The First Official Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Trailer Is Here

The First Official Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Trailer Is Here

You’ve had your first unofficial look at this year’s Call of Duty, now let’s see what the official unveiling of Modern Warfare 3 looks like in this brief, but now familiar teaser trailer.


  • Why even bother with teaser trailers, its like being surprised that a new madden game is being made

    BF3 will shit all over this mass produced sh♥t

  • Well there’s 34 seconds I would be happy to have back!
    The development of MW3 was always a no-brainer right?
    Did we need that? Get back to work guys and make it better than the last!

  • Russia invading the US is the most overused Tom Clancy/armchair general trope since the Cold War.


  • Guess what? BF3 will get no where near the amount of saled MW3 will, why? Because its not as popular, so shut the F*ck up with your sh*t about whats better, get a god damn f*cking life!

  • Yup YAWN. Destructible environments and an actual decent length single player or GTFO. Even with the before mentioned, BF3 will leave this in its dust.

  • YAWN also. Have fully given up on this franchise, didn’t even bother with Black Op’s what is it with Craptivision? BF3 will smash COD this fall.

  • least all the f#*kwits will be on cod while the real gamerz are tearing it up on bf3 hellyes ;0 cod franchise is long overdue for termination its to repetetive and fake ty.

  • And just like those who planned to boycott MW2, the folks talking crap about MW3 will end up buying a copy and playing it.

    • …Followed by going “Yeah, this is just how I thought it would be…” and then purchasing Battlefield 3.

      • Yes, that’s exactly what will happen…oh wait that’s right. Even now, MW2 still has a really large online community that rivals best selling game Black Ops.

        Face it, you guys “yawning” are clearly the vocal minority. The sales figures and the number of people still playing MW2 clearly prove that the majority are interested in the franchise.

      • I’ve bought some COD games but I really despise what COD stands for – mass produced, expensive DLC segregating the community etc etc.

        BUT for what it’s worth, even though I like playing BFBC2 more than COD, at least when I fire a bullet at someone in COD the bullet hits. If BF3 doesn’t fix the crappy ass hit detection/net lag that BC2 has I will be VERY angry.

        Also, at least COD waits a couple of months to segregate the community with DLC – BF3 is segregating them upon launch with their preorder map crap.

  • There’s always another game people think will beat CoD, but it never happens. BF3 might beat CoD in PC sales, but I doubt BF3 will get as many console sales.
    I don’t mind CoD, and I don’t understand how people can be so rageface about it. 😛

    • Mostly because it’s popular. Issues stem from that, of course, but some people can’t just sit back and enjoy a game unless they feel like they’ve “discovered” it. I thoroughly enjoyed the story, along with all the other cod stories, because they’re simple and blockbuster-y. Just like a popcorn flick, or a holiday novel. Light entertainment is still entertainment.

    • they rageface about it because it has been the same shit for the past like 5 years. NO CHANGE.
      its just a map pack and a skins pack NOTHING ELSE.
      OH i forgot its also death from above due to constant Helis, harriers etc and also death from ground level from sentry guns and none of this requires skill because they all have in built auto aim

      • BF:BC2 is all about spray and pray so what does it matter? Not to mention that the changes they made to BC2 suck. No prone to stop camping? I played a heap of BF2 back in the day and no game I ever played was slowed down by camping, it actually made a better gameplay experience because people didn’t just run and gun like they do now. Giving medics LMG’s where the hell is the logic in that? How about making medics and engineers unlock ALL their class specific equipment? Let’s also not forget that quite a few of the maps are very one-sided.

        Battlefield games are no better or worse than the CoD games, they just suffer from different faults.

        Also in MW2, unless they get lucky with a care package they are required to get a decent killstreak for the good stuff. Plus, sentries are stupid easy to take out and harriers and that are easily avoided as all levels have decent cover.

  • COD has lost me, World at War was the last great one IMO.
    I play Battlefield now. Larger scale maps, vehicle warfare and a greater sense of “team/squad” play has won my heart.

    Sometimes I miss Search and Destroy, but then I just go and play Counter Strike Source 🙂

    Some people want more realism, some would prefer it more arcade-like.

    Choose your game, or games and just have a great time playing with your mates 😀

  • Black ops was the first fps I’ve ever really played a lot of but even that I got bored of after maybe 50 hours of online + the campaign so I have total apathy towards this. BF3 actually looks to be a little different though so thats where my moneys going at the moment.

  • Same for me, YAWN.

    Atleast this trailer didn’t have any comments during it though. Anyone remember the MW2 launch trailer that said “The decade’s most anticipated game,” in a decade that consisted of Half-Life 2, Diablo 2, etc.

    It must be real hard waiting in anticipation for a WHOLE year for another CoD rehash.

  • Come on, no matter how we hate MW2 because it just wasn’t looked after and we expected too much, we still get it and to be honest 99% of people get their money’s worth. I personally want to finish the story and wouldn’t mind the faster paced MP as long as it’s no broken.

    This reminds me of Collingwood, you either LOVE this or you absolutely hate it for no real reason.

    BF3 won’t get as many sales but really from BFBC2 on consoles (PC it’s optimised unlike CoD from MW2) it’s fair enough, buy Frostbite 2 might be amazing.

  • Who actually gives two shits about sale figures of games? When did it need to be on the end-user discussion about topics that should plague executives instead of hardcore gamers? This blows me away that no one else is saying this.

    I believe the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (lol name) series should have ended with #1. There is NO reason for a shooter to have a story arc over three games. Mass Effect and do this because its an RPG obviously, Modern Warfare simply lacks the competitive delivery.

    Please do not buy this game until it’s in bargain bins for dirt prices. Otherwise you’ll be buying it till MW13:Revenge of the AmeriCAN Bravo Squad… It’s a waste of the Devs talent and they should be ashamed.

  • A pointless trailer which only confirms what we already know. Modern Yawnfare 3 is coming out. Stop press!!! And in other news someone somewhere bought a loaf of bread and a pint of milk today…

    Battlefield 3 all the way baby.

    Leave the CoD’ers to the pathetic mess that is CoD and let those of us who know what a decent FPS is enjoy our beautiful Battlefield.

  • Modern Warfare 3: BeatOff Ops?

    I got sucked in with Modern Warfare 2 and the same old khaki bullshit that they poo out. I’m not buying this piece of crap. I’ll leave it to all the frat boys who like to tough eachothers bottoms.

    Battlefield 3 for me.

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