The History Of The Greatest Game Ever Made

Alright. So maybe my headline is drenched ever-so-slightly in hyperbole. And maybe the fact that Zelda: A Link to the Past is the greatest game of all time is merely a subjective opinion to which I subscribe, but this incredible document, unearthed by GlitterBerri, features interviews with key members of the Zelda development team (including Miyamoto) and is a genuinely intriguing piece of history.

The best part about the interview is the fact that the team have been interviewed directly after development - and are almost blissfully unaware of the impact their newly complete game is about to have. There's a weird, colossal naivete surrounding the entire interview as a result - and its strangely ironic reading the interview now, decades after a Link to the Past's release.

You get a sense, however, that the team understands what a great achievement A Link to the Past was - even then. Particularly Miyamoto who is fully aware of the huge attention to detail the game required.

It's a fantastic interview, and an absolute must read.

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    No your right, Link to the past is the greatest game ever made.

    Its in my top 10 for sure. And the best Zelda game imo by far.

    I really like these "last hours-esque" reads. My favourite would be the one that Geoff Keighley did to accompany the release of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Pity Gamespot's reformatting has left the page a gross mess of malformed images and obscured passages of text.

    HEY... this post isn't about TIE Fighter.

    What the hell?

    I have a confession... I never finished A Link to the Past. Don't stone me! I'll buy it if it ends up coming out on the 3DS, I promise!

    Also, this was a good read.

    A Link to the Past is indeed one of the greatest games ever made. No discussion.

    A Link to the Past FTW.

    I also never finished LTTP, though I played it a fair bit. It's on the (very long) SNES emulation list.

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