hope it does die. MMOs are usually terrible fun to actually play, which causes problems for people who want to continue the story and the lore they had fun with in the previous games.

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