The Ghost Of A Cancelled Video Game Lives On In A…LEGO Game

The Ghost Of A Cancelled Video Game Lives On In A…LEGO Game

Last year, there were two Pirates of the Caribbean games in development, one called Armada of the Damned, the other a LEGO title. The former was sadly cancelled, but in a neat twist, its music lives on in the LEGO game.

Disney’s John Vignocchi said earlier today that while the LEGO game has 15 songs from the movie quadrilogy, it also features “all the music from Armada of the Damned“.

So hey, while the artists, programmers and designers all saw their work go down the toilet, at least the music guys got to see their tunes make it to retail!

[JohnVignocchi @ Twitter]


  • I’ll be the first to say, “Not good enough”.

    I hope this gets a release one day – even if it means a bit of a work over if the publishers weren’t happy with it at first. It seemed pretty deep in development, almost finished – to me, it’s crazy to waste what money was already spent. Maybe I’m holding a grudge!

  • I second you, Pakka. Armada of the Damned was well-received by critics and casual gamers alike at E3. It was fresh (open-world pirate RPG), innovative (over-the-shoulder ship battles, initial class choice of Legendary or Dreaded wasn’t set in stone – one could mix and match behaviors). The developers had Downloadable Content planned upon release, which was a mere three months before cancellation..I’m glad the music, at least, was saved. I’m also curious what those who worked at Propaganda Games think of it, that their work is still chatted about seven or so months after it was cancelled.

    But, here’s the thing. I played the LEGO game, and all I heard were movie tracks and selections from the At World’s End game. Are the Armada tracks unlockable?

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