The PlayStation Network Inevitably Fails In PSN Protector

The PlayStation Network Inevitably Fails In PSN Protector

If Dutch game designer Kenney Vleugels’ Flash interpretation of the PlayStation Network security system were anywhere near accurate, PSN would have been down for the count years ago.

PSN Protector is a tower defence variant based on Sony’s recent troubles keeping the PlayStation Network hacker-free. Hack attacks styled after the PlayStation controller buttons attack from all sides, and it’s up to the player to build walls in an attempt to keep them from reaching the server. As hackers are denied, points are accrued, which can then be used to upgrade the server, granting more powerful, lengthier, and plentiful walls, more points per hacker taken down, and a stronger server overall.

While it pales in comparison to Kenney Vleugels’ previous efforts, Kenny’s Bite-Sized Non-Adventures and Super Mario Star Scramble 2, it certainly earns points for being topical.

Can you keep the PSN servers from going down? Hit the link to find out.

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