The PS3's New Headphones Look Awesome

Headphones. You've seen one pair you've seen them all. Unless they're Sony's new official wireless PS3 headphones, in which case, they look different, and great as a result.

The standard headphone design of "buds and band" is dominated by two massive panels over the earpieces, one there to hide the microphone which can retract within, the other to... balance things out and keep the whole thing looking sharp.

The headphones promise 7.1 sound, are wireless via Bluetooth connectivity and will have complete on-screen displays for stuff like battery levels and sound controls. How good that all works in practice we'll have to wait until September to find out, as they won't be released until then.

And when they are, they'll be $US100.


    So... they're "awesome" because they're bog standard headphones with a big rectangle thing on the sides? Ok whatever.

      They are $100, what on earth were you expecting?
      I like the way the look, minus the leather earcups.

      no, they "look awesome" because they have two big metal things on the side.

    I'm not particularly a fan of the design, but 7.1, completely wireless with Bluetooth for $100US? That's a great deal. Puts the pressure on Turtle Beach and Astro to be more competitive with their prices.


    Also, official headsets...maybe this means an announcement about cross game chat coming at E3?

    God knows they need some way of gaining love

    These look fantastic. I can't use the in-ear buds, as they hurt my ears, so I could definately use these.

    Think i'm gonna be picking up a pair of these.

    Personally I think they are too chunky looking.

    As appealing as it is to wear pieces of a PS3 on my head...

    that's interesting, since ps3 currently doesnt support bluetooth audio... says that it connects via a USB dongle, so while bluetooth is used for in-game chat, the dongle will connect the audio part to the ps3 itself...

    I've got my own little rig at home- using the crappy red-white connectors from the ps3, I merge them into a 3.5mm jack with an adaptor and plug it into a cheap 15-30 dollar headset I ordered off of Ebay. But I'm definitely getting this! (thank GOD I didn't fork out $250 for Turtle-Beach's headset XD

    Can they be hacked?

    It'd be nice if they just supported bog-standard A2DP, but no, here's a chance to squeeze us out of more money.

    I might end up buying it anyway :/

    Might wait a few years till they release the slim version

    I agree with SOX.
    Your wearing a PS3 on each side of your head.
    But a big upgrade on the current wireless headset.

    So we have a headset that has a pretty standard set of features, that uses bluetooth (a pointless tech for an audio headset since latency is not an issue with regular wireless headsets, not to mention a technology that is cheap for Sony to use making the price tag point redundant) and a design that any other company would be lambasted for even suggesting.

    I come to this site for proper gaming articles not fanboy crud. This is Kotaku not MacRumors.

      To add to that, the 7.1 will definitely be mediocre at best since Sony haven't been at the forefront of great sound technology for the better part of a decade and the only way to keep the price down would be to use their own tech.

    I'm keen for a pair of these. I like my Astro A30s but hate all the cabling and mix amp attachment, not to mention they were $300 and I'm constantly unpacking them and putting them back in the case so they don't get snapped. The wireless attachment option for them is silly.

    The PX5s look good but are another AU$250.... If the Sony ones are well integrated and sound pretty good, they'll be worth $100.

    Are they Xbox compatible?

    I will be buying those...

    7.1 wireless headphones for ~$100

    yes please!

    I bet it will retail here in Aus-ripoff-stralia for $189 you watch

    The look terrible! Looks like they'll work pretty well... but the definatley don't look awesome

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