The Guns, Vehicles And Even Bigger Guns Of Section 8: Prejudice

Online shooter Section 8: Prejudice had a very low-key release a few weeks ago, which may be down to the fact the original game wasn’t exactly a big hit. Still, the release of the sequel gives us a chance to ogle more guns from the future!

This concept art for the Prejudice was penned by Manuel Gomez, and features some of the game’s vehicles (like dropships and hover bikes), weapons (shotguns from the future) and even bigger weapons, like the anti-aircraft guns that wreak such havoc on the games.

Some people like their futuristic weaponry sleek, and minimal. Others like it rough and realistic. This, though, is more comic book style, bulging with exaggerations that would be absolutely useless in a practical sense, but which help clearly mark this game as being about “war machines in space”.

You can check out Gomez’s personal site at the link below.

Pencil Lad [Manuel Gomez]


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