The Geekiest Cars On Earth

The Geekiest Cars On Earth
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For Japanese otaku, itasha – literally “painmobile” – are about as geeky as they come. This past weekend, diehard itasha gathered and gawked in Tokyo’s Odaiba.

The fourth annual Ita G Festa was originally slated for March 20, but due to the earthquake, the event was moved. The whole thing seems to have finally gone off without a hitch. Website Asagawo Blog was on hand to cover the festivities.

There was a bevy of automobiles covered in game, anime and manga decals. Good Smile Racing, the racing team started by figure maker Good Smile, was on hand with cosplaying race queens.

第4回 痛Gふぇすた ~春の陣~ -会場の様子-, -痛車×コスプレ彼女-, -痛車 その1-, -痛車 その2-, -痛車 その3- [アサガヲBlog]


  • I like my anime but I’m not this obsessed. The closest I would be to doing something like would be having the Toyota AE86 from Initial D

  • The artwork is good but for some reason it just doesn’t seem right to put things like that on Ferraris and other high-end supercars. They’re already classy as it is so painting anime on the bodywork just spoils the image. It’s like a catwalk supermodel thinking “Hmm, what can I do to improve my genetically superiour visage that most women would kill to have. I know! A tattoo of Amy Rose that completely covers my face!”

    • It’s not paint, they’re just removal vinyl decal things. Companies often hire sports cars and do them up like this for advertising.

  • Dude’s may have epic cars and spend top dollar on custom artwork to mack out all nerd like, but probably sleep on the floor in an apartment the size of my laundry surrounded by love pillows.


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