The New Dead Space 2 Map Pack Is Free

Dead Space 2 is probably the best example of a game that didn't necessarily need multiplayer, yet had it regardless. That being said, we can only applaud the decision of EA/Visceral Games to release a new Map Pack, featuring two new maps for free.

The 'Return to the Sprawl' map pack features two brand new maps 'The Academy' and 'The Concourse', and will be available on May 31 on Xbox, and June 3 on PSN.

I know that plenty of you guys played and enjoyed Dead Space 2 - but I'm keen to see how many ventured into the multiplayer? Personally, I haven't even played a single game of Dead Space 2 multiplayer, and I consider myself a fan of the series.

Is it good? Is it worth trying?

Via the Dead Space Facebook page.


    Haven't even opened the case yet. Still have to finish Dead Space 1...

    Same boat as you, Mark - enjoyed the game, but never gave any thought to trying out the multiplayer.

    Maybe I'll get these maps and give it a whirl after exams, haven't heard much about it (good or bad) so it can't be terrible...

    Pfft still falls under BS move of the year, since they didn't announce the PC version wasn't going to get any of the DLC till the last possible second

    Played a bit of the multiplayer and it's serviceable at best. I guess it's okay if you feel like playing some Dead Space but already beat the campaign enough times. I would have much preferred more effort being put into the single player (even just more varied suits) than this multiplayer which is just completely unnecessary.

    Also the upgrade system gives a severe advantage to higher levels. When I last played MP I kept getting stuck with low-level new comers like myself while we just got demolished by the opposing team consisting of level 60s coordinating with mics.

    I'm not sure many people would be buying these maps if there was a charge for them.

    The only time I played the multiplayer was when I accidentally selected it in the menu.

    Haven't even touched MP, and still trying to finish SP, I keep getting distracted with one game or another and just haven't managed to finish off the last couple of levels.

    Great to hear they are giving us FREE maps though, can't complain about that :)

    Dead Space 2 multiplayer is amuzing to say the least. currently i have a maxxed out character and am 30 something on the leaderboards, me and my team have been waiting, and waiting for the map pack. i'm going to enjoy slaughtering some noobs on it. that being said, it's a team based multiplayer so if your team doesn't know whats going on. ur going to lose. happy to hear that it's not long till the maps finally come out. and very excited to see what kind of new players they bring to me to beat :)

    I'm also a big fan of Dead Space, but have not touched the multiplayer. Which isn't unusual, as I'm just not a very big multi person, and much prefer singleplayer.

    I thought the multiplayer was pretty good, but haven't touched it in months. Guess I'll be heading back to it soon.

    Multiplayer is no doubt a team sport. Protecting, healing, sharing stasis pick- ups, attacking, balancing a team of ground pounder Pack/Lurkers w/Spitters & Pukers takes knowledge. If a group knows how to play as a team their level doesn't make a lot of diff. Yeah the upgrades help but teamworks the key. My friends & I have been waiting for this DLC w/high hopes.
    I like DS2MP because if friendly fire and the teamwork necessary; its not an easy game and doesnt alwayss turn into a "deathmatch" like Kz3, MW & the likes.

    Deadspace 2 multiplayer is the bees knees. 1st timers will get their rear ends whooped, but once you get the hang of it (2 or 3 matches in)you'll find your copy of COD getting dusty as ds2 will be the only game in your console

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